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The Return of Treat Receipt
We are listening to you and the Treat Receipt is back! The Treat Receipt is our version of Happy Hour and beginning June 30 through September 29, customers who make any purchase before 2 p.m. at participating stores can return the same day after 2 p.m., present their receipt and purchase any Grande (16 fl. oz) cold drink for only $2 (plus tax if applicable). So, when you make your next purchase before 2 p.m., remember to save your receipt, so you can return to Starbucks and enjoy great savings and a refreshing cold beverage. This treat will be offered all summer long! So you will have the opportunity to try all sorts of tasty drinks, from the new Strawberry Banana Vivanno™ Smoothie to the … more »
Brewed Coffee Calendar – Bold Pick of the Day
Colin from the brewed team here. I wanted to share some changes we’re making to help customers better understand their brewed coffee choices. Starting today, 6/29, all of our U.S. Company-Operated and Licensed Stores will begin displaying new signage reflecting a change in name from Today’s Morning Pick to Bold Pick of the Day for our “bolder” coffee offering. The new name and updated signage will mean much clearer messaging around choice of brewed coffee. We are changing the name because we’ve received feedback that the former name did not fully communicate the fact that the coffees on our rotating calendar are among our bolder and more complex coffees. The new … more »
You Asked for it: Introducing the Mini Starbucks Card!!
The Mini Starbucks Card is a convenient way to always have your Starbucks Experience at your finger tips – just clip it to whatever you like (keys, gym bag, etc.) and continue to enjoy your on-the-go lifestyle. I clipped mine to my racing bike, so I am never without a doppio espresso when I need it - I just cycle to a Starbucks store and swipe my Mini Starbucks Card – no wallet required! My friend Sally has hers clipped to her dog’s leash, making it a convenient stop for both of them on their daily walk. The Mini Starbucks Card works just like a Starbucks Card; register it to enjoy rewards, benefits and to protect your balance too! Yesterday we had a contest to see who could … more »
A BIG Idea will be Announced Tomorrow
Hi there- tomorrow is a BIG day for us. We will announce the launch of the newest idea from MyStarbucksIdea! The idea is so BIG but also so small at the same time. Confused? Make sure to read the blog tomorrow to see what we’re launching. To kick off the BIG announcement, we are going to give away one of these BIG (yet mini) items to the person who sends us the best picture of something mini. We will be scoring your pictures based on creativity, theme appropriateness, and of course, fun. The winning picture will be posted right here on MyStarbucksIdea tomorrow, so be sure to check back to see if you won. Please read the contest rules before sending your photo to … more »
Starbucks at Disney Village Paris
Have you heard the buzz about the new Starbucks store in France? On June 20th, we opened a new store in the Disney Village Paris that is truly in a class of its own. It is the first international store to be built using our new design concept that connects our stores to our coffee heritage. This store is also the 50th Starbucks store in France and marks the 5th anniversary of this important market. So, what’s so special about this new store? Inspired by artists’ studio environments and modern design in Europe in the 1930’s, this store is not only beautiful but also includes local materials and green design to enhance the customer experience. This new store design is part of … more »
“You In?" Turn Your Pledges Into Action
Hello, my name is Anna Cunningham and I work on the Community Investments team at Starbucks. This past January, Starbucks and the HandsOn Network invited people to pledge five hours of their time to serve their local communities. The response was tremendous! Together, we pledged more than 1.25 million hours of community service! Now I want to invite you to join the Summer Volunteer Initiative which is all about turning those pledged hours into action! If you need ideas about how to fulfill your pledge, please visit the HandsOn Network’s website or the V2V Network to find out how you can serve your local community. For those of you who have already fulfilled your pledge – thank you … more »
Introducing Crazy for the Storm
Hi everyone, My name is Marshall and I work on the books and music content team. Two weeks ago a new book hit the shelves of your local participating Starbucks: Crazy for the Storm , by Norman Ollestad. When we select a book to carry in our stores, we seek well-written, thought-provoking pieces that spur conversation. Crazy for the Storm is the right book for right now: a life-affirming tale on thriving in the face of adversity. Ultimately, it is a story about a father and a son and that makes it a perfect gift for Father’s Day. Norman Ollestad, now 41, was thrust into the world of surfing and competitive downhill skiing at a very young age by the father he idolized. As an eleven-year- … more »

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