However-you-want-it Frappuccino is Officially Here


It’s Jennifer again from the Frappuccino® blended beverages team. I've heard from many MSI customers on my previous blog who have already had a chance to try the customizable frappuccino.  I am so excited that today marks the official launch of the NEW however-you-want-it Frappuccino.  Create your Frappuccino® blended beverage to be as unique as YOU!

  • Choose Your Milk
    Will it be nonfat, 2%, whole or soy?
  • Pick Your Coffee
    Extra coffee? A shot of espresso. Decaf perhaps? or no coffee
  • Lower Your Calories
    Want us to make it light or hold the whip?
  • Add the Fun Stuff
    A little drizzle? Chocolaty chips? Whipped cream?

Or may we recommend some of our most popular Frappuccino® blended beverages with a new twist:

  • Soy Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino® blended crème
  • Extra Coffee Caramel Frappuccino® blended coffee
  • Mocha Light Frappuccino® blended coffee

And, a special offer…..Share the love. From May 7-16, enjoy half-price Frappuccino® blended beverages at participating Starbucks between 3 and 5 p.m.

We look forward to hearing how you like the new However-you-want-it Frappuccino® blended beverages.  Let us know how you customize your frappuccino.  We're listening!

Here's a sample of our newest television ad:

Inspired by your ideas:

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Decaf Frappuccinos
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5/4/2010 10:44 AM

I tried another one today, and was still really disappointed. Bless my baristas for trying so hard, but it the Coffee Frappuccino Light as we know it is dead. I'm not saying the new one is disgusting to everyone, but I hated it. I do appreciate the thoughtfulness of wanting to please a larger clientele, but it seems as though Starbucks has forgotten the original loyal customers. I'm done with trying and wasting time attempting to perfect this beverage. I won't return until the *original* light base is back.

5/4/2010 1:12 PM

I have tired one several times and have been Disappointed BECAUSE...

  When you have a drink with so few ingredients those have to the highest quality! Quoting Clare Robinson of the food network show "five Ingredient Fix".

  I have narrowed it down to just one ingredient that is destroying the drink- The Soy Milk with the terrible taste and its implied Organic-ness claimed on the carton!

  If the drink is going to be successful and taste optimal then you need to bring back "Silk "soy milk.  At that time you will have an optimal drink but until that time JCF's and others will have a nasty aftertaste that will likely cause customers to go to another coffee establishment and NOT A STARBUCKS!!!

5/4/2010 2:31 PM

I tried the Java Chip frappuccino today - it was delicious!  Yesterday I tasted a Caramel Light and I think I would prefer it with 2% or whole milk vs. the nonfat.  1337Claire - have you tried a different milk?

5/4/2010 5:07 PM

I have tried the 1% milk, and it still was repulsive. Furthermore, I want it light, and using a higher caloric milk seems counterproductive. Ultimately, it's beyond frustrating for the following reasons:

1. Starbucks has completely removed all availability of a beloved product, and as far as I can tell, has no sympathy for loyal customers.

2. Starbucks expects the consumer to waste time with the barista attempting to customize the beverage. I realize that American ideals of individuality and personalization directly influence this decision, but there are so many of us who are perfectly content with a mass produced drink.

3. Starbucks is profiting more money from the former loyal customers attempting to re-create their favourite drink. You see, the first time one is forced to manipulate the beverage in order to make it taste like the familiar flavour, there is no additional charge. However, asking for the customization again COSTS EXTRA!! Why should the customers have to pay more to get a similar, but not nearly as good product? That's unethical.

4. Starbucks seems to ignore the comments made by customers, instead, suggesting they "try this" and "add that". I find such dialog belittling to the patron. How are the consumers, who most likely have never made a Frappuccino, supposed to know what to add? Furthermore, we, as the consumers, should not be expected to tell the barista how to make the drink. It's their job, not ours. Instead of offering meaningless, canned suggestions that ultimately will not remove the horrid flavour of this vile concoction, how about admitting a mistake and bringing back the old base in addition to the new one?

Starbucks has lost not only my patronage, but my respect as well.

Gold Coast
5/4/2010 5:38 PM

@1337Claire - a tall Coffee Frappuccino Light with whole milk is 110 calories.  For more information on nutrition information visit

5/4/2010 5:40 PM

I've tried over and over to get to my previous drink:  A venti java chip frap with just two scoops of chips instead of the normal four, add a pump of dark cherry and an espresso shot avagatto (sp?) style, extra whip no drizzle.  (How much more customization could I possibly need?!)  My favorite baristas both near my home and office would see me come in and know what to do.  They've been more than accomodating, but the new product is far inferior, and they just can't get it back to the old version.  I am tired of trying and getting watery, bland, frothy, drinks with a bad after taste.  Until SB listens to the loyal frap drinkers and offers the original mix, I will have to go elsewhere.  Very sad.  I will miss my drink and the baristas.

5/4/2010 5:57 PM

{Please check out my idea post.  Its the best frappuccino idea ever and with the help of my favorite starbucks barista we made it for sampling and it tasted awesome.  Its called the double chocolate strawberry & expresso frap.  

5/4/2010 7:27 PM

Gold Coast - only shows the calorie and nutrition information for a "standard beverage", not your customized beverage.  The "standard" coffee light frappuccino on is a grande made with nonfat milk.  It has 110 calories.  I realize that a tall made with whole milk may also have 110 calories, but we have no way of seeing that on

5/4/2010 9:43 PM

This recipe change is by far the worst mistake ever. I have always chose to go to Starbucks to receive a premium coffee drink, the new one is being sold at a premium price, but is a far inferior product. I am an avid drinker of Starbucks (at least 4 times a week) and I always order a Venti Mocha Frap - nothing special at all and now my once delicious drink has turned into a bland watering drink. There's no coffee flavor, no chocolate flavor nothing!!!

Then on top of it if I want to add coffee and chocolate to the drink I have to pay an extra 30 cents for each thing are you serious... My drink would end up costing $6 and even then it still tastes horrible.

For that price I can go try two different coffee establishments to see who can at least make a blended coffee drink that tastes like coffee.

I used to absolutely crave and want to go to Starbucks, but now I will be spending my hard earned money at some other coffee house. Too bad Starbucks, we had a good thing :(

5/5/2010 5:20 AM

I've gotta say, I only drink a few frapps a yr., so it's not really my thing but I did taste 2 yesterday: a coffee-lite and a mocha-lite.  They were drinkable, but definitely not so good.  I would never pay for them for myself..   that's not to say I couldn't rearange things and find something I liked......but what I did taste, really, not so good.  

5/5/2010 7:00 AM

Whether you want to believe your customers or not, I think eventually, whomever made the decision to change the Frapp's will be fired.  It was probably some recent graduate who drank Dunkin Donuts or McDonalds coffee to make it through finals.  I suggest someone on the executive team take a look at this disater, perhaps not fire the young lady that made this change, but move her to another postion....janitorial service, so she can really understand what this has done to your loyal customers across that country, most are walking into your stores, purchasing a drink, throwing it away and demanding a refund!  I have done it over 20 times trying to get your horrible tasting drink right! I give up and will no longer shop at starbucks!

5/5/2010 7:50 AM

Can anyone tell me if the rumors are true that the new light frappe base contains gluten? I have asked before and no answer. Gluten can cause severe reactions in Celiacs and gluten intolerant. Since you changed the base you should let people know of all possible allergens.

5/5/2010 8:57 AM

I've been drinking regular coffee frappuccinos for 15 years, on an almost religious daily basis for the past 10 years.  I loved them, they were my little piece of heaven to get my day going.  Not anymore.  I cannot drink the new frappuccinos.  Our stores switched over almost a month ago (Apr. 8) and I haven't purchased one since.  I gave them a try on two occasions, both were free because my baristas know me well and didn't want me to have to pay for something they already knew I wasn't going to like.  Both drinks didn't make it past the first two sips, they both ended up in the garbage (one was 2% and one was whole milk).  I won't be spending my money on something that tastes so horrible.  The frappuccino WAS my reason to visit Starbucks daily (even in the middle of winter).  I loved the taste and consistency of the old frapp, this new one is watery, flavorless and leaves a disgusting aftertaste that lingers.  PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD FRAPPUCCINOS!

5/5/2010 10:48 AM

I tried a extra coffee carmel frappuccino yesterday and words cannot describe how AWFUL it was.  I was a manager for Starbucks for a few years so I know about frappuccinoes and the new recipe is awful.  Jennifer K, It is clear to me that the company did not do enough testing for the drinks.  You did not test on the west coast so how can you expect to know what we will like compared to people in Florida and Texas.  I will be saving a lot of money now because I will not be buying my frappuccinoes anymore cause they are so bad.  I hope you go back to the old recipe for those who like the old way.  BYE BYE Starbucks I am very disappointed in the company.  

5/5/2010 11:14 AM


Hi Kryssy!  If you were to add more mocha to your mocha Frappuccino you should not be charged for the additional mocha sauce.  However we do have an additional charge for add coffee, just like you would get if you were adding a shot of espresso to a latte.

If you are looking for a beverage with more coffee flavor, adding coffee is a great way to get that but you can also ask them to add 1 less pump of mocha sauce - which will allow the coffee flavor to be more prominent.

I'm sorry you are frustrated with the new flavor of the Frappuccino and appreciate your feedback.

5/5/2010 11:40 AM

Jennifer, I posted the message below on 4/24 after both calling Starbucks 800 number and emailing.  It's now coming up on a month of trying to get a reliable answer on whether the reformulated fraps contain gluten. If you're unfamiliar with the term, gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  For individuals with the autoimmune disease celiac disease or other forms of gluten intolerance, even small amounts can cause illness.  Honestly, I'm baffled: how can a company the size of Starbucks be unable to answer this question? If you're supposed to be the point person (with the unenviable position of new frap cheerleader), why can't you?? This is *not* part of the vaunted "nutritional information" available on May 4, as that information *doesn't* include ingredients. I'm *not* asking Starbucks to certify the drink is "gluten-free."  I understand about cross-contamination.  I just want you tell me if the drink (and particularly the syrup) has gluten ingredients.  I am beyond frustrated at this point.

Message from 4/24:

I called customer service almost two weeks ago, trying to get an answer as to whether the new fraps have gluten-containing ingredients in the syrup.  My local store got labels indicating gluten was in both the light and the mocha syrup for the new drinks.  The "regular" syrup did not have a nutritional label. When I called back yesterday, I was told the service agent was still researching the question and some of the information may be proprietary.  Seriously, Starbucks? How can all your testing and development of this new beverage not include information about what's in it?? How can that information not be made available for consumers?  As a customer of many years, I am really frustrated and annoyed. Do you even read this board?  Several people have posted messages about food allergy concerns. How about some answers?

5/5/2010 12:21 PM


Hello an apologies if we have not been responsive to your question. You followed the correct procedures in calling customer service as they are the ones who can best answer questions related to matters such as gluten.  I will follow up with them regarding this concern.

The new Frappuccino Coffee Light product does contain Gluten but neither our coffee or creme bases contain gluten.  So if you have concerns over the intake of gluten, the new Frappuccino light product is not recommended.  

I am currently researching the mocha sauce and whether there is gluten in it and will return with an answer for you shortly.

Thank you.

5/5/2010 1:17 PM

I just wanted to provide a positive comment to the new fraps ... I LOVE them. I've bought two or three venti fraps a week for the past three years or so (even in winter!) ... I really liked them before, but now it's true love. I appreciate being able to get it with breve ... it's so creamy .. almost like an ice cream shake! I've been getting the dark cherry mocha frap with breve for the past few weeks -- I'm addicted!

5/5/2010 1:55 PM

@1337claire, You might be better off ordering a regular base coffee frap but with non-fat milk. In my opinion, the light bases don't taste very good, but the regular one is great.

5/5/2010 3:17 PM

Well, now that the old Frappacino mix is now gone (also from Barnes & Noble).  I have found a substitute (a much cheaper one) and that is a blended SF Chocolate Banana Smoothie with low-fat Milk  and Splenda that I make at home.  Too bad you had to ruin a good thing, but I'm now saving approimately $1300 per year not buying Mocha Lite Frappacino's anymore.  My husband is delighted that you forced upon us a horrible tasting mix and that I refuse to order something I don't like the taste of.  Anyhow, in your panic over McDonald's introduction to their blended coffee's, you have made a fatal mistake to which I may never come back to Starbucks.  My homemade Smoothie is just as good if not better!  Goodbye and Good Riddance!

5/6/2010 10:07 AM

I read on a blog that the regular Frappuccino base contains both sugar and Stevia. I know the light base is made with Stevia- is it true that the regular base has Stevia, also?  I cannot digest Stevia, so I need to know.

This is what I read on a blog:

"Whomever posted that the regular Frap does not have Stevia is wrong. It does and I am severely allergic to it. The package says sugar, water, flavorings and gum, but the sugar is not all sugar, it is Stevia. I spoke at length to Customer Care yesterday and they went to the scientists and told me that it was not all cane sugar, but Stevia as well (Legally, they can call it sugar)

If this is true, the public needs to know so they can decide if they can drink this or not.

5/6/2010 10:07 AM

I read on a blog that the regular Frappuccino base contains both sugar and Stevia. I know the light base is made with Stevia- is it true that the regular base has Stevia, also?  I cannot digest Stevia, so I need to know.

This is what I read on a blog:

"Whomever posted that the regular Frap does not have Stevia is wrong. It does and I am severely allergic to it. The package says sugar, water, flavorings and gum, but the sugar is not all sugar, it is Stevia. I spoke at length to Customer Care yesterday and they went to the scientists and told me that it was not all cane sugar, but Stevia as well (Legally, they can call it sugar)

If this is true, the public needs to know so they can decide if they can drink this or not.

5/6/2010 11:24 AM


In response to our mocha sauce having gluten in it, the package ingredients do not call out gluten specifically.  In general , no beverages at Starbucks can be considered gluten free due to cross contamination so I would leave it up to you to determine what you consume based on your specific intolerance.  One note, our mocha sauce has not changed with the launch of this new program, so if you've consumed it in the past it is the same mocha sauce.

5/6/2010 11:28 AM


Thank you for your positive feedback on the new Frappuccino's!  You bring up a great point on the breve milk - I too have had a mocha Frappuccino made with half & half and it's just like a milkshake!  

Frapfan - have you tried Half & Half instead of whole milk?  It sounds like amandanor is onto something!  

5/6/2010 11:55 AM

The new frapps. are just terrible and watery!  Starbucks has lost a customor!  I used to buy a frapp. every day!  I have tried 3 different frapps and all have been awful and I just threw it out.  Tully's offers a blended drink that is now much better.   Why does Starbucks always have to change a good thing?  One good thing for me is that I will be saving money by not going to Starbucks anymore.   It doesn't matter complaining on this board about anything; Starbucks will do what Starbucks wants to do.  So the new Frapps. are here to stay no matter what people say. Who ever "taste tested" these new Frapps. has some serious tasting issues!

5/6/2010 5:18 PM

jennifer ,k  I m asking u very nicely if u can bring back the old frap back i have called u guys and spent over 100 dollars trying to make the fraps taste okay  but its not going good at all please bring the old frap back. thats the way i want it !!!!! if not i will not b going back to starbucks!!

5/6/2010 9:12 PM


Thanks for the responses on gluten.  I was misinformed by a barista--several weeks ago now--that there was a new mocha syrup as a base for mocha fraps, so that's helpful.

I do hope you will also answer the questions about stevia in the new fraps from others posted above, as it does poses potential allergen problems for anyone allergic to ragweed (the plant is in the same family as ragweed, daisies and chrysanthemums, so if you're allergic to them, it's possible to have an allergic reaction to stevia.  And is there a reason for Starbucks not to list ingredients on their website?  Certainly would have saved me a lot of time in the last month.

5/6/2010 9:53 PM

HATE THE NEW FRAPPS  they leave a bad after taste.  Starbucks is NOT being loyal to its everyday customers  We like the old mix---BRING IT BACK   if someone wants it different then make it that way for them BUT keep the mix for the rest of us . I always got 2 a day  now they lost my business and alot of other people I know.  Starbucks for once listen to us and give us are old fraps back

5/6/2010 10:05 PM

everyone should order a frap and then return it for your money back maybe after awhile Starbucks will see this and get the message and go back to the old mix.  

5/6/2010 10:08 PM

Its sad STARBUCKS doesn't want to live in the world of GLUTEN FREE they took a product and purposly added gluten to this so they could lose 50% of their customers but thankfully I saw this post on Facebook so NOW I won't become Starbucks next VICTIM!! So thankful but now they  just lost about 80% of business in Bend Oregon alone because 80% of this town is GLUTEN INTOLERENT!! What a sad day in STARBUCKS world and do you think they care to do anything about it? NOPE!! GOODBYE STARBUCKS I Will now support my local coffee shop who now promote GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!

5/7/2010 2:32 AM


Thanks for your response, but Yes, I have tried it with whole, 2%, and half n half, and it's still all watery and frothy.

Regarding the Stevia presence in the regular coffee base, this is a serious issue that needs to be answered by SBUX.  I have noticed that, in addition to the bad aftertaste with the coffee base, I have developed a headache after drinking the new frapps.  I can not tolerate sugar substitutes and am also allergic to ragweed, which I understand is closely related to Stevia.  If SBUX is "legally" allowed to classify Stevia as sugar and therefore tell its customers "oh no, the regular base has no sugar substitute" then SBUX is being quite dishonest.  We are all noticing that "fake sugar after taste", so please don't insult us by pretending we don't.  That is no way to treat customers.  I would like to share my experience yesterday.  After two weeks with no frapps, I had time to kill in a shopping center and decided to give it one more try.  The barista made my drink with no coffee base (none of the coffee syrup) but instead used 3 shots of espresso.  And it was almost as good as before.  Gone was the bad aftertaste, and it was creamier and not as watery.  However, I will not pay for 3 espresso shots just to get my drink back to where it was before.  How should I handle this?  Jennifer, I really would appreciate your direct answers to these specific questions.

5/7/2010 5:41 AM

Too bad you changed the light Fraps.  Now I can't have them.  Adding gluten to a drink is silly.  Don't we have enough additives?  The sneaky way you did it will make a lot of people sick because they used to be GF.

5/7/2010 10:19 AM

On May 4th and May 5th I had the light mocha frapp which I normally enjoy.  On the morning and day of the  5th, I became sick.  On the night of the  5th, my birthday, my husband bought me one home as a treat--by the 6th, I was deathly sick and not understanding why.  Well, now I know.  I thought both frapps tasted differently, sort of off.  It never occurred to me that the formula was changed nor the improvement would the addition of gluten.  (Not to mention the flavor IS bad).  I am gluten intolerant, I know to avoid the pastries--etc.. However, it would not occur to me to have gluten in a frapp.  Starbucks already has a reputation for being unfriendly for celiacs.  The awesome gluten free cake was removed from menus.  Ok, so no pastries--but adding this into frapps?  Are you serious?  Thanks for giving me a few days of sickness without ANY warning.  Your baristas are not educated on gluten.  I have always been a huge fan of SB but NO more.  Five days of sickness now and your total disregard for a significant portion of the human race has changed that.  Save the trees, save the water, grow organically, be socially responsible, but making some of us sick??  And btw, most soy is GMO.  Soy is not good in large amounts for anyone, and GMO soy is worse yet.

Thanks Starbucks--I will find somewhere else to buy my two pounds of organic coffee I purchase weekly.

5/7/2010 1:56 PM

Regarding:  Stevia in Regular Coffee Syrup Base

Hi everyone,

I have dug further and it does not appear that the regular coffee or creme bases have stevia in them as a sweetener.  The first ingredient is Sugar.  However, much like I mentioned yesterday, due to the blender pitchers being used for both regular coffee and coffee light products, there could be cross contamination and so Starbucks must leave it up to you to determine what you consume based on your specific intolerance.

5/7/2010 2:01 PM


I tried your beverage today - and I am stuck on why it is frothy.  The one I made did not turn out frothy but it was very chocolatey and heavy coffee with the added shot.

I am glad to see you tried it with Espresso shots in it instead of the Frappuccino Roast coffee, I might have suggested that.  You have mentioned it is less creamy now and I my thought on that is the addition of Italian Roast to our coffee profile might be why you aren't getting the creamy flavor you want and by just doing espresso shots you should get a creamy product.

If you are substituting espresso shots for the coffee, you should not be charged extra money.  That is the same recipe as Decaf Frappuccino only using regular espresso shots.

5/7/2010 4:04 PM

What a shame you are so unconcerned about those of us with celiac. As a GOOD customer of many years, I am sad about having to leave Starbucks drinks behind, but you leave us (celiacs) no choice....

5/7/2010 4:22 PM

Jennifer K,

Will the baristas make my "Any Way You Want It" Frappuccino by blending the bottled Frappuccinos and ice? That tastes almost identical to the 2000's era Frappuccino. I can't get past the new formula, nor can the assistant manager where I buy mine :-)


Can I have the details on the previous Frappuccino recipe so I can help my friends at Starbucks help me?

Thank you for your time,


5/7/2010 9:41 PM


  I am a partner and some of my co-partners have been saying our light base is partially sweetened with stevia. Looking at the ingredient list, I saw sugar and erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol- which some say has a similar taste to stevia. Am I missing something here? I have concluded that erythritol is not the same as stevia and I want to be able to properly inform my customers. Is there stevia in our light base, is it possible that it depends on the region the store is it just in the works? Is it justI would appreciate your input. Thank you so much.

5/8/2010 5:28 AM

I have been a loyal Frap drinker for years, and I can't get the new ones to taste good at all. I REALLY hope SB takes notice bc they are losing allot of customers. I guess I'll be saving allot of money now that I wont be buying Fraps anymore. Why can't we have the option to have it our way by having it the old way??????

5/8/2010 2:11 PM

Okay, I have never had a frappuccino from an actual Starbucks store, I have only had the bottled version, so I don't know what they used to taste like.  After reading all the fuss here, I decided to go out today and get one during happy hour.  I read every comment on this page (I was really, really bored this morning) and took notes.  What I had them make me was a Venti, with no coffee base and 3 shots of espresso (as said by FrapFan), made with 1/2 & 1/2, and vanilla something (and by vanilla I mean I don't know exactly what that is: powder or syrup? I just told her I wanted it to be a vanilla frapp), and whipped cream on top.  I personally think it tastes pretty good.  It's a little watery compared to say the McDonald's Frappe (the caramel one is really creamy and smooth), but the coffee flavor is better (stronger) in the Starbucks version compared to McDonald's.  I think it should have been blended a little better, since I had a couple of large ice chunks that got stuck on the straw, but that is not that big a deal.

My only issue (which really wasn't an issue since it was happy hour):  Regarding the 3 shots of espresso, Jennifer K. said "If you are substituting espresso shots for the coffee, you should not be charged extra money."  That is in fact not true.  I asked this question specifically, and I also specifically mentioned this blog and what you said.  They do indeed charge .70 per shot of espresso, regardless of coffee base or not.

So basically, it is a good drink, made the way I had it today.  I would drink it again, but I wouldn't want to pay the almost $7 price it would cost me on a regular day.

5/8/2010 6:07 PM

I'm glad you tried my suggestion "sbinkc".  It is so much better with no coffee base and has so much more rich coffee flavor.  Jennifer, I've been told the same thing that sbinkc was told, that in fact we would be charged for each espresso shot.  Again, that's not OK since we are just trying to get back what we used to have.  Can we show the SB baristas your response on this message board and expect to not be charged extra?  Please let us know what to do.

5/8/2010 7:21 PM

Isn't it ironic that Starbuck's calls it "However You Want It", but they refuse to give me a Frappuccino the way I really want it?  Can't we have the option to just drink the same drink we've had for years?  Bring back the old Frap!

5/9/2010 1:29 PM

FYI - my wife was in Starbuck's today, and they asked why I haven't been in.  When she told them I just didn't like the new Frappuccino, they admitted that it wasn't very good.  Hear that Starbuck's - your own employees are even acknowledging the truth.  I'm sure you have a marketing or product exec that's trying to let this play out and pray that sales don't drop.  At this point, they're only hoping to save some face.  Sooner or later, someone has to take charge and fix this problem.  If you let whoever's behind this debacle hold off for very long, there will be direct comparisons to Coke changing their recipe and offering the "new Coke" in the 80's.  That was a stupid move, and this is heading the same direction.  Getting closer every day.  

5/10/2010 1:17 AM

I like the new custom Frappuccino! Several weeks ago I tried an "old" Frappuccino, just to refresh my memory so I'd have a point of reference when I tried the new one. Specifically, I tried an Espresso Frappuccino Light. The old one had a more "chemical" taste and seemed more icy than anything else. The new one is distinctly creamier, with a better coffee flavor and less of an artificial sweetener aftertaste. Well done, Starbucks! I can't wait to try the Mocha Light Frappuccino next. =)

5/10/2010 12:21 PM


You are correct, Erythritol is a sugar alcohol and is not Stevia.  In general it is less sweet than RebA, which is a component of Stevia.  RebA is the sweetness component extracted from the Stevia plant. So it correct to say that our light base is sweetened with Stevia.  

In terms of two different light bases, we are using Light sweetened with Stevia in the U.S. and Light sweetened with sucralose in Canada.

5/10/2010 12:46 PM

I see that the "idea" to put the nutrition information for the customized frappuccino (not just the standard beverage) on and is "in the works".  sbx_bean posted a comment to check back later in the week, but that was last week.  When is this "idea" supposed to be "launched"?

5/10/2010 1:52 PM

It is now working on  

5/10/2010 4:00 PM

...Am I the only one who doesn't think the new Frappuccinos taste any different than the old ones?

I don't get them all the time, but every now and then I like to have one.  My favorite kind is just the plain coffee one.  I had one on Saturday, largely because I was curious about the changes.  I've seen so much uproar here on MSI, so I expected a big difference.  But when I tasted it...I wouldn't have noticed that the recipe had changed if I hadn't been told.  It was maybe a *little* less thick than usual, but not enough to be unpleasant.  And that's the only difference I noticed.

I guess I'm just wondering if I got lucky, and my flavor didn't change much, or what.  I'll have to try some other flavors later...we'll see, I guess.  =)

5/10/2010 5:19 PM

I, for one, was SOOOO excited to see decaf frappucinos back, since I can't drink more than small amounts of caffeine. However, when I ordered one today, the barista told me she had to use decaf espresso, so there was an upcharge. I asked her about the decaf coffee option, and she said that she could ONLY make decaf with the espresso. There is a .70 upcharge for espresso, so I had to pay the extra charge.

It's not really the .70 charge that bothers me, so much as the misleading sign that says nothing about an upcharge for decaf.

Was the barista wrong?

5/10/2010 6:20 PM

No, sbx_bean, it is not working on  If you change the size, the calorie count will change, but if you change the milk to whole or add whipped topping to the light frappuccino, the calorie count does not change.

5/10/2010 6:22 PM

LadyKathryn - The only difference I notice is that the consistency is milkier, and unlike before, I don't get left with a bunch of ice in my cup half the time.

5/10/2010 6:46 PM

I was also very excited that SB was "bringing back" the option for decaf frapps, as I cannot drink caffeine.  I was previously a daily SB decaf frapp customer until that option was eliminated in 2008.  I found a private coffee shop that makes excellent frapps (Artic Mochas), for less money and more product.  However, I was thrilled that SB would also be an option as well (as their hours are more convenient).    Now I am very disappointed that SB changed their frapp base.  I have not tried one yet, but three of my coworkers have told me the new frapps are disgusting (as obviously shared by many, many of your loyal customers),   I certainly hope SB will consider bringing back the old base, for both it's regular and decaf customers as well!

5/11/2010 11:40 AM

I tried a small sample your employee was giving out at a store on the PA turnpike Sunday. It was the soy strawberry flavor... after one very small sip I asked YOUR employee if it was gluten free. She looked at me with no clue to what I was asking. She went back to the counter to ask the other employees my question.... and to much deliberation she came back and did NOT know the answer to the question about the product being gluten free or not.....  I did not have anymore to drink and my husband just got a coffee. I became seriously ill later that evening and remain in my pj's yet today. I could hardley form thoughts yesterday, and had a very hard time forming words, and that was just the tip of the iceberg...

I was GLUTENED.....

With this becoming more and more of an issue around the world and 1:100 people having celiac disease, and even more have gluten issues why would you now put gluten into your products???

I guess see ya, goodbye comes to mind!

5/11/2010 3:20 PM

Can we get an option to have the old mix back?  If it is truly however you want it, then we should be given the choice between the new or old mix.  I'm sorry, my wife and I have tried many ways and it's always bad.  We want our old frappucino back.  

5/11/2010 3:41 PM

I don't believe that the regular Fraps have only sugar. There has to be some hidden Stevia or artificial sweetener in there. Sugar does not have an aftertaste. And I get ill with Stevia or any artificial sweeteners. I tried the new Fraps twice- both times I got a terrible headache and had horrible digestive issues sfterward. First time perhaps a fluke- but not twice.  I am sure it is not from cross contamination for the light versions - as I never had that issue before the recipe was changed. In the coffee or gum base or whatever, something that is NOT sugar must be present. I wish we could find out from one of the developers and not what the recipe says what is actually in there.  Well, whatever it is, I can't drink Fraps any more.

5/11/2010 4:29 PM


Hello, you should not be charged extra for ordering a decaf Frappuccino if you getting the standard recipe.  If you were to add additional coffee, there would be an up charge.  Hopefully we can get that straightened out for you and we're glad you are back drinking decaf Frappuccino's again!

5/11/2010 5:00 PM


Sorry about the frustration on trying to find your calories in your light beverage made with something other than nonfat milk.  I do not have the exact information at this time but for a grande I did a quick calculation and if you were to add whole milk instead of nonfat to your light beverage it adds approximately 20 calories.  I will continue to find the correct answer for you!

5/11/2010 5:28 PM

I agree with Jin123.  I am convinced that the new frapps have an artificial sweetener in them.  There is an aftertaste, and I too have developed headaches.  That is before I started omitting the coffee syrup and getting this new frap with all espresso.  So I really think the coffee syrup has some fake sugar.  Jennifer, your previous answer to this question stated "it does not appear" but that's really skirting the question.  We would like a definite "no" or "yes" from SBUX corporate.  Does the new frap have artificial sweetener or not?  We really want a straight answer.

5/11/2010 6:37 PM

Thank you, Jennifer.  My frustration is more with the statements being made that a web site feature has been provided when it hasn't.  Currently, will provide nutrition information for standard drinks of different sizes. is inconsistent.  Some of the flavors don't have nutrition information at all.  For the ones that do, the regular frappuccinos can be customized for different milks and the light frappuccinos cannot.   I am assuming that this is a very difficult feature to provide, but that it will be completed at some point.  

5/11/2010 7:10 PM


How exactly do you order the frap to try and avoid the artificial flavor?  Do you request no coffee base or no coffee syrup or French Roast?  Not sure if the syrup and base are same thing?  I didn't know you could order it without the base- as I thought that is what made it a Frappuccino- provided the thickness- creaminess.  But I am willing to try anything that will not make me ill. So wanted to touch base wth you  to make sure I know how to order it correctly. I normally order a mocha frappuccino.


5/12/2010 3:44 AM

Jin123:  Order a frap with "no coffee base".  That is the same thing as the coffee syrup.  Make sure the barista still puts in the frap syrup as that is a separate and necessary ingredient.  I have substituted 3 espresso shots for the coffee base to get the right amount of coffee flavor.  Good luck!  And remember, per Jennifer, you should not be charged extra because you are substituting one coffee for another, but you may have to fight for this!

5/12/2010 4:06 PM

FrapFan and sbinkc:

Thank you for bringing to our attention that you are being charged extra for substituting your Frapppuccino Roast coffee with Espresso Shots.   You should not be charge extra money for substituting your coffee if it's within the standard recipe build.  We are working to communicate this to stores currently.  

I'm happy you have found a flavor profile you enjoy with adding Espresso Shots!

5/12/2010 4:18 PM


It is up to your local store manager as to whether they would blend that up for you, however we do not encourage stores to put products into the blender pitchers that are outside of the normal ingredients used for Frappuccino and Smoothies.  

5/13/2010 1:55 PM

So Jennifer, no news or comment on getting a choice between the old mix for the loyal customers who have tried and tried the new frapps and still find them beyond sub-par?  Please comment on this subject!  Are there any plans to bring back the old mix for those who cannot stand the new one?  

5/13/2010 7:02 PM

The new frappuccino are gross!

I am one of the best client of starbucks in my city and i don't even go there anymore, do something!

5/14/2010 5:13 PM

I cant belive that starbucks would do this to their customers! Startbucks is one of the only companys in this economy that is actually increase its money! Why would starbucks go and change a good thing. I understand that you wanted to make more options for your customers but you could haveboth! Im sure that with the amount that starbucks charges per cup they can afford to have them both in stock and all the old customers will come back! I have honestly tried every flavor made EVERY way and i CANNOT find one that i even enjoy a little. I am willing to try anything once but i just cannot stomach the taste of these new drinks! I dont know what else to do. I really love my starbucks and i really hate to lose it! Please just bring back the old drink as well!

5/14/2010 7:15 PM

Today I went to the local starbucks and ordered, as suggested from this site, 6 pumps of coffee to make it taste like the old mix. I was greeted with a 50 cent charge for each pump after four pumps. I looked at the cashier and shook my head. All I can say is thanks to starbucks I really don't think I will be back once my card is depleated. This is one big rip off.

5/15/2010 7:17 PM

Today I thought I was going crazy.  I went to a Starbucks inside of a Barnes and Noble and ordered my favorite Frappuccino.  It was disgusting.  The barista was very sweet and re-made my drink...still disgusting.  I actually asked for a refund and returned the drink.  I then drove to the nearest stand-alone "real" Starbucks store and decided to give it another shot.  Still disgusting.  "How could this be?" I kept asking.  I beg you Starbucks....make this right!!!!  Give us back our original recipe.  Why mess with something that's not broken?  My summer is going to be a little less "summery" without my favorite drink.  :(

5/16/2010 6:59 AM

I had a caramel light frappuccino (with nonfat milk and SF caramel syrup) yesterday, and I thought it was great, but I like to know what it is that I am ingesting.  I just have a question about the sugar content of the base itself.  Is it sweetened with plain old sugar, erythritol, stevia, sucralose, or a combination?  If it does contain added sugar, can you tell me how many grams (for a tall)?    One more question- is the SF caramel syrup still artificially sweetened (sucralose)?  Thank you for your help!!!

5/16/2010 9:21 AM

Jennifer K:

On May 10, you wrote this in response to Frothy1's question regarding stevia:

"You are correct, Erythritol is a sugar alcohol and is not Stevia.  In general it is less sweet than RebA, which is a component of Stevia.  RebA is the sweetness component extracted from the Stevia plant. So it correct to say that our light base is sweetened with Stevia. "

Unless this was a misspelling and you meant to say that it is incorrect to tell customers that the light base is sweetened with stevia, then this is not a proper response to what Frothy1 asked you.  Like Frothy1, I've looked at the ingredients for the light frappuccino base and clearly seen that it is sweetened with sugar and erythritol.  Neither of those two things are stevia.  So how can you reply to Frothy1 and say that it's okay to tell customers that your light base is sweetened with stevia?

My wife is a regular customer and was very excited about the new light frappuccinos being sweetened with stevia.  My wife cannot eat sugar and has strong reactions to multiple artificial sweeteners, including Splenda and erythritol.  However, she can consume stevia with no adverse reaction.

I went to get her a light coffee frappuccino today and, just to make sure all our bases were covered, I asked to see the light base.  Like Frothy1 stated in their earlier post, the light base ingredients clearly state "sugar" and "erythritol".  That is NOT stevia and my wife would have had a stomach ache for pretty much the entire day if she had consumed that drink.

So, please tell me, how is it ok for baristas to tell their customers that the light base is made with stevia?  It's what the baristas at our local Starbucks are telling customers.

Also, are you planning on eventually switching this light base to actual stevia?

5/16/2010 12:32 PM

it dosnt matter; ive tried  a bunch of different ways to make my frapp. but none of them taste the same :(

5/16/2010 6:55 PM

Question? Today I was told that my frappuccino's are being made with a mix of 4 pumps of coffee. After reading this site you are telling me it should be made with 4 pumps of frappuccino roast and that I can ask to substitute 4 pumps of expresso at no extra charge. I was told by the barista that one pump of frappuccino roast is equil to two pumps of expresso. Is this true? Which is stronger and will give this frappuccino a better taste without chargeing me extra? Currently I am taking 4 pumps of coffee and one pump of frappuccino roast for 50 cents extra to try and achieve the old taste. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

5/16/2010 8:08 PM

wow...seriously bad idea with the new frap it blows. you shouldve just made alterations to the vivanno and substituted soy if people wanted...instead of changing the whole reason i ever liked sbux........its sad

5/16/2010 8:10 PM

bring back old frap or gve us our old option back.

5/16/2010 9:15 PM

Jennifer - No matter what the Starbucks execs say, I can't understand the concept of alienating a group of frappuccino lovers.  They built the following for years and then simply pulled the rug out from under us.  

If there any way Starbucks would consider licensing the old formula for resale?

5/17/2010 11:42 AM

I really think there IS some sort of artificial sweetener, whether it be Stevia or something else in all fraps, whether or not they are light. I cannot tolerate artificial sweeteners - and I have tried the fraps 3 times since the recipe changed- and each time I became ill.

I order the mocha one and sub espresso for coffee syrup. I know I can tolerate espresso, milk and mocha sauce- so it MUST be something in the frap base/mix.  Even though they use sugar, I still believe there is  some sort of artificial sweetener hidden in there- as I never had problems before. There has to be a way for someone at Starbucks to confirm for sure with one of the developers. Not it "appears that is doesn't have any"- but a definite it does or does not - from someone who actually knows- not just reading from the ingredient list.

I hope someone can follw up on this to put this issue to rest.

5/17/2010 12:33 PM

Some people have been having their frappuccinos made without the base.  You could try that and even if you didn't like it, if it didn't make you sick, you would know the base was the problem.  

By the way, the baristas have been clarifying for us the components of the frappuccinos and there is no coffee syrup.  The mocha frappuccino is made with coffee frappuccino base, mocha sauce, frappuccino roast (this is coffee not syrup) and whole milk.  When you substitute espresso, it replaces the frappuccino roast.  

5/17/2010 4:05 PM

I tried the new frappuccinos several times. The first time I tried it, I literally gagged and almost threw up. It was mainly water/ice with a hint of coffee and milk and some other super bitter taste that set off a gag reflex. The second time I tried it, I added sugar, which slightly covered up the bitter taste, but the whole drink was just so pale and barely there. Mostly ice, again. Third time I ordered it, I asked for extra coffee to make it less pale. It cost more and it was utterly disgusting. I would love to use more diplomatic words than "gag" and "disgusting," but there is no diplomacy in describing this drink. There is just something, a "je ne sais quoi," that makes this drink bitter and horrible in taste. Please bring back the option for the old frappuccino mixes. I am a college student and I constantly go to BN or Starbucks to study, so that I can focus while drinking my frappuccinos. If the old frapp mix is not brought back, I will no longer buy coffee from frappuccinos. That means four different places serving this drink will lose my service. And I am sure that they will lose the service of all the people who I saw receiving their frapps that sipped it and had a disgusted look on their face. I spend 4-7 dollars a day at Starbucks. This means over a thousand dollars a year. Plus, I like to go with my family and friends and treat them as well. I guarantee that noone will see me stepping into a starbucks if this situation does not change. Not only because of the horrible taste of this drink, but of the lack of respect for people's comments that this drink is horrendous. Starbucks, if you have any doubt that people are not telling the truth, go to a few cafes and ask them. When I am studying, I constantly hear people ordering frapps. It is their most popular drink. If it stays like this, it will be the least popular drink and the reason for people to stop going.

5/18/2010 5:35 AM

I understand the bitter aftertaste complaints (I've been drinking skinny lattes, so I'm already used to that), but I am baffled by the complaints of watery/icy frappuccinos.  Since the new recipe was introduced, evey one of my frappuccinos has been creamy and well blended.  

5/18/2010 7:52 AM

I asked to have a frap made without the base to see if it is indeed the base making me ill, and they insisted that they "can't". Told them I will take the responsibility if the consistency is strange. But they still said they "can't".  I realize it is not truly a frap without the base, but don't see why they can't leave out one ingredient for my test.

5/18/2010 7:57 AM

I agree, especially since other people have posted that they have had the frappuccinos made that way.

5/18/2010 8:58 AM

If you leave out the frappuccino syrup, I believe the drink will not be sweet at all.  As far as I know, that is the source of the sugar/sweetener.  Unless of course, you have other added flavors/syrups to sweeten it.  Or I guess you could add sugar???  I don't know, I'm just done trying to get this nasty new frapp to taste good, it's not going to happen.  A $4 drink should not have to be 'worked' or 'tweaked' to make it taste good, it should just be good as is (like my old frappuccino already was, every time).

5/18/2010 9:23 AM

The mocha sauce and the flavored syrups are all sweetened.  I think the only frappuccino that wouldn't have sweetener without the base is the coffee frappuccino.   Is that correct?

5/18/2010 9:40 AM

It would still be sweet. As it would be the same ingredients as an iced mocha,  just blended.

But I agree, we really shouldn't have to go though all of this testing, to come up with a decent tasting drink. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

5/18/2010 12:13 PM

Main ingredients in the Coffee Frappuccino Syrup Base:

Sugar, Water, Natural and artifical flavor, salt

There are no artificial sweeteners in the regular coffee frappuccino syrup base.

As I indicated above,  due to the blender pitchers being used for both regular coffee and coffee light products, there could be cross contamination and so Starbucks must leave it up to you to determine what you consume based on your specific intolerance.

5/18/2010 12:18 PM

Re:  removing the syrup base

A barista cannot remove the syrup base all together from your beverage, this component gives the product some additional sugar which helps the Frappuccino blend to the right consistency.

5/18/2010 1:29 PM

Jennifer K,

How I want my Frappuccino to taste is like the old Frappuccino that I used to purchase 4-6 times per week. Please tell me what I need to tell my local Barista so I can once again enjoy my beverage of choice. This should be a simple request that someone in your position should be able to fulfill.

If your new program can not deliver on this request then please tell me so and I will simply move on to another company that values me as a customer.


A Loyal Customer  Since 1975

5/18/2010 2:09 PM

Guess it must be that "natural and artificial flavor" that is getting to me.

The stores are still charging for subbing espresso for coffee.  So two shots of espresso are adding $1.30 to each drink.  But they don't remove any $'s for not putting coffee in. Doesn't seem quite right.

(At least that is what all the stores in my area are doing.)

5/18/2010 2:59 PM

I guess the people who are saying they are having their frappuccinos made without the base are confused.  

5/18/2010 4:01 PM

This is an incredible thread, and mostly up until now I haven't looked much at it.

@amf - I hope you'll come back to this thread. I know you posted like 8 days ago.  In your post it sounded like you would not try the new Frappuccino because you have co-workers that didn't like it. I hope you will give it a try yourself rather than just relying on what they said. You don't know until you try it! Personally, I like the new Frappuccino (except not the light version) but really, taste is very subjective. This is why your local ice cream shop has to offer 31 flavors. ;-) ;-)

@Cran - The first Frappuccino (not really the same version as now, or even the version that gained wide-spread appeal) was introduced into Starbucks in the 1990s. You signed that you've been a customer since 1975! Wow! Hope you'll still come get your beans at Starbucks!! Sumatra and Verona have been favorites since that long (though Verona would've been known as either "Jake's Blend" or "80/20 Blend back in that era).

I hope that everyone who doesn't like the Frappuccino can still keep working with their baristas to make something that tastes close to the old one, or create another drink they like. I know for me, I have discovered that I like the new cream base MUCH more than the old version. This isn't good for my waistline, but it has been a nice treat at Starbucks.


5/18/2010 10:26 PM

@ carollk and caffienenomore

I forgot to add that the regular plain coffee frappuccino was my drink of choice.  So now, with the new frapps, it would not be sweet at all without the frappuccino base.  Doesn't really matter though, since I can't stand the new ones and won't spend my money on them.  

I was a daily frappuccino drinker for 10 years, but started drinking them 15 years ago, just after they were introduced (we just didn't have a Starbucks location close enough to home those first few years, or I would have had them daily then too, lol).  I really miss them :( but have no choice but to stop drinking them now.

5/18/2010 10:27 PM

Sorry, that was suppose to be @ carollk and cafenomore.

5/20/2010 8:01 AM

I just think its really weird how little desire there seems to be to just let us allergic/reactive/intolerant folks know whats really in the frappucinos. I'm getting emails from 3rd parties that say I can go have a frappucino now because they have stevia in them. But then it turns out that isn't so. I love coming to Starbucks and I'd love to expand my usual ritual unsweetened iced coffee, but I don't think the frappucinos are safe for me and I'm not stupid enough to drink something that will make me ill!

5/20/2010 9:55 AM

BOOO!! I really miss my old coffee light frapp, the new version is not nearly as delicious, it tastes too milky/icey, and not enough like coffee. And although I don't want to pay extra for them to make it double coffee, I tried it, but it still tasted like yuck...

I think it might be time to turn my frapp love to Caribou coffee....

5/20/2010 11:39 AM

Hi Jennifer,

You must be busy. Still waiting for your response to my previously posted comment: "How I want my Frappuccino to taste is like the old Frappuccino that I used to purchase 4-6 times per week. Please tell me what I need to tell my local Barista so I can once again enjoy my beverage of choice."

Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

As for Melody's comments: My family history in Seattle dates back to 1883 (Mother's side). My great Grandfather was one of the founder's of Washington Fish & Oyster, and had ownership interest in a company that constructed some of the first streets in Seattle.

Back in the day my drink of choice at Starbucks was tea and/or Sumatra. I too enjoy Verona (Jake's Blend), but never had the opportunity to drink it at Jake O'Shaughnessy's because I enjoyed their beer more during my days at UW.

My enjoyment of Mocha Frappucinos didn't begin until the late 90's. You can say I'm a crusty old fart who likes what he likes.

5/20/2010 7:21 PM

Hello is it just me or is Jennifer avoiding the topic of bringing back the old frappucino. I agree if it suppose to be "however you want it" and there are this many people not happy why cant the old on be an option? Jennifer answer the question!

5/21/2010 2:35 PM

My money is on Jennifer totally avoiding the topic.  Complete corporate indifference.  "If we don't respond, it'll just go away" kind of attitude.  In this thread or some other thread, someone posted that the beverage team is listening to our statements, but offered nothing in the way of information or evidence to support such claims.  I agree that some answers would be nice.  

We should just let our wallets/bank accounts/etc. speak if they won't.  We have drastically reduced our SB visits to almost nonexistent.  I like a skinny vanilla latte, but my wife loves frapps but absolutely hates the new recipe.  I only occasionally would get a frapp and enjoyed them in the summer months, but now that they've gone to a gag-inducing recipe, I won't be purchasing them any longer.  

5/24/2010 3:44 PM


I have 3 blogs on MSI currently, and on my last blog I posted the below statement with regards to flavor differences.

"Thank you for your feedback on the new Frappuccino products.  I, and other Starbucks partners, have read all of the comments and do take your feedback seriously.  One thing that comes through is your passion for Frappuccino and the connection you have with Starbucks as a brand.  It is clear that Frappuccino has become part of many of your daily lives and we understand that by making this change it has not been an easy transition for some.

As we’ve heard from some of you the taste of the new Frappuccino is different than the original version.  The flavor change came after hundreds of tastings by frequent Frappuccino drinkers with a goal of giving the customers a great taste and new ways to customize it, including healthy options.  The flavor difference some of you are detecting is a result of using fresh coffee, a blend of Starbucks Espresso and Italian Roast, and fresh dairy.  When you add mocha, caramel or another syrup – the flavor of that comes through more distinctly with the new product.  

From some of you I’ve heard frustration for having to try to customize your beverage several times before you get it the way you like it.  I can understand how that could be frustrating and we have taken that feedback.  In the end our goal was to deliver a product that we feel good about, our customers feel good about and those that may not currently drink Frappuccino can feel good about.

Thank you for your feedback – as we get ready to launch in all stores on Tuesday May 4th, we will continue to monitor all feedback to get a pulse on how the program is going."

We are at the beginning stages of this launch and will continue to evaluate how customers respond to the new formula.  At this time we cannot offer the original formula and the new formula concurrently.  

Thank you for your continued feedback!


5/24/2010 9:39 PM

This is the worst idea since trying to re-invent Coca Cola!  I am horribly disappointed that this company, of which I have been a loyal customer for years, would so easily disregard the thousands and thousands of us who have added to their multi-million revenue over the years.  I am honestly disgusted at what Starbucks has sunk to just to get new customers, meanwhile taking for granted their loyal customer base.  Why wasn't the original frappuccino formula at least kept as an option?  Well, it cannot be more obvious that you just don't care about our business, but perhaps you will when you realize just how much you've lost.  There are many former customers who refuse to give you any business from this point forward.  You left us so we'll leave you and take our business elsewhere.  There are even groups in facebook about this!  Maybe you should start listening a little more before it's too late.

5/24/2010 9:57 PM

I HATE it how Starbucks keeps making it sound like this is nothing but some transitional bump to be expected with any change!!  Are you serious?  This is so patronizing!  An easy transition?  Are we children?  The new formula just flat out sucks and there are many people telling you this.  Why won't you listen for once instead of just writing some diplomatic non-committal response?  

People, let's let our wallets speak for us!  It's obviously the only way they'll listen.

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