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Part of the fun on being on the Starbucks Card team is to look at your ideas and find ways to make them work.  Nearly 60 ideas have been submitted asking us to start using PayPal to automatically load your favorite Starbucks Card and we’ve done just that. 

PayPal is now an option when reloading your Card on our website-and in just a few weeks, PayPal is coming to mobile!  So now you can reload your Card on the fly- no credit card required thanks to the convenience of PayPal. 

Thanks for sharing your ideas, we’re using them!


Inspired by your ideas:

Using PayPal
posted by unique461

11/1/2010 1:21 PM

Yes, I have been waiting for this for two years!

Steve 2
11/1/2010 2:17 PM

What is the advantage of using pay pal over a credit card?  With my credit card I do not have to pay for it for a month plus I get my credit card's rewards for using it to load my gold card.  Do you get any rewards for using pay pal?

11/23/2010 7:33 PM

It's one thing to offer PayPal, it's quite another to make it work properly.  I have ordered two cards from, and when the PayPal transactions still shows as PENDING, FIVE DAYS later, something is wrong.  When I have funds in my PayPal account, and I make a purchase, it should be INSTANT, not a temporary hold, and pending, for MORE than FIVE DAYS!  There is something seriously wrong with this type of delay.   Purchases made through Starbucks Corporate site, and paid for with a credit card are processed instantly, and the cards arrive within days!  If I want a special design, and use the 'public side', if the mere processing takes longer than five days, plus snail mail delivery; how long does Starbucks expect people to wait to get their cards before getting fed up!

I wanted a card design not available through corporate, so I guess I have to put up with this extraordinary delay, as there is no alternative for me to get Spanish language gift cards.

11/23/2010 7:36 PM

Steve2- like many credit cards, PayPal does have a percentage rebate for some of those who use PayPal to receive funds as a merchant.  So, yes, by purchasing through PayPal there is a monetary incentive, for some, to do so.

12/4/2010 5:53 PM

I don't see the option on the site. You'll either need to make it visible or check again what you are thinking.

12/4/2010 9:09 PM

@ OneLumpOrTwo

I do have the same problem! it's been pending for a while and I can't edit my transaction in paypal either. Is it yours fixed already? I wanna switch back to  credit but it wouldn't let me to. This is taking too long!

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