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Free Starbucks Coffee on Election Day!
One of the fun things about working on MyStarbucksIdea is that sometimes an idea comes in to the site and to the company at large that is so timely and perfectly expressed that everyone both in the community and the company immediately gets excited about it On 10/7 BillMac posted an idea called " Free Cup of Starbucks Coffee for Voters " and a similar theme was echoed by JavaOcha, Geraldo, rsj211, epiphanygalore, and a few others. Basically all of you thought it would be a great idea to encourage voting by offering free coffee to those who vote. BillMac’s idea rocketed to the top 10 of currently popular ideas. This idea coincided perfectly with the launch of Shared Planet last … more »
MSI wins Forrester Groundswell Award
Hi everyone! I'm writing this from Dallas, Texas, at the Forrester Consumer Forum. We're here because we were fortunate enough to win a Forrester Groundswell Award. The Groundswell philosophy is one of the elements that have guided our thinking since we started this site, so to have them tell us, "Yea, that's what we meant," was very rewarding. But more I am writing this to thank you, our community. I say it often, but I'll say it again: without all of you this site would just be us, talking to ourselves. Boring. You make the site come alive and I thank you most sincerely. I think there is going to be some media available shortly, I'll post that here if available … more »
Starbucks Shared Planet
We’ve heard from literally thousands of you about how Starbucks can be a more responsible company, from ideas around recycling to buying more ethically sourced coffee. You have inspired us and, frankly, challenged us with your ideas. So today, it is with great excitement that we unveil Starbucks™ Shared Planet™, our commitment to doing business responsibly – to help create a better future for everyone and the world we all share. It may come as a surprise that during these challenging economic times we are investing in some of these programs. But in many ways, this is nothing new for us. Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ represents our long-standing commitment to being … more »
Your Bold Solutions
If you’ve spent much time on this website, you know that the “bold coffee” topic is one of the most discussed. This discussion has been a great source of dialog for the Beverage Team in our headquarters, and based on this we’d like to give you an update and ask for more of your creative ideas to address it. But first, a quick bit of history if you are new to or the various online discussions around this topic. In April we introduced a coffee called Pike Place™ Roast in the US. This new blend was developed in direct response to feedback from customers that they were looking for: 1) a consistent “every day” blend from Starbucks, and … more »
A Sneak Peek at Starbucks Gold
Hi there, it’s Brad and I’m leading our ongoing efforts to provide you with everyday value. We appreciate your ideas for improving our rewards offerings, and have worked hard to incorporate them into Starbucks Gold, a new membership program for people who really love their Starbucks. Although we can’t act on every idea we receive, we feel this new membership is in line with what you’re asking for – significant everyday savings, flexible payment options, and member recognition. This is a great deal for those of you who come into our stores several times a week and are looking for savings on many items from espresso beverages to espresso machines. Here’s how … more »
Ideas Currently Under Review
The Idea Partner team has been busy combing through the site and reading your ideas. Here are a few of the ideas that caught our attention and are currently under review: Sell Reusable Sleeves Posted by meme to Other Product Ideas Gluten free Posted by akPit to Food Transfer Card Balance Posted by ygo2slow to Starbucks Card Keep the ideas coming …
GOOD Sheet #005 – Education
Today the fifth GOOD sheet arrives at Starbucks. This week’s topic is Education. Join the conversation at . GOOD sheets were introduced at Starbucks on September 11. Every Thursday a new topic is presented. Past topics have included Gas Prices, Immigration, Health Care, and Carbon Emissions. Next week’s topic is The Economy. Have the GOOD sheets stirred conversation? Tell us…

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