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Introducing My Starbucks Rewards
I am excited to share the next evolution of our loyalty program. While both Starbucks Card Rewards and Starbucks Gold exceeded our expectations, we are always looking for ways to improve our programs and we received a lot of great feedback on what we could do differently. Launching on December 26, 2009, My Starbucks Rewards will combine many elements of both programs – with no membership fee ! – into one simplified program. On more than one occasion, I have been in line at my local Starbucks and saw one of our wonderful Gold members pull out a Gold card AND a registered Starbucks Card and ask which card would provide the better discount. I don’t blame them at all! Both programs … more »
New Mini Starbucks Card – Coming Soon
We are happy to announce our new Designer Mini Starbucks Card. This limited edition Starbucks Card is a collaboration with fashion designer, Christian Siriano, winner of Project Runway Season 4. The Card’s design is inspired by mod style, contemporary drama and Christian’s love of theatrical fantasy. Available in stores this holiday season, the Christian Siriano Mini Starbucks Card is sure to be a great holiday gift! Also, remember to register the Card to unlock the benefits of Starbucks Rewards* including balance protection, free select syrups and soy milk, free refills on brewed coffee, up to two consecutive hours of free AT&T Wi-Fi and a free beverage on your birthday! The … more »
A Limited Time Offer from the Starbucks Card Team
Hello again, this is Jeff Carroll from the Starbucks Card team. I’m writing today to let you know about a pretty cool offer for users of our Starbucks Card Mobile app. The first time you use your Visa® card to reload your Starbucks Card with $25.00 or more using the Starbucks Card Mobile app, you’ll receive a $5.00 bonus, for a limited time. If you have not downloaded the Starbucks Card Mobile app from the iTunes app store, you can do so by clicking here . If you already have the Starbucks Card Mobile app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, all you need to do is reload your Card (using a Visa® card as payment). For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Starbucks Card Mobile … more »
'Tis the season - for Pumpkin Spice!
Hi everyone, My name is Karen, and I am a product manager on the Espresso team. There has been a lot of enthusiasm around Pumpkin Spice beverages in our stores as well as right here on My Starbucks Idea so I wanted to write a quick note to celebrate the success of Pumpkin Spice with you. This is the sixth year we’ve brought back Pumpkin Spice and your enthusiasm for this returning favorite has been incredible! Many of you have posted ideas about wanting a skinny version of the Pumpkin Spice latte and this idea is currently "Under Review". Thank you for making Pumpkin Spice lattes and Frappuccino® blended beverages such a special part of your fall days. For me, this fall has … more »
You Can Take It With You!
Hi, I’m Stuart Benzal of United Airlines and I love coffee everywhere I go. Since there must be others like me out there, I’m thrilled that United has joined with Starbucks to offer Starbucks VIA™ to our customers in addition to the delicious fresh-brewed Starbucks coffee we serve on every flight. We’re selling Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew Colombia three-packs on North American flights that last more than two hours. In addition, I encourage you to try some of our Choice Menu snack boxes available for purchase onboard – we’re including a single pack of Starbucks VIA™ in some of them for a limited time. At United, we’re always looking for ways … more »
Idea Launched: Improve MSI Inbox
Hi there, Welcome to My Starbucks Idea! You may have noticed we have a new look. Please tell us how you like the refreshed website. With the site refresh, we also launched one of your ideas – improve the inbox . The inbox has three components: comments , my ideas , and my comments . Within each of these tabs you can now filter by date settings ranging from today to last month as well as “all” and “unread”. You can also filter by ideas category. The work hasn’t stopped. We’re continuing to make improvements on the site functionality, so don’t be shy, tell us your wish list for the website and as always we’d love to hear all your ideas for Starbucks … more »
Poll Results: Where do you VIA?
In our most recent My Starbucks Idea poll we asked the community where you use Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew. Here's what you told us: 54% at the office 10% on a plane 2% teacher lounge 21% on my commute 13% hiking When and where do you VIA? Let us know. Share your Starbucks VIA™ experience with pictures, videos, or words at . Your creativity could earn you a great prize.

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