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Bicycle Ideas
Hey it’s summer. The weather is nicer, the days are longer, and gas is expensive. Many folks are out bike riding. Here are some ideas related to bicycling that caught my attention. What do you think of these ideas? Bike Racks Posted by luvbird to Building Community Biker's Bottle Posted by Spechler to Other Product Ideas My Starbucks (Bike) Tour Posted by msvvliet to Other Experience Ideas
Tweet tweet—MSI Twitter Feed Now Available
Hi everyone, my name is Brad and I work on the digital strategy team. Among other things, I’m also the project manager for the implementation of new features on MyStarbucksIdea. Our team is currently laying the groundwork for ways to improve this site and we have a number of cool things coming soon. Some of these new features you’ll find on the site, while other announcements will focus on integrating online tools to improve your MSI experience. Today, I have the pleasure to share with you a tool to enhance your MSI experience— the MSI Twitter feed. With all these new social communities (one of which you are on right now, 50k ideas submitted, w00t!) you may ask why we chose … more »
Starbucks New VIVANNO™ Cold Cups Reducing Our Environmental Footprint – One Cup at a Time
Take a closer look at Starbucks newest VIVANNO™ cold cups and you’ll notice something a little different. Traditionally, our cold cups have been made from the industry-standard Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE) plastic. You can identify it by the #1 symbol on the bottom of the cup. Although it’s the same PET that is used for most beverage bottles, the manufacturing process for cups makes them incompatible with bottles in most recycling systems. Unfortunately, this means most recyclers won’t accept any PET cups for recycling. We’re concerned about the climate impact of our cups and other packaging. One cup doesn’t make much of a difference, but we sell … more »
More Whole Grains
Hi again. Katie here. I hope you’ve had a chance to try the new Starbucks Vivanno (TM) Nourishing Blends . In addition to this nutritious beverage we have also introduced this week a new food item, Berry Stella . Many of you have asked for Whole Grains ! The Berry Stella is 100% whole grain which delivers a hearty blend of fiber and a satiating boost of energy . In addition to being full of the goodness of real fruit, it also provides more than 200mg of Omega-3’s . Berry Stella: 280 calories, over 6g fiber, 6g protein Pairs well with a Tall Skinny Latte – a nutritious and filling combo providing whole grains, fruit & skim milk. 370 calories, 6g fiber, 15g protein . Thank … more »
Penny for PKD
Thank you for taking the time to comment and vote on My Starbucks Idea for Starbucks to consider “Penny for PKD.” We’ve taken some time to review the comments you’ve made and have had many conversations around this idea. Early on in the commenting and voting, our Idea Partners chimed in and shared Starbucks community investments focus areas which include young social entrepreneurs, social investments in coffee, tea and cocoa communities; and helping children get clean water through the Ethos Water Fund. As you can probably imagine Starbucks receives thousands of requests for so many worthy causes and we wish we could support all of them, but we are continually challenged … more »
Vivanno™ Nourishing Blends
Hi, it’s Katie again with an exciting announcement! We’ve heard your requests for healthier options such as ‘more real fruit, fiber & protein’. You’ve asked for options that give you energy and deliver real nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle, while also tasting great and with moderate calories. Today, I’m personally very proud and excited to introduce Vivanno™ Nourishing Blends – a solution to your quest for Healthier, High Protein options and the first of many new items to come. Vivanno™ Nourishing Blends are refreshing, balanced beverages with nothing to hide. The nutrients and clean ingredient list speak for itself – no … more »
Who Is This MSI Team, Anyway?
Thought we would give you a quick introduction to the MSI team. My Starbucks Idea is supported by 50+ partners across the company. This team is headed up by Alexandra Wheeler, Cecile Hudon, and Matthew Guiste. Alexandra Wheeler (screen name: sbx_Alex) – I have the good fortune of leading the MSI team and program for Starbucks. I’ve been thrilled by the growth of this community and its level of engagement around so many great ideas. The voice of this community is represented (and craved!) in daily conversations at all levels of the company. My team and I continue to look for ways to ensure your voice is heard, to move ideas into action and to evolve the online experience in ways that … more »

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