Gold Stars in Calgary!

The My Starbucks Rewards program has launched in the Calgary metropolitan market as a test to see how well the program fits the needs of our Canada neighbors. 

The test program in Calgary is just like the program in the U.S. – there's no membership fee to join, provides tiered benefits that you continue to receive as you move up to the Gold Level, and it recognizes our best customers based on frequency of visits with personalized rewards including free drinks. 
When you register your Starbucks Card you are enrolled at the Welcome Level and you will receive a free drink for your birthday as you do with the current Starbucks Card Rewards program.

Once you’ve earned five Stars you will move to the Green Level* where you will receive:

  • The Welcome level benefit
  • Free select syrups and milk options  to customize your beverages
  • Free refills of brewed or iced coffee and tea
  • Free tall beverage with every 453g of whole bean coffee purchased
  • Trial offers

*All Calgary residents who registered a Starbucks Card prior to June 8th, were automatically transitioned into the Green level of the My Starbucks Rewards program. 

After 30 Stars you will have reached the Gold Level – this is where the real fun begins!

You get ALL the benefits of the Welcome and Green levels, plus:

  • A personalized Gold level card and Welcome Packet
  • Tailored offers and coupons, and
  • A Free Drink for every additional 15 stars

The only requirement is that you use a registered Starbucks Card to pay every time you visit a participating store in Canada and the U.S.   Canada customers outside of Calgary will continue to receive the great benefits associated to the Starbucks Card Rewards program.

The test is for a limited time.  We are excited to watch the Stars accumulate in Calgarian cups, and see the Free Drinks flow!

~My Starbucks Rewards Team

 Inspired by your ideas:

Reward Canadian Customers for Frequency like you do in the United States!!
posted by JenBen

Steve 2
6/15/2010 9:20 AM

About time.  What took you so long?

6/15/2010 9:21 AM

can't wait for this to be all across Canada...make Vancouver your next test market - if you need another :)

6/15/2010 7:25 PM


7/9/2010 5:22 PM

Bring this to Edmonton!!! :) Lots of coffee addicts here!

7/23/2010 10:28 PM

Way to go!

Please bring it to everywhere in Canada!


8/18/2010 11:42 AM

  my friend bought me a giftcard for my birthday i thought a free coffee comes with the giftcard. my birthday was august the 8th. if it comes with one i did not get one

8/18/2010 11:50 AM

i got to have my starbucks coffee every morning im a starrbucks addic no joke""

9/3/2010 10:56 AM

The people that live in the outskirts of Calgary but work or shop in Calgary AND support Starbucks Calgary as a result, should have been included in this program......

Not really forward thinking.... But then again, they took a Canadian phone, Blackberry, made an app for it; that we can't use in Canada!

So makes sense on some level!

9/25/2010 12:52 PM

I'm in Calgary and was excited to find out that I'd get rewards for my VERY frequent Starbucks habit. Sadly, you only get credit for your card use at the stand alone stores- all those Safeway outlets etc will take the card for your purchase but we don't get any rewards -not fair when you work right there!  Surely SBX could fix that!

9/29/2010 8:55 PM

I think it's about time that you guys bring this to all of Canada.

10/17/2010 4:47 AM

Kind of leaves the rest of our Canadians out in the cold!

10/17/2010 8:12 PM

When will we know if the program is to be rolled out to the rest of Canada?

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