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Oak & Rush: Slow Coffee in a Fast City
Your idea: create a store with a slow-paced, coffeehouse feel . Our idea: put it in one of the liveliest intersections in the city. Located in the famed Gold Coast district of Chicago, Oak and Rush is a bustling intersection that rarely stops (even on the weekends). To slow down the pace while still catering to our grab-and-go customers, we split this flagship store into two sections. Downstairs, our baristas provide a much needed boost to quick-paced customers, while upstairs, a decidedly more quiet and sophisticated coffee bar, equipped with a manual espresso machine and Clover® brewing station, serves a perfect cup to stay. The sit-around bar upstairs offers a shared surface encouraging … more »
More Colombia Nariño, Good Idea!
Spring brings a return of a customer favorite— Colombia Nariño —layered with herbal notes and an elegant walnut-like finish unique to Colombia's Nariño region, this medium-bodied coffee pairs marvelously with milk chocolate, pecans and walnuts. Colombia Nariño also makes a great espresso. Starbucks has been offering coffees from Colombia since the first year we opened in 1971, but it wasn’t until 1990 that we discovered the brilliant flavors coming out of the mill in Nariño. Since then, this coffee and its complex, distinctive flavor has created a loyal following. Enjoy its eagerly awaited but brief return. Inspired by your ideas: Bring Back Colombia … more »
What is the Role and Responsibility of a For-Profit, Public Company?
More than a decade ago, Starbucks launched a big idea: to use our power for good and create a Global Responsibility program. Today, we launch our 13 annual Global Responsibility Report . The report outlines our progress on ambitious goals in the areas of ethical sourcing (how we buy our products), environmental impact (how we minimize our footprint on the planet), and community (how we support the neighborhoods we serve). We would love to know what you think about our efforts and hear any ideas you have for us or for others interested in globally responsible leadership. What do you or your organization do to make a positive impact and what can we learn from it? I hope you’ll join us by … more »
What’s inside the Michigan Cherry Oat Bar ?
As a My Starbucks Idea member, we know you care about our ingredients and where they come from. And Starbucks is committed to serving you only the highest quality food sourced from sustainable, environmentally responsible partners. A great example of this is seen in our Michigan Cherry Oat Bar . The cherries in this new treat are grown at Sill Family Farms, Inc., A third generation, family-owned fruit processing company nestled in the heart of southwestern Michigan’s lush fruit belt. The Sill Family only uses fruit from Michigan, so there is no wasted energy in transportation, and they source these fruits from the same local farmers they’ve worked with since the 1950s, helping to … more »
More Stars from My Starbucks Rewards™
You’ve asked for it time and time again, and waited patiently for the big day to come. Well here it is. At and participating Starbucks stores, when you buy any bag of coffee, a package of Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee (excluding single sticks), K-cup® packs or Verismo™ pods, you’ll earn one Star for each of those items purchased—not one per transaction, one Star for every packaged coffee item. And that’s in addition to the transaction Star you always earn when you pay with your registered Starbucks Card. Starbucks stores aren’t the only place to earn Stars, grocery stores too— look down the grocery aisle for products like packaged … more »
Introducing the Newest Mug in Our Collection – Made in the USA!
In response to your ideas and as a part of our ongoing mission to create jobs in the USA, we are excited to announce that our new Starbucks® Logo Mugs have been designed, sourced and made in the USA. But not just anywhere in the USA. We collaborated with Ulrich Honighausen to open the American Pioneer Manufacturing (APM) factory in the heart of the ceramics community, Waterford Ohio. Because of this collaboration, Ulrich was able to hire over 20 skilled craftsmen who delicately mix the raw materials, create the molds and hand glaze the mugs, one-by-one. When describing the APM factory, Ulrich explained, “It is a collaboration of shared values between a small company with a dream and … more »
The Return of Maple Macchiato in Canada
You told us how much you loved the Maple Macchiato when it was here. You told us how much you missed it once it was gone. And we get it; maple syrup is one of the five major Canadian food groups after all. So to many My Starbucks Idea customers’ delight, we’re excited to announce that the Maple Macchiato is back! Crafted with delicious layers of steamed milk, vanilla and rich espresso, the beloved beverage is topped with a drizzle containing the real stuff— maple syrup sourced from the Beauce-Appalache region of Quebec. Pair this yummy drink with a Maple Muffin for a full dose of Canada any time of the day. The Maple Macchiato will only be around until maple season ends in late … more »

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