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Starbucks and Foursquare
We’re excited to announce a collaboration with the social networking site, Foursquare. I’ve been playing with Foursquare for about a year now, and until recently, I was the mayor of the Starbucks Support Center (Starbucks headquarters). I have a plan to earn that back, and it may or may not involve working seven days a week ☺. Now you can earn the " Barista Badge " by checking into five different Starbucks. The application is available for most smart phones like the iPhone, Android devices and Blackberry. One other item that we will include is " Tips " about different Starbucks stores. We’re looking for info about your store that is unique, different and … more »
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #4 – Komodo Dragon Blend®
Crack open a bag of Komodo Dragon Blend® and one thing will stand out immediately – a strong aroma that smells a little like a garden or baseball field after a fresh rain. This earthy characteristic is always my first clue that I’m about to enjoy an Asia/Pacific coffee. It’s a dominating scent that distinguishes the region’s coffees quite well. While the press steeps and as I pour my glass, I let my nose take it in. There’s no denying that this is a big, bold blend. My mouth begins to water in anticipation. Smell is only the first of four steps in the coffee tasting experience, so I dive right into the next – slurp . Proud of a noisy effort that would make … more »
Starbucks Recognized as one of the 2010 World's Most Ethical Companies
Hi everyone, I am happy to share that that the Ethisphere Institute has once again named Starbucks one of the World's Most Ethical Companies—that’s four years in a row! This recognition is a direct result of the great work being done by so many partners (employees) around the world who make this company stand out. The Ethisphere Institute considers several factors before deciding the recipient of this competitive award. This includes what companies do to contribute to the well being of their employees and their communities, their record of environmental stewardship, efforts at sustainable and ethical sourcing, strong leadership and other dimensions of a company’s reputation … more »
MSI Turns Two
Hello, Two years ago, My Starbucks Idea (MSI) debuted at Starbucks Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The site continues to flourish with ideas, votes and comments flowing in. Many customers visit the site on a regular basis to check out the newest ideas in action , look at the question of the day , see if they made the leader board or to check their inbox to see if anyone has commented on ideas they’re interested in too. A few months ago, we added a new feature where customers can fill out their profile and get to know other MSI users a little better. I have the rewarding job of sharing your great ideas with our company and then sharing what the company is working on with all of you. This … more »
Starbucks Announces Cash Dividend at the Annual Shareholders Meeting
Hello Starbucks Shareholders, Based on the overall financial strength of the business and the strong cash flow it continues to generate, Starbucks just announced a plan for returning cash to shareholders. The company is initiating a quarterly cash dividend in the amount of $0.10 per share, and has just announced authorization for the repurchase of an additional 15 million shares of common stock. You can watch an on-demand replay of the Annual Meeting on to hear more about the cash divided and other company announcements. Warm regards, Troy Alstead chief financial officer Reward the Shareholders posted by safeTman
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #3 - (Starbucks)RED East Africa Blend
As a 17 year Starbucks Coffee Company partner (employee), I have enjoyed the privilege of tasting some of the world’s finest coffees. I am especially thrilled to have the opportunity to savor (STARBUCKS) RED East AFrica Blend. Africa is the birthplace of coffee, and Starbucks has always cherished the amazing flavors and aromas of African coffees. And, with the opening of a Farmer Support Center in Rwanda, we’re working directly with farmers to help improve the quality and sustainability of their coffee for years to come. (STARBUCKS)RED East Africa Blend is balanced and complex, with delicate acidity and a flavorful interplay of sweet citrus, subtle herbal and savory spice notes. I … more »
Join us for Free Pastry Day March 23
Hi, It’s Erin on the food team with a super sweet reminder -- Free Pastry Day is March 23 and is better than ever! Free Pastry Day was such a success the first time, we are doing it again as a way to thank our customers and invite them to experience our great food. Don't miss out - so your ready for Free Pastry Day - set your alarm and remember to print the invitation or show it on your mobile device. This is your chance to try one of our delicious pastries on the house when you purchase a hand-crafted or brewed beverage and find the perfect match to your daily drink. Free Pastry Day starts at opening (4:30 am for 24 hour stores) tomorrow and runs until 10:30 am or until pastries are … more »

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