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Introducing Starbucks Card eGifts
We’re happy to announce the launch of Starbucks Card eGifts in the U.S. This follows on the heels of our October launch of the Starbucks Card Facebook app that allowed users to reload the Starbucks Cards of their friends. The idea of giving the gift of Starbucks remotely is a popular one and we’re betting you’ll love this new member of the Starbucks Card program. Here’s a little bit more about why we think a Starbucks Card eGift is so great... It can be used like a regular Starbucks Card – you can even register it to earn Stars through My Starbucks Rewards ! You can set it to auto-reload, use it for purchases on , and don’t forget that once … more »
New French Roast Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew
Hi! I became a Starbucks partner in May 2010 and I work on developing new blends for Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew™. I was an avid fan of our instant coffee before I joined Starbucks, and French Roast has been my favorite whole bean coffee for years. That’s why I’m so excited to announce that we have just launched Starbucks VIA® French Roast . This coffee adds our darkest-roasted coffee to the Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew™ family. It has an intense smoky flavor with surprising low acidity and light body. This coffee pairs perfectly with a sweet morning pastry – I like to enjoy it first thing in the morning to help get me ready to face the day. Let us know what … more »
“Trenta” Means More Refreshment
As you may have heard, we’ve launched a new, 31 oz cold cup size called “Trenta,” which will be available in all of our U.S. stores by May 3. We’re excited to offer this larger size to our iced coffee and Tazo® shaken iced tea fans out there. (And if you are a fan, don’t worry – unsweetened drinks in this new size will still have about 90 calories, while sweetened versions will have about 230 calories.) So, why did we launch the Trenta? We listened to you. You told us on My Starbucks Idea and through your purchases that you love refreshing iced coffee and tea beverages but want them in a larger size. Did you know that over 60% of our iced tea customers … more »
Starbucks Card Mobile Goes National
Hi everyone! Some exciting news on the Starbucks Card Mobile front. You’ve told us that mobile payment is fast and convenient, but you want more locations that accept mobile payment – we hear you! So we are very pleased to let you know that all company-operated Starbucks stores in the United States will now accept mobile payment. That’s more than 6,800 locations in the country, in addition to more than 1,000 Target Starbucks locations! With Starbucks Card Mobile, you can not only take advantage of the country’s largest mobile payment program, you can also view your balance, check your Stars in our My Starbucks Rewards program, reload your Starbucks Card and find the nearest … more »
Happy Anniversary, My Starbucks Rewards!
A first anniversary is an exciting event, and we’re happy and proud to celebrate our first one for My Starbucks Rewards . Over the last year we’ve grown a lot! Many of you have grown along with us, and we’ve been really encouraged. By sharing your passionate ideas on My Starbucks Idea, you’ve inspired us to make My Starbucks Rewards a valuable part of your Starbucks experience. During our first year, we sent trial offers to Gold level members introducing them to our newest food and beverage innovations: Perfect Oatmeal , Artisan Snack Plates , However-You-Want-It Frappuccino® blended beverages and our Skinny Lattes (to name just a few). We plan to keep sending our … more »
New Year, New Merchandise
The Merchandise team is hitting the ‘refresh’ button here at Starbucks, and ringing in 2011 with some must-have items that speak for themselves: A stylish water bottle featured in a handsome magazine. As seen in GQ Magazine’s ‘Best Stuff of 2010’ list, our new glass water bottle, 16 fl. oz. is available in two colors-- ‘natural’ and ‘ice green,’-- and comes with a tech lid that’s exclusive to Starbucks. Say ‘goodbye’ to the plastic and metal water bottles of old, and ‘hello’ to a cool cap and a tempered glass bottle & protective silicone jacket that are both dishwasher safe. If your New Year’s resolution … more »
Java, Coffee Island
Joe. Jet Fuel. Go Juice. JAVA! Probably the best-known and most-used slang term for coffee, Java is also the most populated island in Indonesia and the world. It’s also the island that produces this winter’s unique Starbucks Reserve™ coffee, Organic Blue Java . Named for the blue-tinted unroasted coffee beans, Blue Java is a spectacular coffee that we were enamored with from the minute we encountered it in the tasting room. It has been a significant amount of time since a coffee from Java has been in our lineup, so it is very exciting to be offering this amazing cup of coffee after such a long hiatus. (We last bought significant amounts of Java coffee in 2004. A decline in the … more »

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