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Peach Green Tea Lemonade, Here to Stay
Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade has been a summer favorite since 2013. But for several years now, devoted PGTL lovers have been requesting that we make peach syrup available all year . Well we are excited to announce that your requests have been heard. Peach Green Tea Lemonade is now available in participating stores, and is here to stay. Also, in stores with Fizzio machines, you can order a Sparkling Peach Green Tea Lemonade. It’s just like the drink you know, only it’s sparkled to order—infusing refreshing little bubbles that create a whole new PGTL experience. Find the Fizzio store near you with our store locator . As a loyal PGTL fan, I am so happy this beverage has … more »
Bienvenue, Almond Croissant
We’ve heard a lot of love for Almond Croissants from our My Starbucks Idea community , and we are very excited to share with you that we have taken your suggestions and added a brand-new Almond Croissant to the menu. This buttery, flaky pillow of deliciousness is baked, then filled with rich almond flan, baked again, and topped with sliced almonds. It. Is. So. Good. I love it paired with a Latte Macchiato in the morning. It’s available in participating stores now, just in time for National Croissant Day on January 30. I hope you get a chance to try one, and if you do be sure to let us know what you think.
Starbucks Music on Spotify
Music has always been an important part of the experience at Starbucks stores — for decades we have carefully curated artists and songs to set the perfect mood in our stores. We have received many comments about our music over the years on MSI and it’s one of the most talked-about topics on Starbucks social media. Starbucks began featuring CDs back in 1994 after we realized how often customers asked how they could access our music. And I am so excited to share with you that today, the music playlists played in Starbucks stores are available on Spotify. Every song, every artist, every playlist—all available for you to access, wherever you are, via Spotify. Additionally, at participating … more »
Digital Coffee Passport
The Starbucks Coffee Passport has been a beloved tasting guide for Starbucks partners (employees) for years. One of the most popular partner requests has been to create a digital version of the Passport—so it is always there when you need it, for impromptu tastings, or as a useful tool to share coffee knowledge and exploration with coffee-curious customers everywhere. We are very excited to announce that it's finally here, and available for partners and customers alike. So what can you do with the Starbucks digital Coffee Passport? Here are a few of the highlights: • Unlock new stamps for every coffee tasted • Automatically track dates of coffee tastings • Record flavor … more »
Simplifying A Favorite - New Green Tea Latte Recipe
We have great news for Green Tea Latte lovers. Based on your feedback, we have removed the Classic Syrup from our Green Tea Latte recipe build. This minor alteration makes the latte less sweet, allowing the premium flavor of our matcha green tea to stand out—so you can fully realize the benefits of our Matcha Japanese Green Tea: Quality: Our matcha green tea is shade-grown in Japan. Shade growing increases the concentration of nutrients in every leaf. Health: Matcha contains antioxidants and provides metabolic support. Because matcha is made by grinding up and drinking the full green tea leaf, it contains more antioxidants per serving than traditional green tea. A Grande Green Tea Latte … more »
Welcome Latte Macchiato to the Espresso Menu
Inspired by your ideas and experiences abroad, this year Starbucks is kicking off the New Year by featuring a beverage that showcases what is at our very core, our signature espresso. Today we are welcoming the new Latte Macchiato to the espresso beverage line up. The Latte Macchiato is an intense espresso experience unlike any beverage we currently offer. It’s is made with just two simple ingredients, whole milk and espresso. And while the ingredients are the same as a Flat White, the experience is very different. To create a Latte Macchiato, our baristas steam whole milk until it’s perfectly foamy, then slowly pour espresso through the milk, giving the drink that signature espresso … more »
Joy 2015
Joy Tea has been a long-standing holiday tradition at Starbucks, and we love seeing how excited you get every year for its return . This year, Inspired by the original Tazo® Joy Tea, we are excited to introduce Teavana® Joy 2015 Tea. Teavana Joy 2015 Tea is a lavishly layered cup, featuring the boldness of black tea, soothed by sweet oolong and softened by the floral notes of jasmine green tea. We used second flush Darjeeling, considered the “Champagne” of teas, to give this seasonal blend a natural muscatel grape note and subtle effervescence. We also added a stone fruit component, a note often found in wine, using apricot and peach flavors which work well with the subtle … more »

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