Coming soon…the (STARBUCKS)RED Card

Many of you are probably aware of the (PRODUCT)RED relationship we started at the onset of our holiday promotion in late November. So far, with your help, we’ve been able to generate funds that could provide more than 1.4 million daily doses of medicine to help save lives in Africa. This may help to provide 3,800 people with the necessary medication to fight HIV/AIDS for one year. This is an amazing milestone and we are so proud of what we have collectively done so far!

We have been talking a lot about how we can extend our partnership with (PRODUCT)RED throughout 2009. We have heard some feedback from you that the (STARBUCKS)RED EXCLUSIVE beverages are something you enjoy but are concerned about how to give back when our holiday promotion comes to a close. Well, we are excited to announce that starting January 3, 2009, we will introduce the (STARBUCKS)RED Card.  Each time you use this Card to pay for your purchases from January 3 – December 31, 2009, at participating stores in the U.S. and Canada, we will contribute five cents to the Global Fund.  

As with any Starbucks Card, you can register your Card to take advantage of some great money-saving benefits and exclusive offers with Starbucks Card Rewards. You can also reload your Card with more money at any time, which ultimately means the more often you pay for your purchases with your (STARBUCKS)RED Card, the more of an impact we can collectively make.

This is a great way for all of us to be involved and help make a difference with our daily Starbucks ritual, and our team is so excited to be part of (PRODUCT)RED.

(RED) Reload Card


Raise the RED contribution!!


Just added (12/26):  a video about the (RED) kickoff event in Times Square--see tv and movie stars serve coffee!--and a quick video introduction to the card.

12/18/2008 9:26 AM

Awesome idea. How about a (Starbucks) RED sticker for Gold Card holders? I'd love to be able to add RED status to my gold card, so that it works both ways.

12/18/2008 9:34 AM

@MyStarbucksIdea Congrats on 1.4M days of meds, (Starbucks)RED card planned for 2009. Develop partnerships next?

12/18/2008 9:56 AM

Love to have this work with my Duetto card as well.

12/19/2008 8:49 AM

I think it is great to have the ability to donate through a registered card however my question is why create another new registered card when you haven't even worked out the kinks in the gold card vs. regular registered card benefits and rewards? Is it necessary to create another new card? And ultimately what does this mean to the rewards for the existing cards?

12/19/2008 10:16 AM

Terrific idea. Though I would love to designate any of my cards as "Red"

12/22/2008 8:56 AM

Awesome idea! I agree with kvisions - Gold Card members should be have a (RED) card sticker - or better yet, a way to pay a larger fee (say another $25) to have another 3% of your Starbucks purchases go to fight HIV/AIDS - I'd love to help develop it! Also, the duetto card, gift cards, red cards, gold cards... Bucks has a got a lot of cards these days...

12/23/2008 6:41 AM

would be great to have customers do a vote on  some local charity too.

i livein orange county was in bay area   8 years homless inteh welahtiest counties in teh nation.

no physically accessible shelter.

here in  GOP TERRITORY the OC- NO  SHELTER FOR VETERANS.  is some housing that looks worse costs more than shelter)

berkeley charged rent for  shelter too.

ALSO  many housing issues have voucher back but  oc has no seasons of  sharing to help  especailly disbled get into housing and off the street.

im sitting here  wee hours, in agony Thanking  the gods for Starbucks and the coffee.! ANYWAY TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT..



SADLY, EVEN IN WEALTHIEST AREAS of USA WE  with too many  medical conditions  or special needs are OFTEN LEFT IN THE ROAD.

and  work with united way AND OTHERS TO  to have a designeee in charge IN EVERY COUNTY -full public INFO/accountability  do NOT let  the usual suspects administer/ secret the fund.

starbucks can have  a standard money goes where  very low income veterans, physically disabeld and mulitple disabled have housing priorities.

in OC we ON  SSI SSDI compete with  people who make about 50k per year , i think i read for  some of the SUBSIDIZED  housing!

12/25/2008 8:45 AM

keep  it up always great indea's

12/27/2008 7:49 AM

I appreciate Starbucks wanting to help, but I'm not a big fan of sending money out of the country, especially to Africa where nearly everyone on that continent hates us regardless of how much money we have already sent there.

This really hit home with me on Dec 23rd when I was sitting in my local Starbucks and  seen three homeless people lounging around to get out of the cold. Meanwhile everyone in the place was sipping out of  a "red" cup. How ironic is that? Cold, hungry, homeless Americans sitting right there in Starbucks own store and Starbucks sending "my" money to Africa. Something wrong with this picture.

Yes, "my" money. Starbucks doesn't have any money to send to Africa until they take it away form us first through the price of their products. Keed that in mind.

12/27/2008 11:03 AM

I agree - this is a great idea and would love to have it work with my gold card too.

12/27/2008 8:42 PM

I would love to have this work with my gold card, a red sticker or something!!  I already have too many cards to keep up with.  I also like the idea of helping our own and keeping our money in the good 'ole USA.  Charity starts at home!

12/28/2008 12:00 PM

I love Starbucks. I have two cards regestered. I will not buy or support the Red card because it sends my money to Africa. It's not that I don't want to help those in Africa, it's that I see my money going to a country that doesn't like us and not helping the thousands of homeless and needy in our very own country. I have addopted a needy family in my community and help them out by providing gift cards to stores all year long. Not just at the holidays. I think starbucks needs to help those in our own counrty before sending money to ungrateful countries. Just my humble opinion. Thanks.

12/30/2008 12:37 AM

okay, maybe i'm delusional.  but i remember joining this conversation or one like it back a month or so ago, for a (red) card to gift to others.  and there are thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands here who are making suggestions.

but i feel that i'm dealing with a company who is listening to my input.  when i heard that a (red) gift card was coming, it means the world to me.  i enjoy the (red) drinks, i'm becoming addicted to the ginger one for sure, but to give a (red) card is going to be awesome.  and to have the nickle carry throughout the year to the global fund, thanx so much.  

a  company that has had my respect and appreciation for so long, for so much, it has expanded greatly in this venture.  i got a couple of gift cards and a pound of the Ethiopian gift box beans for Christmas, very happy with that.  

the (red) card, i will be buying to gift, and to gift myself.  thanx for counting me among the crowd who have made a request and been heard and taken seriously.  it means a lot to me.

stay close,

sammi in seattle (marysville, actually)

12/30/2008 2:37 PM

Africa is a continent, not a country, and not everyone there hates us.

There are needy people here, of course, but keep in mind that the needy in the US generally have it MUCH better than the needy in most parts of Africa. When was the last time you saw a starving, emaciated, naked child dying of AIDS wandering down the street of your town or city?

A large portion of the neediest people (including children) in the world are in Africa. Basic human compassion shouldn't be limited by geopolitical borders.

The HIV+ person whose LIFE you can save will not hate you. They will love you, even if they never meet you.

Of course, if you prefer to help the needy here in the US, that's fine. In fact, it's wonderful. But there's nothing wrong with others choosing to help those in Africa.

12/30/2008 5:21 PM

I am a huge supporter of RED. But Starbucks seems incapable of understanding how to run these programs. My gold card costs me $25 but only provides me some benefits that I get with my free card. And now there's a separate Red card.

Add a freakin' sticker. Give me the status I WANT as a gold card holder, meaning the extra syrup, the 10 percent off the ability to give money to my charity.

So according to Starbucks, I should have 3 cards -- a regular one to get my free syrup which I can't use with my discount that comes with my gold card (which is black) and the red card which will let me give to charity. But I can't get a drink with a free pump of vanilla syrup and donate that to charity.

C'mon Starbucks. Is this hard? Really? 'Cause I get it.

12/31/2008 7:21 AM

I completely agree with many of the other posters.  The (RED) campaign is great, but please give me the option of adding it to my existing gold card.  Seems pointless to hand over 2 cards every time I make a purchase.

12/31/2008 11:21 AM

umm ... yes ditto to the above ...REALLY ... i mean .. REALLY .. ok so a gold card .. red card ..... duetto card .. gift card ..... ..great Idea .. poor execution ... ............. and now the poor barista ... who doesn't have time to clean the store or empty the trash .... needs to explain all of this to each customer .....while there is a line that i am waiting in ....... that conversation will prob sound like .....

" no the gift card gives you free syrups ... and the gold card saves you 10% ... oh no not sauce just syrup .....oh no thats the red card ... no not 10% ... ummm .. no the red card doesn't cost anything ......ummm just a second .. i will be right with you folks thank you soo much for waiting .... ok now if you buy the regul.....zzzzzzz  "   really

it just keeps getting better ........

again great idea ... poor execution .....

12/31/2008 5:53 PM

You know, its getting a bit complicated to buy coffee.  In the old days, I presented my card and bought coffee.  Now, I present my gold card and then get asked if I want to use it to buy coffee (the answer is always yes.)  Now you offer a red card (I absolutely agree with the idea behind the red card), so if I want to play, I will have to carry and present a gold card to get the discount and a red card to pay for my drinks.

Come on...  we should be able to add all features to the same card on-line and not have to be asked every time what our "card strategy" is.

Personally, I miss my old custom card (you should credit those of us who purchsed a custom card with the purchase price since we obviously use the new gold card to pay).

Simplify...  don't complicate...  my life.  I just want a cup of coffee (and perhaps a bagel...  or a cresent...  or some chocolate...  perhaps a hot chocolate...)

1/1/2009 4:05 PM

I love the Red Card idea. Thanks Starbucks!

1/2/2009 3:32 PM

8 out of 9 Starbucks locations variously in Nashville, Atlanta and Chicago knew nothing about the Starbucks Red Card on questioning within days of the launch.  With a program this important, I would hope that there would be sufficient corporate commitment to it's success as to alert staff about the existence of such a fine program.

1/3/2009 2:27 PM

brad ....... brad ...... brad .... brad ...... brad .....

i see you have not responded to the feed back you have recieved regarding the (red) card ... we all would love to hear your response to how your customers feel ... please ... please ... please ... respond ... something .... anything ... but no response ...???

1/4/2009 1:54 PM


This is getting to be like a game of where's Waldo.

Except- that Waldo may eventually be found somewhere.

The STARBUCKS' SIREN LOGO is conspicuously absent from BOTH sides of this this newest (STARBUCKS) RED Card incarnation !!!

1/4/2009 2:01 PM

PLEASE- if someone out there reads this- having visited two stores- neither had any clue that the MINIMUM amount that the card may be activated with is $10 here in Canada.

Apparently NO ONE informed our local Baristas that the $5 standard STARBUCKSCARD Gift Card activation DID NOT apply to these NEW (STARBUCKS) RED Cards.  How difficult would a note in the box have been informing the Baristas of this very relevant fact?  Maybe a STICKER on the card, like the CUSTOMIZE A CARD had, noting the $25 minimum?  Is this too much to ask for?

It's not the $10 that's the big deal- it's the frustration so many Baristas, AND customers, must have experienced during the aborted attempts to load any amount less than this NEW $10 MINIMUM sum, to activate the RED card.

So STARBUCKS......Good idea raising the amount to $10- poor job communicating this VERY relevant fact upon execution.

1/7/2009 8:17 AM

How many Starbucks cards can one person hold? As a friendly reminder, my wallet does serve a purpose other than carrying Starbucks cards!

I have one card that I have been careful to reuse and reload to take advantage of the free WiFi service. I have another that I've just received as a gift. If I want my money to go toward eradicating disease, I'll need a third card. If I want to enjoy the perks of being a Gold member, I'll need a fourth. Get with it, Starbucks! One card.

1/7/2009 8:24 AM

I'm afraid that if I post this idea, it will be simply swallowed up in the sea of all the other ones... So, while composing my last post, I had an idea...

Starbucks already allows us to reload our Starbucks cards online, and for that matter, we can even reload someone else's if we know the 16-digit card number! So, if someone wants to purchase a Starbucks gift card in-store for me, why not ask him if he knows my e-mail address? If the barista pulls up a matching, actively used card, simply reload my card and send me an e-mail.

Or, if the purchaser indicates that I have a card already, print a cute little card (on recyclable paper, of course) with a code, the way that iTunes accounts are reloaded... You could even print a bar code, so when I take the barcode and my Starbucks card to the store, one scan adds the gift to my available balance!

If it later turns out that I don't have a Starbucks card, or I've lost mine, then go right ahead and activate one for me.

What do you think?

1/13/2009 4:41 PM

Should be something online for those whom have duetto or gold cards to ad to their card the option to donate. Yes, its good for new customers but we can't  force people between the decision of ten percent off or donating.

4/19/2009 5:23 PM

yea great idea here is another one to work with!!! and you could incorporate the red card and everything!

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