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Vancouver B.C. Opens its First LEED® Registered Store
On March 10, 2011, we opened Vancouver’s first LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) registered store. Located at the corner of West Hastings and Howe streets, this beautiful store exemplifies our approach to store design and commitment for all new stores globally to be LEED® certified. Our Canadian store development and design teams have been busy renovating stores to link them more closely to the communities they serve. As stores are built and renovated, the teams look to source materials and employ craftspeople on a local basis, incorporating reused and recycled elements where possible. The West Hastings and Howe Store reflects this vision. The wood tabletop for … more »
Starbucks Goes Gaga
Considering that Lady Gaga may be the world’s hottest star right now and an innovative creator unlike anyone we’ve seen, imagine our delight when we learned that she’s also a big Starbucks fan. Well Ms. Gaga, we happen to like you quite a lot, too. So we’d be hard-pressed to let a cultural moment like this one – the May 23 global release of Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way – go by without a little something special. On Monday there’ll be a Gaga takeover of the Starbucks Digital Network in partnership with Yahoo!, where we’ll be giving away a limited number of downloads for her new song “The Edge of Glory” to the first little … more »
Keep your travel memories in your wallet!
Last year we introduced our destination-themed Starbucks Cards series with two of the most popular travel destinations in the U.S. - New York and San Francisco. We were inspired by your excited pleas to offer more destination-themed cards, so this year we have expanded our line-up in the "Tourist" series to include: Chicago , Florida , Vancouver , Hawaii , and of course Seattle . We have also issued new designs for the cards that started it all. Both New York and San Francisco boast fresh, new designs we think you’ll love! So if your travel plans take you to any of these exiting destinations this summer, be sure to look for the ultimate souvenir, a Starbucks Card! Inspired by … more »
Recycling Bins in British Columbia
If you’ve visited one of our company-owned stores in British Columbia lately, hopefully you’ve seen our new front of store recycling containers! We were able to place containers in almost all stores, although unfortunately there were a few in towns that still don’t have recycling service for businesses. Also, some of our landlords do not provide recycling service to their buildings, so stores in those locations can’t recycle. Starbucks is the first restaurant to accept disposable coffee cups for recycling in B.C., and it’s a big step towards meeting our goal to have recycling bins in all our stores by 2015. In addition, we’ve set a goal to have at least 25 … more »
A Rwandan Coffee Worthy of Attention
The coffees from Rwanda have been winning awards and capturing the attention of coffee enthusiasts around the world. Our latest Starbucks Reserve™ coffee, Rwanda Gakenke Fair Trade Certified™, is especially worthy of our attention – and yours too. Gakenke is the district located in the central highlands of Rwanda’s Northern Province. The cooperative that provided this coffee is comprised of roughly 4,400 small holder farms. In that mix are about 300 women who contributed. It’s exciting to see more women smallholders emerging in a landscape traditionally held by men. It feels good knowing this coffee is a collaborative community effort. I have always loved the diversity … more »
The Original Three Region Blend is Back!
Starbucks Tribute Blend™ is a great blend of coffees. The aged Sumatra component, a cornerstone of our most popular offerings, mixes beautifully with other coffees from Latin America and Africa/Arabia to make a great cup. You may be asking yourself though – which Starbucks blend was the first to venture down the delicious path of combining coffees from all three growing regions: Latin America, Africa/Arabia and Asia/Pacific? Here’s a hint. It wasn’t our Starbucks Tribute Blend™. Instead, it’s the aptly named Three Region Blend . It's a wonderful blend of coffees from East Africa, Central America and Papua New Guinea with lush floral and herbal notes. Last … more »
Happy Hour Returns
Frappuccino® blended beverage lovers, we heard you – and we are excited to announce the return of Happy Hour to Starbucks! Starting May 6 and running through May 15, come into participating stores between 3-5 p.m. for a half-price Frappuccino® blended beverage of your choice. This year we really want you to mix it up! Customize your drink to be just the way you want it. You can flavor it up with an old favorite like caramel, enjoy a new dynamic duo like our Mocha Coconut Frappuccino® blended beverage or make any combination of flavor offerings. Mix up your milk with 2%, nonfat or soy. Coffee it up with an extra pump of coffee or a shot of espresso. And don’t forget to … more »

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