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We are so excited by all the ideas you’ve shared at My Starbucks Idea. The MSI team monitors the most popular ideas but also scouts out those with fewer votes. Here are some ideas we found interesting. Tell us what you think… Add Some Local Flair Posted by webbda to Atmosphere & Locations Virtual Starbucks! Posted by Battle to Atmosphere & Locations Left-handed People Posted by kat1965 to Merchandise & Music Cell-Phone Charging Posted by dbuya to Atmosphere & Locations Starware Posted by regis to Merchandise & Music
Testing E-pay Statements for Starbucks Partners
Hey there partners, it's Scooter here. I’m so excited to share my first blog post with you. I’m writing from my desk in my cube at the Starbucks Support Center. I am pleased to share that your idea about Electronic pay E-pay statements is actually being tested for a company-wide rollout. I was really excited to hear about this program because like many of you, when payday rolls around and I get my pay stub, I just stick it in a drawer, or in my pocket or a random pile of papers somewhere and forget about it. And then when I actually need it for something, it’s nowhere to be found. That’s why the E-Pay statement program is so great. When it rolls out, you’ll be … more »
Reusable to-go Cold Cup
Over the weekend I bought a new product at Starbucks, a reusable to-go cold cup. It looks just like a Starbucks cold cup. It has the Starbucks logo, fill lines, and the drink marking boxes. It is complete with a reusable green straw. The straw is genius! It has a notch at the bottom so if your cup were to fall over (hopefully when not full with a lovely iced latte) the straw probably won’t fall out. The cup is even dishwasher safe. I was thinking about the number one idea currently on the site, Recycling Cold Cups . This isn’t exactly a way for Starbucks stores to recycle the cold cups, but it gives us the cold coffee consumers a way to reuse a cup. I also noticed over 100 idea suggestions … more »
Starbucks V2V – Get Inspired, Get Involved!
Hi there! My name is Anali and I work on the Starbucks digital team. I’m so excited to say that we have launched a social network called Starbucks V2V (Volunteer to Volunteer) that’s all about building community in your local neighborhood as well as around the world. I’ve been reading your ideas and I’ve noticed that many of them have a common denominator of building community. The ideas that caught my eye are: Become More Involved in the Local Community Starbooks Groups to meet at Starbucks These are all great ideas and the cool thing about Starbucks V2V is you are in the driver’s seat and you can create and participate in actions you are passionate about! For example … more »
Up to Two hours of Complimentary Wi-Fi
Hi all, it’s Kevin again. At the end of March, I made a post here informing you of the upcoming Wi-Fi changes at Starbucks. Well, now I am back to let you know that they are here! Anyone who has a registered Starbucks Card that has been used within 30 days to make a purchase or had funds loaded on it can sign up now. Join Starbucks Card Rewards at and sign up for Wi-Fi. Complimentary Wi-Fi is one session of up to two hours every day. For access, you must use your registered Starbucks Card to load money or make a purchase within the past 30 days; open a free account with AT&T; and agree to receive limited AT&T marketing. Enjoy. Cheers, Kevin
Bring Back Bold!
Hello MSI community. To our bold coffee lovers everywhere, thank you for sharing your passion with us. We heard you… and we’re making some changes! First, a little background, in April, we launched our new daily brewed coffee, Pike Place Roast™. This coffee has an approachable flavor profile. Overall it has had impressive success. People tell us that they're coming in more often because of Pike Place Roast™. But with the launch of Pike Place Roast™, we stopped brewing a second coffee in the afternoon to reduce waste when brewed coffee is less popular. And while flavorful and smooth, customers have told us that they miss the roasty flavors of some of our other … more »
Preview of a New Feature
One of the new features we are implementing shortly is to have the number of ideas in each category displayed next to the category headers. As a preview, here are current idea totals by category: Number of Ideas Products Coffee & Espresso Drinks 10,738 Tea & Other Drinks 2,957 Food 3,832 Merchandise & Music 1,920 Starbucks Card 2,293 Other Product Ideas 3,020 Experience Ordering, Payment & Pick-Up 3,151 Atmosphere & Locations 4,894 Our Partners (Employees) 1,005 Other Experience Ideas 3,052 Involvement Building Community 1,321 Social Responsibility 2,751 Other Involvement Ideas 2,061 Total: 42,995 While this isn’t a major functional change (those are also being worked … more »

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