#1 New Starbucks VIA Product Idea Coming Soon...Decaf!

You asked for it and today I’m happy to say it’s coming soon to a Starbucks store near you!  Introducing … Starbucks VIA™ Decaf Italian Roast - a rich, bold cup of Starbucks Decaf Italian Roast in an instant!  Starting on November 17, you will be able to pick up a 3-pack or 12-pack of Starbucks VIA™Decaf Italian Roast at your local participating Starbucks store (US only).

We use the world’s finest arabica beans to ensure every cup delivers a smooth, full-bodied flavor and aroma.

So now, whenever and wherever you crave the taste of Starbucks® coffee, you can have it – when you can’t make it to a Starbucks to pick up a decaf brewed coffee, when you want a single cup of decaf at home but don’t want to brew a full pot or when you find yourself without a delicious decaf coffee option.  There are plenty of other occasions for Starbucks VIA™ Decaf Italian Roast - feel free to share them in the comment stream below.

Thanks for your wonderful ideas around Starbucks VIA™ – keep them coming!  My team and I are excited to innovate with you around this new product.


This blog was inspired by your idea - Decaf VIA!

PS - In addition to launching your decaf Starbucks VIA™ idea, We are currently working on these other Starbucks VIA™ Ideas from MSI - keep 'em coming!


10/12/2009 7:44 AM

Amiee - thanks for the post - and certainly adding decaf is a welcome option. I prefer 1/2 caf and would really welcome a 1/2 caf Colombian option. Not sure if other folks would like it - but I would buy it. The promotions you are doing for VIA in the stores (discounts/bundles with drinks) are what made me try the product. I would not have tried it without this.

10/12/2009 7:51 AM

Cool! Will the decaf Via be all natural as well? I miss having a SWP coffee!

10/12/2009 8:08 AM

Thanks for thinking of your customers who like decaf (even if only in the evening)! Is it only going to be in Italian Roast flavor, or will you bring in a milder flavor? My idea is Guatemala Antigua. I've wanted a decaf in that blend forever! It's my favorite coffee Starbucks sells, but I'd like a decaf option.

10/13/2009 9:52 AM

Hey Aimee! Thanks for listening to everyone's ideas! But what about us in Canada?? I know you felt our energy and passion about VIA when you came to Toronto!  I'm assuming it is just in such high demand that you can't roll it out all at once and you want to get it in customers' hands ASAP! When will you have enough to supply us up here!?? I would love to be able to tell my customers who are waiting for Decaf! -AJ-

10/13/2009 10:05 PM

Hey Aimee!  I am glad your are listening to customers who want Decaf but what about us that are diabetic.  How about more sugar free drinks.

10/13/2009 10:19 PM

I am excited for decaf VIA.  I travel to Africa a couple times a year and the one thing I really miss is a good cup of coffee.  It will be packed in my backpack my next trip! Thanks.

10/13/2009 11:54 PM

What about decaf Frapuccino!  I have a really poor tollerance to caffeine, but cannot resist a caramel coffee frapuccino in the hot weather, but I do suffer badly afterwards due to the caffeine.  

Bring on the decaf option!!!

10/14/2009 3:40 PM

Love the idea of decaf.  I think you should make the via instant brew and sell it by the container rather then just the packs.  I understand the packs are pre-measured and perfect for on the go, but a container of it would be less waste and still faster then traditional brew coffee.  What do you think?

10/19/2009 8:33 AM

Awesome Amee!

Now that you will be having both reg and decaf instant, why not start putting it in hotels, especially ones with a Starbucks already on property?  Might make more $$$ and the bean counters always like that!

10/30/2009 11:26 AM

Got the Decaf VIA sample in the mail today. Thank you, you guys are great.

11/2/2009 7:09 AM

I haven't received the decaf Via sample yet, and I thought I did reply to that email. Oh well. Lots of people are crying out for decaf, so I'm sure 11-17 will make lots of folks happy. :-) (I'm not a decaf drinker).

11/2/2009 6:22 PM

When will decaf VIA be available for sale on the web site?

11/18/2009 1:18 PM

My wife picked up the 3 pack of decaf on her normal morning visit.

I like the convenience of having single serve, but the cost is a bit high.

Coffee is the best instant yet.

11/21/2009 10:13 PM

When will the Decaf Italian Via launch in Canada!

11/22/2009 6:01 PM

I am also interested as to when you will have the decaf available on the website (yours or Amazon).   The 48-pack ideally.

12/8/2009 10:31 AM

Thank you so much.

Joseph Gough
12/8/2009 12:09 PM

This little packet of coffee tastes great and is such a convenient treat!!!  Thanks for considering your fellow decaf drinkers and our love for the Starbucks coffee experience, too!!!  We will continue purchasing this product as long as you sell it!!!      PEACE ..........

12/8/2009 1:30 PM

Why in the world would you offer decaf in the morning and not at night?  I have been forced to seek out other coffee places in the evening as you do not have decaf after noon.  I cannot understand the logic behind this.  I, like many people, can drink caffeine during the day but must cut it off at about 5 or 6 pm in order to insure a good night's sleep.  I used to love to go to Starbuck's in the evening as I could be assured that I would get a decaf. (Many restaurants will just served you a watered down cup of regular and you cannot tell until 2am when you are still awake.)   I cannot go to Starbucks in the evening now unless I want a decaf Americano.  I just want a decaf that is brewed.  If I cannot have that I may as well stay at home and brew my own coffee.  Why would I care if the VIA comes in decaf?

I am very annoyed.

12/8/2009 5:18 PM

Via already tastes like Sanka - i guess the decaf version will taste like weak Sanka.  Oh, am I excited!

12/9/2009 11:44 AM

I remember asking for VIA decalf right at the beginning. Well I am glad Americans got it. Once again Canadian get left out in the cold!

12/10/2009 7:42 AM

Can't wait for it to come to Canada!  I do agree somewhat with kaffequeen though...I am stopped from buying a great cup of decaf coffee from Starbucks after 12:00 p.m.  No fair as the other option available is a Cafe Americano and to me it tastes waterdown and it really is not my favorite.  Is there any way you can have a four cup coffee maker to make it fresh after the witching hour?  If not alot of customers buy decaf after a certain time I am sure having smaller coffee makers would make it easier for starbucks to brew it as needed and it will be fresh - no waste.  Just an idea.  If that can't be done, please send us your instant decaf to Canada because if it is as tasty as the regular instant coffee, I can go for that in the alternative.


12/17/2009 7:42 AM

When will it come to the UK?  

Don't feel so bad Canada, we don't get Decaf brewed coffee AT ALL!

12/17/2009 7:43 AM

beewee60, give another taste, not at all like Sanka

1/4/2010 7:31 PM

need a starbucks in west mifflin pa. at kennywood mall on hoffman blvd.

1/4/2010 8:48 PM

I like the Via but ues the decaf mostly. When will the large boxes of decaf Via be available to order on-line or even buy in the stores? Thanks

1/13/2010 8:06 PM

For the decafe after lunch bunch, would Starbucks consider making a cup via a french press for the same price as drip?  This would limit the waste, and provide a great tasting cup of decafe for those of us that want it in the afternoon / evening.

1/24/2010 9:59 PM

I'm the only one in our family who must drink decaf.  After years of puny products, I can finally say I have a cup of coffee like anyone else, wonderful and tasty.  Thanks so much!

1/28/2010 5:48 PM

Waiting, waiting, waiting to hear news of it in Canada!  I could drink VIA all day, but can't drink the regular too late in the day if I hope to sleep!  :)


7/29/2010 2:27 PM

can't do the caffeine any more so Via decaf is a life saver. very hard to find in retail stores, though. please continue to offer it. it's the only decent instant decaf on the planet. i gave up my Keurig for Via Decaf because it tasted better and cost less ..... and took up a lot less counter space. huzzah!

10/19/2010 1:19 PM

I really like the Via Instant Coffee line; however, it would be better if the new flavors were offered in decaffeinated.  Many people, including me have to avoid caffeine so as a result we cannot enjoy the flavored Via.  

11/4/2010 11:29 AM

would love other decaf versions in Canada too - the via Christmas Blend is out... but not in decaf :(

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