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Energy Drinks Are Here!
One function of the MSI site is to help shape the future of Starbucks with your ideas. Another purpose is to let you know when submitted ideas that were in development when suggested have been implemented. One idea that many of you have had is around Starbucks energy drinks… Energy Drinks Energy Drink coffee Starbucks Energy drink We had an energy drink in development when you posted, but it is launched and available now! The drink is called the Starbucks Doubleshot® on Ice + Energy Beverage. This beverage is made from fresh shots of espresso hand shaken with classic syrup & ice, finished with 2% milk, and the optional energy packet adds a blend of B vitamins, guarana, and ginseng … more »
Reusable Sleeves
This isn’t exactly a sleeper idea, I’ll admit, but it is an interesting idea and it hasn’t broken the top ten. It’s been a little bit of a tortoise. What do you think about it? Worth doing? Not so much? Would you buy one and use it? sell reusable sleeves
Your Ideas for Site Improvements
You’ve probably noticed that we introduced a few site improvements and new features over the last few weeks—locked ideas, highlighted and anchored moderator comments, related ideas, favorites, etc.—and we’re working hard on others. But we also want to know what you’d like to see. We appreciate the many great ideas about functionality for this site and the campaigns you’ve undertaken to gather support for your ideas. We thought we’d help with that effort by highlighting a specific active thread on this topic. Please click below to add your specific additional request! Please keep in mind that we can’t do everything and that it does take time. Okay … more »
The Caboose
We wanted to give a shout out to the last few pages of ideas. With almost 4,000 pages, it’s tough to break through, so we thought we’d grab a few fun ideas and bring them to the forefront. Creative Coffee Recipe Book Starbucks Cup Ornament for Car Radio Antenna The Dreamer of the Month
New Features: part 2
We’ve been hard at work over here and have 2 new features we wanted to tell you about (that you may already have noticed): Related Ideas—Many of you have commented on the number of repeat ideas on the site (recycling, free wifi anyone?). We’re hoping that Related Ideas will help. Now, when you go to share an idea, you’ll get a dynamically generated list of 5 ideas that are already on the site related to your idea title. So instead of entering a new idea that’s a repeat, you can just click over to the existing idea and add your vote. Favorites—We’ve also gotten lots of requests for an easier way to keep track of ideas you’re interested in. Now you … more »
Under Review this Week 2
There’s been a lot of talk on the site about recycling and if you haven’t read yesterday’s post by Jim, give it a look—it’s filled with good info. Recycling is so important and one thing we’re working on is trying to reduce the number of things we need to recycle. So I thought you’d like to see these ideas that are now “Under Review” (along with all of their duplicates). Being an iced Americano girl, I’m particularly tickled about number 1… Grande Iced To Go Tumbler Venti Tumblers
Recycling State of the Union
Recycling. It’s the #1 topic of feedback we get from our customers and partners surrounding our environmental performance—from and through all of our other feedback channels. And it makes sense. We sell a lot of our products in disposable containers and everyone wants to do the right thing when they’re done, recycle the waste. While we’d like the solution to be as simple as putting recycling bins in all of our stores, the world of garbage and recycling is currently a complicated one. For private garbage collection and recycling, this is entirely controlled by your city or county governments, who either manage it directly or contract it out to private … more »

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