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Starbucks Green Roasting Plant
You have probably heard a lot about green buildings and how they can save energy and reduce waste. Starbucks is very involved in green building, with a goal of having all new stores LEED, or green, certified by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), by 2010. LEED certification is the leading green design certification in the world today. We didn’t just stop with our stores, now we also have a LEED certified roasting plant, in Calhoun County, South Carolina. Starbucks invested in a variety of green design elements to help reduce the energy and waste generated by both the construction and operation of the facility. A significant amount – 20 percent – of building materials were … more »
Full Leaf Tea Now @
Some of you have shared ideas regarding the retail sale of full leaf tea. I thought you would like to know that the Starbucks Store online now offers some terrific full leaf loose teas. I am very excited about this offering! Each tea is packed in a 175G or 250G bag (roughly 1/3 lb. or ½ lb.). This is a large quantity - about 50 or so cups worth if brewed strong. The teas include existing popular favorites available in Tazo® tea bags such as Awake™, China Green Tips, Earl Grey, Calm™, Darjeeling , and Refresh™. Other teas available include Mambo™ (tropical), Silver Needle, Orange Blossom Green, Jasmine Pearl (my favorite), Gen Mai Cha (sometimes offered in sushi … more »
Poll Results: What's your favorite loose leaf tea?
Some of the ideas on MSI have told us that you would like to see loose leaf tea offered at Starbucks. So we asked through the latest MSI poll, "What's your favorite loose leaf tea?" Here are the results: 33% - green 9% - oolong 32% - black 19% - herbal 7% - other Tell us what other teas you enjoy.
Many ideas on MSI are about recycling and Starbucks environmental footprint. Recycling bins in all our stores is a top idea that we are working towards, but it is going to take some time. In the meantime, we would like to highlight the progress we’ve made towards our overall environmental stewardship initiatives. Tazo, Starbucks tea blending and packaging plant in Portland, Oregon, is doing good things for the environment. First of all, Tazo purchases renewable energy RECS from wind power, equivalent to 100% of the electricity used at the Portland plant. There is also a robust recycling program in place – Tazo participates in the Portland Recycle at Work program, and has won a Recycle … more »
Green Tumbler w/free drink coupon
Beginning today, now offers Starbucks green recycled-plastic tumblers (made from at least 27% post consumer recycled material). These tumblers are tough and available in a nice “green” color that complements our Organic Shade Grown Mexico and Organic Serena Blend™ coffee. I especially enjoy the Organic Shade Grown Mexico as it reminds me of a trip to Cabo San Lucas and drinking a rich cup of coffee in the morning as the sun comes up, right before it’s comfortable to attend beach festivities. The Organic Serena Blend™ is made with both African and Latin American coffees – much heartier than Organic Shade Grown Mexico and very nice iced (if … more »
Introducing Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew – Never be without great coffee!
Twenty years ago, we began a project to try and create the authentic taste of Starbucks® fresh brewed coffee in an instant form. Recently, we were able to crack the code through a U.S. patent pending technological breakthrough. You’ll be amazed how good this tastes. Introducing, Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew: A rich, aromatic instant coffee that delivers the same great taste and quality of Starbucks® coffee. Whether you’re traveling, at your office or relaxing at home, you’ll never be without a great cup of coffee. Be one of the first customers to try this new coffee experience, visit StarbucksVIA to learn more. Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew will debut in Seattle … more »
Poll Results: What's your favorite oatmeal topping?
More than half of the MSI respondents said their favorite oatmeal topping is brown sugar in the recent MSI question of the day poll. Let us know if you have any other oatmeal topping ideas. The results show customers like the current offerings we have in store for the Perfect Oatmeal: brown sugar, dried fruit mix, or nut mix. 53% brown sugar 6% dried apples 21% dried fruit mix 7% maple toffee 13% nut mix

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