A Trip to Kona

Probably one of the best contest prizes you could win is a trip to Hawaii.  Well, I am not running a contest but I can get you to Kona.  It’s just going to come by way of a very beautiful cup of coffee rather than an airplane.

We often talk about a coffee having the ability to take us to the place from which it came.  Starbucks Reserve™ 100% Kona Coffee is no different.  When describing 100% Kona Coffee we talk about her gentle acidity, medium body, aroma of caramel and flowers, and flavors of citrus and nuts.   All these attributes are very evident in the origin as well as the coffee.  Hand-selected from the highest grade of Kona coffee, these Extra Fancy beans are cherished for their large size and density which contribute to the rarity of these beans. 

I have had the opportunity to spend time on the big island of Hawaii and the first things that come to mind from a flavor memory perspective are the sweet papayas with a squeeze of juicy lime.  The citrus and sweetness balance perfectly.  I also think of Macadamia nuts. They are everywhere; in salads, cookies, bread and on fish. 

Gorgeous and fragrant flowers abound in Hawaii.  Magnificent botanical gardens and lonely roadside plots contain thousands of remarkable scents and floral experiences.

The gentle breeze from the ocean is constantly cleansing the air, delivering new sensory episodes, sensory episodes that create the beautiful memories and visuals that can transport one to Hawaii in a moment.

Taste Starbucks Reserve™ 100% Kona Coffee and you will be transported to this land of startling beauty and rapture.  Taste the coffee, its layers of elegant flavors will deliver you to the islands in a single cup.



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Hawaiian Kona Coffee
posted by TarStarFilmz

2/24/2011 8:08 AM

Finally! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

2/24/2011 8:10 AM

Can't wait to try it! :)

2/27/2011 7:57 AM

I'm assuming (altho I'll call before I go) this is at "Reserve" stores now???  

2/28/2011 4:14 PM

bummer!!!!   I read this, which to me souns like this is NOW available as a Reserve coffee.  Does it say somewhere (which I missed)  that it will not be available for another week and a half,roughly.  ???  So, since I really wanted to buy some of this, as well as visit one of our TWO Clover stores in the Chicago area (store#2344.....superb!)  I drove the 9 little miles, passing countless other Sbux, (btw, 9 miles here is at least 30min., minimum) just to find out the above:  Kona is not 'out' yet.  They didn't have it.  

Luckily, I still could enjoy a Clover cup of Blue Java.... but would not have gone for that today.  

I think this "idea in action" is misleading.  My fault for not calling the store, I guess...but I just took you (Sbux) at your word.  This really needs to be more clear.  The barista at this Sbux, btw, told me he'd had quite a few requests for this...saying just what I did.  

3/1/2011 2:11 PM

@Betterbefore - same here.  Went to my Clover store this weekend and they didn't have it yet.  Called my usual store and they do not have it yet (but do have the new Tribute Blend).  

It would have been nice to know if there was a specific availability date in-store, but you can get it online now.  I can't wait to try it.

3/1/2011 4:24 PM

100% Kona will be available at Stores with Clover Brewing next week.  It's available now at StarbucksStore.com.

3/1/2011 5:06 PM

Cecile: thanx for ackowledging that Kona (while available, I see today, online)  is not in stores yet.  That really should have been put in the original info.  by Anthony......

3/2/2011 6:25 AM

Cecile:  will Kona ONLY be in Clover stores, or all Reserve stores, too?  that I would like to know for sure so I know which direction to go.....  6miles northeast or 9miles west.....    THANX

3/8/2011 12:24 PM

Thank you !!!I've been researching kona coffees and where the best place to get them and now I can get it at SBUX!!!!

3/9/2011 10:51 PM

Kona coffee makes me miss Hawaii more and more everytime I drink it! :).

Range Dude
3/11/2011 5:58 AM

Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much).  Now Starbucks actually sells coffee from ALL the premium coffee growing regions in the world. Signed displaced Hawaiian living in Virginia...  :)  

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