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A Trip to Kona
Probably one of the best contest prizes you could win is a trip to Hawaii. Well, I am not running a contest but I can get you to Kona. It’s just going to come by way of a very beautiful cup of coffee rather than an airplane. We often talk about a coffee having the ability to take us to the place from which it came. Starbucks Reserve™ 100% Kona Coffee is no different. When describing 100% Kona Coffee we talk about her gentle acidity, medium body, aroma of caramel and flowers, and flavors of citrus and nuts. All these attributes are very evident in the origin as well as the coffee. Hand-selected from the highest grade of Kona coffee, these Extra Fancy beans are cherished for their large … more »
A Milestone of a Million
On the Starbucks Card innovations team where I work, we recently hit a major milestone – we’ve had more than 1 million mobile transactions since the national launch of Starbucks Card mobile payment on January 19. This is exciting news for us! We created mobile payment apps because we heard from a lot of you that you don’t always have your wallet handy when you want to get a latte – but you always have your phone! I’m the same way. When I walk my dog in the evening after the gym, I don’t carry my wallet but my phone is always by my side. Starbucks Card Mobile also lets you view your balance, check your Stars in our My Starbucks Rewards program, reload your card … more »
Happy Heart Day!
With our new music compilation, I Got You Babe , (in stores now) we didn’t want to just add another CD of love songs to the pile already out there celebrating Valentine’s Day. We wanted to make a genuine attempt to put a little spin on it. The first idea was to make it all duets; the second, to add a little salt in with the sugar. It’s intended as a fun, eclectic mix of classic and contemporary songs encompassing the worlds of pop, rock, jazz, R&B and then some. Love or not-love in all its multi-faceted hues and complexities. It’s an audio sweet nothing meant for all those who want to swoon madly and do the dinner/romcom dance, to those who don’t see what all … more »
Cupcakes are Tastier than Ever!
Last year on My Starbucks Idea and you let us know our cupcake recipe wasn’t your favorite; I think you even said the word, "dry" – ouch! So our bakers had a lot of work to do – we needed the moistest, most wonderfully flavored cake base to be topped with the most delicious and creamy buttercream frosting. Megan, well known around here for her amazing cookies, set to work baking batch after batch of cupcakes to find the tastiest cake possible. Sugar fatigue (and likely a couple extra stops at the gym) didn’t stop her – she was determined to make this year’s recipe tastier than ever. I think she totally got it! Next time those cravings for something … more »
It's the Year of the Rabbit - Happy Chinese New Year!
Gong hay fat choy! Our World Is China compilation is intended as a celebration of China’s New Year. The ultimate idea for this compilation came from our Chief Marketing Officer. In the midst of a casual conversation with our Brand Content and Online VP, she simply asked, in light of our recent World Is Africa and World Is India CDs, if we’d ever considered doing something for Chinese New Year. That was it! She’d figured it out in one inspired swoop. So began the task, much like our other globally-themed compilations of presenting an introduction to a certain country or continent’s music, while simultaneously aiming to reveal the span of China’s sound and how it influences … more »

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