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Same Rewards – More Stores!
You asked for it and we’ve delivered. The great benefits of My Starbucks Rewards are now available at more than 2,600 additional locations! Now you have more places to get free select syrup* and milk options, free refills on your brewed or iced coffee and tea, and a free Tall (12 fl oz) beverage with the purchase of any pound of whole beans. It’s still easy to earn Stars with your registered Starbucks Card – but now you’ll receive the rewards you love at grocery locations like these: A&P, Albertsons, Baker’s, Bashas’, City Market, Dillons, Dominick’s, Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy, Fred Meyer, Fry’s Food Stores, Genuardi’s, Hilander, … more »
Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Soon to be Available in Four Flavors: Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel, and Cinnamon Spice
Thanks for sharing your ideas here at My Starbucks Idea. We’re listening to you and busy innovating on Starbucks VIA Ready Brew to bring you more Starbucks VIA Ready Brew experiences. Coming this Fall, our newest product is Starbucks VIA Flavored coffee. Starbucks VIA® Flavored Coffee is a fusion of bold yet smooth 100% arabica Starbucks® instant coffee and rich, delectable flavors and natural cane sugar. These delicious and aromatic new blends expertly combine the highest quality coffee with complementary natural flavors based on our most popular beverages. We start with a blend of high-quality Starbucks® Latin American arabica coffees, and add natural flavors and cane sugar … more »
Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee: Exotic, Rare, Exquisite
Everyone claims to have the world's best coffee! Not often are the words exotic, rare and exquisite used to describe coffee. For Starbucks to append all three words to a limited time offering, the coffee must be really special. We've introduced Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee to a limited number of U.S. stores. This new line of coffee, each available only for a short time, represents the best of the best! You can expect to find flavors that explode on your palate and fade with a lingering complexity. When you taste a Starbucks Reserve™ coffee, you'll be reminded of the heritage and early days of the specialty coffee business that we helped to create. Only three percent of the … more »
A Favorite Fall Flavor Returns – Pumpkin Spice Latte
Hi everyone, I’m Kelly, a product manager on the Espresso team. I am here to announce the happy return of a customer favorite, Pumpkin Spice Latte! This fall will mark the 7th year we’ve offered Pumpkin Spice Latte in our stores. This beverage is a delicious blend of pumpkin and traditional fall spice flavors, such as cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg, combined with our signature espresso and freshly steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and pumpkin pie spices. Coming to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte has become a wonderful tradition, and in some cases a daily ritual for customers over the years. Start your very own tradition at your favorite Starbucks this fall. Enjoy!
August 29 Marks the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
Passion and Persistence: My New Orleans Story As we approach the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s impact on the Gulf Coast, I wanted to share with you part of our journey. On the day the hurricane hit -- August 29, 2005 -- I was the district manager of Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles, Louisiana. In those early days after the storm, I quickly realized that Starbucks partners would find their own unique ways to help each other, and their communities, rebuild. While those outside the area worked hard to gather supplies, collect donations and work to reopen stores, a large local team was focused on finding every partner from the area. This was no small task and it was made … more »
Rewards. Just the way you like them!
You are part of something pretty amazing - those of you who are members of My Starbucks Rewards. And what’s cooler than that? You. That’s right, your ideas have sparked a truly amazing honor- My Starbucks Rewards is recognized as one of the Top 5 Loyalty programs in the U.S.! You are using this forum of sharing ideas to suggest what you’d like to experience at Starbucks, especially when it comes to how you want to be recognized and rewarded. These are the ideas you shared that have made the My Starbucks Rewards program a hit: • Call me by name - Gold cards are personalized with your name. • Reward my visits - Every time you use your registered card to pay at a participating … more »
Pick of the Week Now Available on the Free Wi-Fi Landing Page in Starbucks
Some of my very first memories involve music. I remember learning the words to “Octopus’ Garden” in my first grade music class, and I remember the scratchy sounds of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” as played on my parents’ record player in our den. I can remember hearing REO Speedwagon on the radio as I played under the kitchen table while my mom cooked dinner, and my dad bursting into our bedrooms on our birthdays, belting out the Beatles’ birthday song. My love of music has stuck with me throughout my life. When I came to work at Starbucks a few months ago, I was so excited to get to work with Pick of the Week , the Starbucks program that lets customers … more »

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