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Food news
Hi, I’m Denny and I lead the food team here at Starbucks. There have been many, many ideas surrounding healthy food options on the site— Healthy, High Protein Breakfast , Smaller Portion Sizes , More Whole Grains to name just a few. I want to let you know that not only do we hear you, we agree and we’re working on it. So what are we doing? We’re focusing in on creating delicious—truly delicious—high quality, affordable foods that deliver positive nutritional value and help people get a great start to their day. Eating healthy can be far more than the absence of guilt, it can and should provide pleasure. We're working to bridge that gap. Our mission at Starbucks … more »
Ideas in Action V2
Just a quick post today… we wanted to let you know that we’re working on revamping our Ideas in Action blog so that you’ll be able to post comments to it. It’s true. A two-way blog will be coming soon. Thanks for your patience. We’re looking forward to reading your comments.
Summer Sleepers
The summer months are fast approaching. To get in the spirit, we thought we’d share a few “summer sleeper” ideas. Please let us know what you think. Awesome Summer Pickup from elwarren New Summer Drink!! from emmchugh Peaches and Cream From Frizzer
Partner Ideas “Under Review”
Some of you may not know this, but we also have a My Starbucks Idea expressly for our partners (employees). It’s their place to share ideas and discuss the things that matter most to them—both around the partner experience and customer experience. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an Ideas in Action blog just for partners (although we’re feverishly working on it!). But we definitely wanted to recognize the tremendous contributions and participation we’ve seen from our partners by featuring some of their great ideas here… So here they are—some of the ideas “Under Review” from the partner site: A 24-Hour Store In Naperville, IL Dress Code Changes … more »
Reduce Printed Receipts
My name is Kristi and I work in Retail Implementation & Planning, supporting projects for Store Operations. Recently, many of you proposed a great idea … to reduce the number of printed receipts in our stores. I’m happy to say, an initiative to address this concern was implemented in all U.S. and Canadian stores at the end of March 2008. Based on feedback from our customers and employees, we eliminated the automated printing of receipts for amounts under $25 in our stores. Now, if a transaction is $25 or less, our baristas will ask customers if they want a receipt and simply hit a button on the register indicating “yes” or “no” based on the response. We … more »
Our First Month
It’s been just about one month (tomorrow is our official anniversary) and what a ride! I know we say this a lot, but we are really thrilled with the participation of this community—the ideas and conversations you’ve created are awesome. So, given that we’re celebrating, we thought we’d give you a quick look at the fruits of your labor to date. Below is a list of 20 ideas that are either “Under Review” or “Coming Soon.” A few quick things to note: 1. This is NOT comprehensive. There are more ideas that are “Under Review” or “Coming Soon.” 2. Not all of the ideas that are “Coming Soon” are exactly what you … more »
Brewed Coffee
Hi, I'm Meg, and I work on the Brewed Coffee team. I feel proud to have been a part of the Pike Place Roast launch, and I enjoy reading your comments about it. Exciting as this launch has been, I'm even more excited to think about what's next for brewed coffee at Starbucks. In addition to some of the things we're thinking about for the future (which I'll have to keep a secret for a little while longer), I've seen a lot of great ideas posted here, like the desire for a coffee-only line and standardizing what we mean by " room for cream ". I'm curious to know more about your preferences. Would you rather skip the condiment bar and have the barista add the perfect … more »

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