Introducing Starbucks Card eGifts

We’re happy to announce the launch of Starbucks Card eGifts in the U.S. This follows on the heels of our October launch of the Starbucks Card Facebook app that allowed users to reload the Starbucks Cards of their friends.
The idea of giving the gift of Starbucks remotely is a popular one and we’re betting you’ll love this new member of the Starbucks Card program. Here’s a little bit more about why we think a Starbucks Card eGift is so great...

  • It can be used like a regular Starbucks Card – you can even register it to earn Stars through My Starbucks Rewards! You can set it to auto-reload, use it for purchases on, and don’t forget that once you register it you can use it with the Starbucks Card Mobile app at participating stores in the U.S.
  • Delivery is almost instantaneous! You can choose to have your eGift delivered to an email address. Or if you’re gifting a Facebook friend, you can even notify someone through a wall post. Better yet, if your friend has a registered card in the Starbucks Card Facebook app, then you can deliver your eGift to that registered Starbucks Card. Convenient? We think so.
  • You can send your eGift with a customized message and choose from some cool designs that we’ve created just for our eGifts.
  • And now there’s no need to send another belated card again! You can order eGifts ahead of time and set their delivery to arrive at a future date. You won’t miss your sister’s birthday or your nephew’s graduation. And don’t forget about Boss’s Day!

We want to make giving the gift of Starbucks easy and convenient. We’re excited to help you show your thoughtfulness or mark a special occasion.

1/25/2011 7:32 PM

Amazing, An Excellent Achievement

1/26/2011 7:12 AM

Nice to finally see this as an option. And also to see that it can be done without having to have a facebook account or other membership.

Judy McCord
1/27/2011 7:11 PM

David, I just bought one!  Love that you can use the calendar and pick the day of delivery.  

I have to mention that I received an email today titled "Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Sweetie from Starbucks" and was disappointed not to see a link to your new eGift card.  Opportunity missed!  I hope the next email that comes out will include it as it is the PERFECT VALENTINE GIFT for friends.  

Great new concept and smart to include all the delivery options. Thanks for the fun new addition to starbucks!

2/7/2011 3:40 PM

Any chance the card and software could be upgraded to show frequent purchases?  Please see my suggestion for the details.

2/12/2011 10:46 AM

Just sent one great idea to get to your friends fast!

2/25/2011 11:00 AM

Easy to send a card when paying from a preexisting card's balance (CAN$s or US$s).  However, when trying to use PayPal, Starbucks has restricted payment to originating from US accounts ONLY?  Why not include Canada?

If the idea of sending an eGift Card is to offer this to a broader market- then why be so restictive in the acceptance of PayPal payments?  Either you accept the integrity of PayPal, or you do not.  And why shouldn't sa PayPal user in Canada, Europe, or elsewhere, be able to send an international Starbucks eGift Card to someone in Canada or the US.  Makes sense doesn't it?

3/5/2011 10:42 PM

I too am still finding this a bit iffy, when trying to get a card sent.  Even when paying from a US$ Starbucks card's balance, to send an eGift Card, there are error messages.  

""Oops, there was an error.  We're sorry, but we can't process your request npw.  Please try again later.  For any e-Gift purchases, we currently do not accept non-US. credit card payments."

My credit card is a Master Card from Wells Fargo.  My account is US registered.  My Gift Card is in US$'s.  So what's the problem?

3/13/2011 6:46 PM

They seem a bit unstable. I purchased an e-gift for myself to make sure they work. I received the email. When asked if I wanted to print the e-card or transfer the funds to another card I selected "transfer funds." I tried three times and each time it said "funds transferred." However, the funds did not transfer on any of the attempts, and I am still working with Customer Service to get the funds onto my card. So far there is $20 of my money out in limbo.

12/19/2011 10:58 AM

I work for a Fortune 500 company and I'm putting together a program for next year where I would like to use these e-gift cards as a thank you for sharing a best practices.  This would need to be available WW.  Is this a WW program- available in 20 dollar increments in local currency?  Please advise asap.  THANKS!

12/30/2011 12:54 PM

Happy New Year! 2011 was a record year for We launched 70 ideas from both partners

3/24/2013 10:46 AM

Using the SBux App attempted to send a $20 egift via Facebook this morning paying from balance on registered gift card.  Got error message saying "there was an error, can't process your request now...try again later."  

Tried again and got same error message.  Later realized that my card was charged $20 twice and the egift was sent to the recipient twice after looking at the my egifts sent section.  Facebook friend has no post of my gift and my card balance is $40 less now.  Going to try and resolve tomorrow morning when customer service opens.  Hate this feeling of uncertainty as to where my $$ is :(

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