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A New Look at Breakfast
Hi, it’s Katie again with yet another exciting announcement! On September 3rd , we will be introducing 6 new, wholesome & delicious breakfast options! We’ve listened and know that you’re looking for: Real nutrition that tastes amazing! Who wants to sacrifice on taste? Simple ingredients like “no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or high fructose corn syrup” Wholesome foods like fruit, whole grains , lean protein , and healthy fats like Omega-3s More vegetarian and vegan options Breakfast options that are delicious AND moderate in calories, added sugar, and fat On-the-go solutions that will help you make a great start to your day Perfect Oatmeal with choice … more »
Clover® is Here!
Not surprisingly, the most frequent and the most passionate conversations in the MSI community are about coffee. We take coffee seriously as it is the core of our business and we love that you do too. We have seen many ideas and comments asking for more emphasis on coffee and if you are in Seattle, Boston and San Francisco the introduction of Clover® brewing system to a select number of Starbucks stores will be something you will want to seek out. The first market debut starts today in Seattle with 10 total locations (7 new) followed by further expansion to Boston and San Francisco in the coming months. We will be sure to keep you updated on new markets here and on as they become … more »
Quick Answers to a Few Ideas
As MSI has developed, a number of important themes have come through loud and clear in your ideas: coffee quality and drinks, environmental / recycling issues, the wifi program, menu choices, loyalty discounts, food preferences, and quite a few others. Specific ideas around each of the themes above are being evaluated. But there are also a number of smaller issues that have easy answers that pop up frequently. Today we're going to start a series of blog posts to help answer these in a centralized place and make it easier for the community to find the responses. Here are three frequently posted ideas with quick answers: - Create a 'log out' on This idea comes up at least … more »
Welkom Starbucks!
Good news for the many MSI visitors like Cindy30 who have asked for more Starbucks in the Netherlands . More stores are on the way! The first new store will open is scheduled for the spring of 2009 to be located in Centraal Station in Amsterdam. The plan is to open more stores in other top railway stations and use this as a platform to further expand across the Netherlands. So, just a few more months until we have a store in the heart of Amsterdam! And only a few months after that until there are stores in other cities. The Centraal Station is undergoing a major renovation and Starbucks is thrilled to be a part of that transformation. We're very excited to a key component of this renovation … more »
Virtual Stores on Starbucks V2V!
Hi there! My name is Nancy and I work on the Starbucks Online and Content team. One of the themes we see most often on My Starbucks Idea is the notion of helping people come together as a community. Ideas as diverse as " Great Conversations ", " Bring it Home " or even " Game Night ", all have the same common thread of a desire to use relevant, local community building. We are actively working on finding ways to implement these ideas in our physical stores. But we also have found a way to help the community bond together in a virtual space as well. It is for that reason that we have just launched our new virtual stores on Starbucks V2V (volunteer-to-volunteer) our … more »
Coffee Ice Cubes
Hi Everyone! I’m Mark from the beverage team here at Starbucks. On the beverage team we strive to continually create innovative beverages; for this reason I love the coffee ice cubes idea! The idea initiated an interesting dialogue between customers and Partners (employees) surrounding our iced coffee, our iced tea, and the countless variations of your favorite Starbucks beverage. Amazing! While I personally love this idea, and it works great at home (I’ve tried it!), at this time we are unable to carry out the coffee ice cubes idea because only a small percentage of our retail stores have freezers. So for now, keep up the great ideas and continue to enjoy coffee ice cubes at home … more »
Recycling Redux
Hi, I’m Sue, from the Global Responsibility team, and a new moderator here on My Starbucks Idea. I’m really excited to join this team and work on bringing some of the great ideas that are posted to life. I wanted to talk a little about where we are on recycling. “ Recycle!!! ” is still a top idea, and we are looking at ways to increase recycling in every aspect of our business. If you are an avid follower of this site, one thing we have done recently is introduce a new cup for our VIVANNO™ blended beverage. Jim Hanna posted a great blog entry about the new cup in July , please go check it out. The cup is made from #5 plastic, or polypropylene, which has less environmental … more »

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