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Full Leaf Tea Lineup
Hi everyone! This is Janet from the Tazo team. I wanted to take a moment to share some details about an exciting upcoming tea launch. In January, Starbucks will be moving to a line of new Tazo® Full Leaf Teas. This change will be one of the most important ones we make on tea and I wanted to make sure you knew the important facts: We’ll be launching 10 new Tazo® Full Leaf Tea blends, most of them returning customer favorites, now featuring whole tea leaves, spices, and botanicals packaged in beautiful tea sachets. Because the teas and many of the botanicals are used in their whole form, the true flavor of the blends really come through! We’re also excited to introduce two new … more »
My Starbucks Rewards - Your Ideas!
My Starbucks Rewards will launch in just two short days on December 26, rewarding your visits with Stars and the stellar recognition you deserve. But there’s more to this program than the rewards, it’s our chance to let you know we’ve launched some of your most popular ideas on MSI. Frequent buyer card - There have been over 32 ideas and thousands of votes for offering some kind of reward system for your visits. My Starbucks Rewards is based on this very idea- the more you visit, the more you earn. Gold Card = Best Offer - Members at the Gold level enjoy all the benefits of the Welcome and Green level in addition to the Gold level rewards. Licensed stores - You wanted our licensed … more »
Sugar-Free syrups - Under Review!
We also need more sugar free flavors. There are those of us who need the sugar free syrups and the selections are very limited. I really missed the gingerbread this year!! I was waiting for it to come out and then saddened to find out it was not sugar free this year. SO....MORE sugar free syrups PLEASE!! Also some sugar free or lo-cal pastries would be good too! Posted by RojoBarb Hi everyone, it’s Katie – a registered dietitian at Starbucks. We’ve seen a lot of recent enthusiasm around Sugar-Free Syrups on MSI. We wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your ideas and passion and ‘we hear you’! Personally, I am a Skinny Latte fanatic – I start nearly every … more »
Make a Starbucks customized tumbler from your Facebook photos
This is a really great last minute gift idea. Have you ever seen or purchased one of our customized tumblers, and wanted to do something but didn’t feel like you had time? Well, we’ve partnered with Snapfish, a great photo site, to make a Facebook application that makes this really easy. Simply create your own customized insert from photos on Facebook with very little hassle. What’s even better is that you can select one of your friends’ sets of photos on Facebook and make a customized insert of their photos for them! After you print the insert go to our online Store or your nearest retail store and buy a customized tumbler. It’s a really fantastic last minute gift … more »
Starbucks Card Mobile Reload Promotion
Hello again, this is Jeff Carroll from the Starbucks Card team. I’m writing today to share some good news and holiday cheer – the Starbucks Card Mobile reload promotion that I wrote about in my last blog is still available! So, if you receive an iPhone or iPod Touch this holiday season (or have yet to participate in this offer), you still have a chance to enjoy the promotion. To recap: the first time you use your Visa® credit card or debit card to reload your Starbucks Card with $25.00 or more using the Starbucks Card Mobile app, you’ll receive a $5.00 bonus, for a limited time. If you have not downloaded the Starbucks Card Mobile app from the iTunes app store, you can do … more »
9 Months of Christmas
Is it that time of year again already? Time for our stockings to be hung with care and our cups to be filled with Christmas Blend? Indeed, it is. Christmas comes early to the Starbucks coffee tasting room. Every year we begin the process of putting together the current year’s version of this customer favorite in March, when we taste samples of all of our aged Sumatra coffees, determining which lots are ready to be included in Christmas Blend. There were some very special lots we identified this year, and they are showing nicely in the final cup. When we talk about ‘aged’ coffees, we are talking about coffees that are aged for three to five years as green coffee, prior to being … more »
Your Input is Needed to Help Improve My Starbucks Idea
Hello MSI members, When you create your My Starbucks Idea account we ask for limited information, basically just your email address. We want to get to know our MSI customers better. As we share your ideas with Starbucks partners (employees), we are often asked more questions about the My Starbucks Idea customers, like "where do they live?" So to give more insight to the ideas and geography of our customers we're asking for you to help us. Please fill out this survey to help us get to know you better. Some of you may have received an email and already completed this - thank you! Thanks for your continued involvement in shaping the future of Starbucks. survey

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