Our First Month

It’s been just about one month (tomorrow is our official anniversary) and what a ride! I know we say this a lot, but we are really thrilled with the participation of this community—the ideas and conversations you’ve created are awesome.

So, given that we’re celebrating, we thought we’d give you a quick look at the fruits of your labor to date. Below is a list of 20 ideas that are either “Under Review” or “Coming Soon.” A few quick things to note:  

1. This is NOT comprehensive. There are more ideas that are “Under Review” or “Coming Soon.”
2. Not all of the ideas that are “Coming Soon” are exactly what you asked for. Some are ideas we already had in the works and some are adaptations of your ideas.
3. “Under Review” means we’re taking a closer look at whether the idea is a good fit and if so, how we might put it into action.

Option to not print Receipts

Complimentary Wi-Fi

The Road Trip

Great Conversations at Starbucks

Starbucks Facts on Cups

Punch card system

Coffee Ice Cubes

Dark Chocolate Mocha

Flavored Foam

More Sugar Free Syrups & Sauces (more than 180 posted ideas for this!)

Increased Personal Cup Discount

Healthy, High Protein Breakfast

Smaller Portion Sizes

More Whole Grains

Gluten Free Options (almost 150 posted ideas for this!)

Vegan Options (almost 75 posted ideas for this!)

Electronic Sign showing Song Now Playing

Birthday Brew

Name Tag / Sewn Apron (almost 50 posted ideas for this!)

Encourage commuter & in-house mugs (More than 200 posted ideas for this!)

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