¡Hola, El Salvador!

You’ve asked us on MSI for a store in El Salvador, and we’re pleased to announce that the next time you visit San Salvador, we’ll welcome you with a friendly ¡bienvenidos! This gorgeous new store opened last month in the Plaza Santa Elena shopping complex.

We have been purchasing Salvadorian coffee since our first year in 1971, so it seemed only appropriate to spotlight a local offering in this new coffeehouse. Proudly featured is our El Salvador Pacamara single-origin coffee, a bright and medium-bodied offering , which is highlighted by pungent herbal notes and a citrusy finish.

Join the more than 20,000 fans of Starbucks El Salvador, see pictures and learn more at www.facebook.com/StarbucksElSalvador.


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Opening a Starbucks in El Salvador
posted by lionroar



12/29/2010 12:42 PM

Nice and big looking

1/3/2011 9:51 PM
1/3/2011 9:58 PM

The second floor is awsome. I would like to see a store like this in New Jersey.

1/3/2011 9:59 PM

The second floor is awsome. I would like to see a store like this in New Jersey.

1/6/2011 12:20 PM

Very nice, would look also great in Etten Leur in the Netherlands. we don't have a lot starbucks locations in the Netherlands :-(

2/6/2011 11:44 AM


6/22/2011 8:34 AM


We love you so much thank you for doing this for us. This is the beginning of a great trip back home. Love your coffee so much. I remember when I used to make it for customers in the US. It was a very wonderful experience working for you guys as well. Thank you thank you.

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