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Newest Idea Under Review
I just wanted to write a quick blog about the newest idea "Under Review" - Send a friend a cup of coffee online. We agree with you that this is a super exciting idea and it's one that we've been poking at for a while now. This week, one of our executives decided that we should officially put this idea "Under Review" as he's going to take a look at it and see if it is something we should launch or not. We hope to have more news to share with you sometime this summer after the team has had some time to do research and make a decision. Now that the idea is "Under Review", you can't vote or comment on it anymore. But, all is not lost. Please use this … more »
Dave Matthews Band Listening Party
My name is Holly Hinton and I work on the Starbucks Entertainment team. A few weeks ago, I posted a blog specifically for our partners (employees). I offered all partners who responded to my blog within 24 hours the chance to hear the new Dave Matthews Band album and host a listening party in their store before the CD even launches! Over the course of the day, 18 partners responded to the blog with excitement and enthusiasm for the new album. If you are also a Dave Matthews Band fan, I encourage you to check the list of ‘winning’ stores below and see if your local Starbucks will be hosting a listening party! If your store is not on the list, be sure you pick up your own copy of “Big … more »
Hi, my name is Thomas Prowell and I was the editor of “The Way I See It” here at Starbucks, a program that many of you have had ideas about. If you don't know it, “The Way I See It” – or TWISI (pronounced "twizzy") as we liked to call it within Starbucks –was a series of quotes from all sorts of interesting people that appeared on our paper cups from 2005 until earlier this year. Well, Chris Anderson, curator of TED (a conference of leading thinkers in technology, entertainment and design) and author of TWISI #95, has thought up a nifty way to continue the TWISI conversation in this Web 2.0 era. He's asked people to come up with their own … more »
Starbucks Card Update
Hi, my name is Jeff and I work on the Starbucks Card team. Today, I’m writing to share some exciting news about the Starbucks Card. Did you know that you’re carrying an award-winning product in your wallet? It’s true! This past March, the Starbucks Card won a best-in-category award at the 2009 Paybefore Awards, which took place at the annual Prepaid Expo USA event. While it’s wonderful to be recognized by our industry peers, what really excites us is all of the feedback that you – our customers have given us since My Starbucks Idea launched just a little over a year ago. As I am writing this blog, the current number-one idea on My Starbucks Idea is a Starbucks Card … more »
The Iced Coffee Story
Hi! My name is Anthony Carroll and I work on the Coffee team here at Starbucks. I’ve seen a few ideas here about iced coffee, so I wanted to write this blog to share the iced coffee story. Iced coffee has been part of Starbucks since 1971. Initially, it was brewed using the Toddy® maker at double strength. The coffee was called Iced Marrakesh and it included aromatic spices like cardamom. That was until 1986, when we began brewing double strength brewed (drip) coffee and serving it over ice. Then in 1991, we introduced an amazing East African blend called Gazebo Blend®, our official coffee of summer. This blend was a perfect coffee to serve iced as are most East African coffees … more »
The New CD/DVD at Your Local Starbucks
Some of you may have noticed a new CD on the shelf at your local Starbucks called Playing for Change- Songs Around the World . I wanted to write a blog here on MyStarbucksIdea about Playing for Change (PFC) to share a little bit about the purpose and inspiration behind this CD. PFC is a result of Grammy winning producer-engineer Mark Johnson’s decade-long travel aimed at connecting the world through music. Using innovative mobile technology, Johnson and his crew filmed and recorded more than 100 musicians spanning five continents. Each captured performance created a new mix in which essentially the artists are all performing together, although they are hundreds of miles apart. PFC is available … more »
Reusable cold cups are back—and thanks to you, BIGGER!
What’s insulated, BPA-free and now comes in a Venti (20 oz.) option? It’s the hottest serveware item of the season that is sure to keep your drinks cold—the reusable cold cups! We heard you and we’re bringing both the Grande (16 oz.) and Venti sizes of the cold cups to you in participating stores and online. While our standard disposable plastic cup is 24 ounces, drinks made for the Venti reusable cold cup will require a little less ice due to its smaller size. But do not fear-- the cup comes with permanent fill lines to guide baristas on the perfect drink proportions, so your beverage will be made just right. The double-wall protection keeps your hands dry and your beverage … more »

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