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Hello from the MSI moderators!
If you are new to My Starbucks Idea we want to welcome you and hello again to our regulars. Look for us in the comment stream of your ideas. We’re the ones in orange. We also give updates on action taken on ideas in the Ideas in Action section of the site. We work in different areas of the business and monitor specific areas of the site that relate to our daily job. We love reading your ideas and sharing them with the company. ― sbx_bean , I’m Cecile, the MSI community manager ― sbx_stor Sally is an expert on the Starbucks Card and Loyalty team ― sbx_esp Mark represents all things beverage ― sbx_jska Joelle watches the building community sections of the site ― sbx_kand Kristin is … more »
On Decaf in the Afternoon
Obviously there has been a great deal of interest and press coverage about our recent decaf decision. While that is very encouraging--it's the kind of interest and passion most companies only dream of having--there are a few points that are being lost in the shuffle. Below is the actual communication that was sent to stores: For many of our stores, the demand for decaf is greatly reduced in the afternoon and therefore yields high waste with the current standard. In recognition of this, stores no longer need to continually brew decaf coffee after 12 p.m. and can now apply the same standard that exists for Morning Pick. * Continue offering Decaf Pike Place Roast as the daily decaf brew through … more »
Coffee and Conversations with Howard Schultz @ Lakewood, WA Store
Last week Howard Schultz hosted a second coffee and conversation night at a Starbucks in Lakewood, WA. The store was packed; about 100 customers joined him to share their views of Starbucks. Many more customers were represented, because each customer brought messages from families and friends too. Howard met with these customers and asked the question, “What does it mean to be a Starbucks customer and what can we do to help enhance your experience?” Knowing the baristas names seems to go hand in hand with friendly service was the first idea shared. The attendees suggested that baristas wear nametags. This is a popular idea on MSI, but equally popular with our partners is to not wear … more »
Coffee Exhibit on Display at the Burke Museum, Seattle
Some of the ideas you’ve shared on MSI have been about offering coffee classes to learn more about coffee. For those of you in the Seattle area I thought you might be interested in this exhibit at the Burke Museum that is opening this weekend. After the exhibit ends at the Burke it will travel around the country, so hopefully more of the MSI community can be a part of this coffee experience. Coffee: The World in Your Cup presents the story of one of the world's most widely traded commodities and how it has affected cultures, economies, and environments across the globe. Coffee explores the environmental and social impacts of the coffee industry and recommends ways for consumers to make … more »
New Idea Partner – in Canada
Hi, my name is Charisma, a new moderator on MSI. I work in Partner Resources and I’ve been with Starbucks for 5 ½ years. I live and work in Vancouver, Canada so I keep my eyes open for any Canada partner and customer ideas. I primarily look at the “our partners” section of the site since those generally relate to my role at Starbucks, but I’ll do a search for other Canada ideas too here and there. I look forward to hearing your ideas…”
Poll Results: Which type of Starbucks store do you visit most often?
Recently we posted a poll to see what type of Starbucks stores you visit most often. You told us you visit our company-owned locations the most. 88% Company store 7% Grocery Store 3% Barnes & Noble 2% Airport location Would grocery store locations be your second most visited type of Starbucks store? Do you remember the first Starbucks that you visited?
Pledge 5 website is live--free downloads
Hi all, I'm excited to say the Pledge 5 website is now live. A couple of main reasons to visit the site: 1) make a commitment to pledge 5 hours to help your community, and 2) it is an easy place to find volunteer opportunities. We have partnered with the HandsOn Network to supply a nationwide list of hundreds of thousands of local volunteer opportunities. But we also put some fun downloads on the site. First, if you click to pledge (big blue button on the right side), you can download the badge shown below for your website: Second, you can download a pledge card reminder of your commitment--it also has additional volunteer ideas. Finally, we have a FREE mp3 version of the song "Grassroots … more »

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