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Poll Results: Where people find out about My Starbucks Idea
First, sorry for this poll staying up for a while! I've been busy helping get the next version of the site ready, which is now almost completed. But we did get some interesting results. Overwhelmingly, you are finding out about MSI from Full results below: Where did you first learn about MyStarbucksIdea? 59% : 11% : Blog or newspaper article 17% : In a store 6% : From a friend 7% : Other
Piadini, a new breakfast item
Hi, it’s Erin on the food team and I’m excited today to let you know we have heard you loud and clear. Awhile back we announced that we would stop serving breakfast sandwiches and the passion and feedback was overwhelming; you love our breakfast sandwiches and you want them saved! We made some small ingredient changes to solve the aroma concerns and we will continue to offer a selection of warmed breakfast sandwiches: • Peppered Bacon : Peppered bacon with egg and aged cheddar cheese on an English muffin • Classic Sausage : Classic sausage with egg and aged cheddar cheese on an English muffin • Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon : Light option with reduced-fat turkey bacon, cholesterol … more »
Now Introducing...Starbucks® Signature Hot Chocolate
Hello chocolate lovers! I'm Rachel, a very lucky partner on the beverage team who loves chocolate and has had the good fortune to work on our new Starbucks® Signature Hot Chocolate. We've heard your requests for a richer, more chocolaty, European style hot chocolate and if you (like me) have those "I need chocolate" moments, this will satisfy that chocolate craving. Four unique cocoa powders and indulgent cocoa butter give the beverage its smooth & creamy texture with a decadent & sophisticated chocolate flavor. Some of you expressed a wish for hazelnut or caramel hot can personalize your Starbucks® Signature Hot Chocolate with any of our flavored … more »
For-Here Serveware (Reusable Cups)
Many of you have let us know that you bring a reusable mug or tumbler to Starbucks to help reduce waste. Another option to help with this effort is if you are staying in the store to enjoy your drink, we’d like to suggest letting us provide the cup – a “for-here” ceramic mug to be exact. Many posts indicate that not everyone is aware that our company-operated stores have ceramic mugs for beverages enjoyed in the store. Hopefully this will get the word out! If everyone who stays in the store used a ceramic mug, we would save a tremendous amount of paper cups and really help the environment. We don’t always have space in our stores to display our ceramic cups well … more »
Creating community with Farmers in Costa Rica
Through this site and other conversations partners and customer have asked us how we connect with coffee farmers in origin country. Since 2001, Starbucks has partnered with Earthwatch Institute in Boston, MA. Earthwatch is an incredible organization and if you don’t know who they are you should check out their website at . Since 2007, we’ve been partnering with Earthwatch on a project in the Tarrazu Region of Costa Rica called “Sustainable Coffee Farming”. Through this project, we have the ability to send a limited number of partners and customers to Costa Rica each year to meet farmers and work along side them on their farms. Our partners and customers … more »
Starbucks Card Rewards Update
Hello! Since the introduction of My Starbucks Idea and Starbucks Card Rewards this spring, it appears as if the two have been inseparable. Like all good relationships, the Rewards team has been listening to the many thoughts you have shared with us on MSI. I am very encouraged to see so much passion and interest in our Rewards program and on the whole, I think both sides share the same goal: Providing Value to our Customers. My own thoughts around value are fairly simple: more than price or cost- there’s also the feeling of being rewarded and appreciated and that is an area we are keen to deliver on. From birthday treats and insider news to the occasional giveaway or earning points, your … more »
A Message from GOOD
Hey everyone, my name is Ben Goldhirsh. I founded GOOD with some friends in the hopes of covering content that was important in a way that was entertaining as well. This effort fundamentally exists in GOOD Magazine and our website, . But when we had the chance to create the GOOD Sheet for Starbucks, it was an opportunity we jumped for. One, this is by far the biggest platform we've ever enjoyed. We print about 100,000 copies of our magazine. About 500,000 people visit our website every month, but working with you all, we're now able to reach tens of millions of people. It's incredible. Thank you. I think the GOOD Sheets are a pretty damn good effort to engage some critical … more »

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