New Year, New Merchandise

The Merchandise team is hitting the ‘refresh’ button here at Starbucks, and ringing in 2011 with some must-have items that speak for themselves:

A stylish water bottle featured in a handsome magazine.

As seen in GQ Magazine’s ‘Best Stuff of 2010’ list, our new glass water bottle, 16 fl. oz. is available in two colors-- ‘natural’ and ‘ice green,’-- and comes with a tech lid that’s exclusive to Starbucks.  Say ‘goodbye’ to the plastic and metal water bottles of old, and ‘hello’ to a cool cap and a tempered glass bottle & protective silicone jacket that are both dishwasher safe.  If your New Year’s resolution was to reduce your carbon footprint (and keep plastic bottles away from our landfills), scoop one up today for $16.95 US / $19.95 CAN.

The hands-free way to make Starbucks VIA® Ready-Brew.

Achieve the perfect hot water temperature with the Starbucks VIA® ReadyBrewer: single-serve instant hot beverage machine— made by Bodum, exclusively for Starbucks.  This electric brewer transfers hot water to tumbler, and makes the ideal single serving: 8 fl oz. or 16 fl oz.  It comes with a 16 fl oz. vacuum- sealed, stainless-steel, double-wall tumbler, and can be yours for $49.95 US / $57.95 CAN.

Which size would Goldilocks find "just right"?

After ‘testing’ porridge, chairs and beds in her youth, I’d like to think that Goldilocks grew up to be a smart shopper.  If my theory is true, she’d love these great-priced small (Tall), medium (Grande) and large (Venti) mugs.
12 fl. oz: $4.95 US / $5.95 CAN
16 fl. oz: $6.95 US / $7.95 CAN
20 fl. oz: $8.95 US / $9.95 CAN

Find the one that is ‘just right’ for you, or collect them all!

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1/14/2011 12:47 PM

Great Stuff

1/14/2011 3:24 PM

1) I was wondering about those water bottles.  They look pretty 'cool' but am wondering about their durability, with that covering. (durability of the covering)

2) I really like the 3 sizes of the cups, I only wish they were maybe printed in green as opposed to brown  ( as in all things "Pike", it seems:(    AND if they had the current logo soemwhere.  I realize it does say Starbucks on them, nr the bottom.  But am very happy a 'tall' was once again included, as in too many yrs ago.

3) wow.   I could buy a pretty decent coffee maker for the price of this water boiler (plus tumbler).  When I first heard someone had seen one, I was sure they were mistaken.   I realize it would be good, I guess, for things like dorm rms but otherwise, I am really hoping Sbux stops some of the energy they are putting into all things VIA.   (and I do like almost all the VIAs and use them, when called for)   really gotta vote down on this VIA brewer, or whatever it's called.  

1/14/2011 3:44 PM

Betterbefore, the brown is a throwback to the original Pike Place store (cafe), not the coffee itself.

I have so many mugs that already have the logo on them, I'm glad for a change! Love these mugs.

1/15/2011 8:04 AM

@MissLux:  I realize that about the 'brown' script and the store, I have a few items I've been sent from 1912, etc.  But I still also assoc. it with the ever-present PPR all over the store.

Maybe if they would've put that old first brown logo from '71 on them.....that would be something.  But as they are, I'd rather have the green siren, as she is at the moment, at least.  

1/16/2011 12:17 PM

I bought the water bottle with the silicone sleeve.  Is the sleeve meant to come off for cleaning?  I tried but I don't want to force it.

Thank you!

1/16/2011 11:49 PM

I've seen the new mugs in store in Canada, but I was wondering when the bottles will be available. Anytime soon?

1/18/2011 3:14 PM

Hi there, I’m back to answer a few questions on the glass water bottles…

@betterbefore, without being an expert on quantifying durability of the silicone sleeve, I can tell you (and @vimom59) that you can remove it for cleaning and run it through the dishwasher multiple times.  It has passed our standard tests for quality.

@rdcezar, the water bottles are in a majority of Canada stores, but not all.  They’re definitely around, so let us know if you’re still having trouble locating them!

Thanks all, for your questions and comments!

5/2/2012 12:42 PM

Is the glass bottle still around today? I live in Hayward, California and was looking for it. Where can I find it?

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