Tell us your Idea…in 12 seconds!

We know you have a lot of great ideas for Starbucks.  But, can you share your idea in just 12 seconds? That is exactly what we asked our shareholders to do at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Each year, Starbucks invites shareholders to attend the Annual Shareholders Meeting in Seattle.  This year we gathered on March 18 and the MyStarbucksIdea team greeted and talked with shareholders, showed them the MyStarbucksIdea website, and listened to their ideas for Starbucks.

We met many people and had great discussions around coffee, community, value, food, and healthy options at Starbucks.  While waiting for the doors to open, shareholders shared their ideas for Starbucks on this website as well as on video!  There was one fun twist to the video submissions though; customers had to tell us their idea for Starbucks in just 12 seconds!  Check out some of the 12 second ideas we captured below and if you want to create your own or respond to one of the existing ideas, please do so on the Starbucks Channel on  But remember, just 12 seconds.  Have fun!

What's your 12 second MyStarbucksIdea?

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4/2/2009 2:17 PM

I'm sure you can guess mine. LOL

Variety of  Brewed coffees all day, every day. Dump PPR.

Diaper change tables in the bathrooms.


4/2/2009 5:57 PM

Licensed stores that honor the cards, Decaf & Bold in the afternoon, more stores in rural areas.    THE END

4/2/2009 9:10 PM

Such a cool website...... One more "Internet toy".  Look for me... as soon as I upload the app on my i-phone.... I'll have an idea for you.  LOL! Thanks for sharing.

4/3/2009 6:22 AM

BTW, nice to see all of you. I don't hear well so I was only able to pick up a few words.  

4/3/2009 6:46 AM

free refills of iced tea, vegetarian sandwiches without egg or cheese

4/3/2009 9:07 AM

It was great to see and hear Cecile, Anali and Melody too! LOL :)

4/3/2009 11:12 AM

Thanks Breve!  Of course, the real question is 'How many times can Melody say 'bring back bold' within 12 seconds?' ;-) LOL (j/k)

4/3/2009 1:28 PM

Sugar Free Classic Syrup...Please!

4/3/2009 3:28 PM

More Ideas in Action posts from employee that look 12.   Youth movement.  Love it.

4/19/2009 11:45 AM

Compostable plastic cups are available now from Nature Works PLA

(Eco-Products).  What a great example to the world that would be, at a time when more and more people are interested in the environment.  Why wait till 2012?

6/1/2009 6:55 AM

With Costa Rica being the primary grower, supplier and source of Starbucks coffee beans, why are there no Starbucks in that country?

78% of your beans come from Costa Rica, and the people of that country LOVE coffee. The cost of doing business is high, and the red tape/regulations/time constraints are difficult obstacles, but it would seem to be a worthwhile and beneficial opportunity for an MNE to operate a coffee house in its primary product source's country.

What is the reason behind this lack?

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