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Introducing the next generation of
I’m Kim with the digital strategy team - hi there! I’m really excited to announce the launch of the redesign! The new site not only offers cool new functionality, but also allows us to share our story through richer online experiences using beautiful visuals and compelling videos. But we’re not just another pretty face on this information super highway...we’ll also use the site to deliver useful and informative content to you! Through feedback and ideas shared here on My Starbucks Idea and our other digital channels, we’ve discovered how our customers use the site and the most frequently requested information. You’ll discover improved experiences … more »
In Response to Your Idea – Teach Baristas Sign Language
Should Starbucks Baristas be able to say “Thank You” in sign language? Tell us what you think. Vote here . Inspired by your idea: teach your baristas to say thank you in asl posted by prezbucks
New Spring Beverage: The Cherries Are In Bloom!
Hello hello, it’s Louisa, product manager for our delicious new spring espresso beverage: Dark Cherry Mocha. It’s a combination of Starbucks® espresso, bittersweet chocolate sauce, dark cherry syrup, and steamed milk topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls. Irresistible and decadent! This beverage has been a huge hit in our international markets since its 2008 debut, and we are excited to bring it to our customers in Canada and the U.S. this spring. Look for it in stores over the next couple of weeks. Since spring is a mixed-bag of weather, Dark Cherry Mocha was developed to be delicious hot or iced - Drinking it iced is simply delicious and now one of my favorite beverages … more »
A Trip to Tea Origin
Jambo (hello in Swahili), My name is Keith and I am part of the Tazo Tea Procurement team and just returned from a two week trip to Eastern Africa. I wanted to share a few of our observations and some pictures from the trip. The purpose of our trip was to explore new tea options in Rwanda and Malawi while strengthening our tea supply chain out of Kenya. Tazo® currently buys Kenyan CTC (crush, torn and curled) tea for our Chai Tea Latte. Indian Assam tea along with the Kenyan tea provide the base in this drink to support cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, ginger, star anise and milk. Our trip started out in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. This country is stunning and known for … more »
New ways to send us a Tweet
We’re really excited to announce that we’re opening up some new Twitter accounts. Often times I’m amazed at the passion and knowledge of the people I work with at Starbucks. A couple of months ago, we realized that we should be sharing this knowledge and passion with the world and Twitter felt like the most natural place to communicate it. So, we’d like to present three new Starbucks Twitter accounts focused around three areas that we’re passionate about: Coffee, Health and Wellness and Shared Planet (environment). We’ve been working with Katie, Jason and Jim to get them up to speed and comfortable on Twitter. We’re now ready to share them with you. So … more »
Cocoa Practices, Sustainability In Action.
My name is Pablo Ramirez and I work in the ethical sourcing team specifically focused on cocoa, tea and other agricultural ingredients. I am really excited to share with you our recent ethical sourcing activities for cocoa. Our program is called Cocoa Practices and like its big brother (C.A.F.E practices) it is comprehensive and contains more than 200 performance measurements to evaluate social, environmental and economic areas. A third party company called Scientific Certification Systems is in charge of auditing all the activities such as the training of the inspectors, the interpretation of the indicators, the visits and the final scores. Baristas and customers often ask, “Do you actually … more »
Introducing Pour Over Brewing in the Afternoon
Hi everyone! This is Colin from the Brewed Coffee team. I am excited to announce the launch of the Pour Over method to better deliver decaf and bold brewed coffee to our customers in the afternoon. Through My Starbucks Idea (MSI) and direct feedback, we heard your frustrations regarding our brewing changes in the afternoon. Your ideas and comments on MSI lead us to develop, test, and implement the Pour Over method as a way of consistently delivering brewed coffee choice in the afternoon. A time honored tradition, the Pour Over method allows baristas to quickly serve a fresh cup of decaf or bold coffee if it’s not already brewing. Preparing a cup of coffee with the Pour Over method takes … more »

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