Bagels Straight Out of New York

 All over the country and on My Starbucks Idea we’ve heard you’re craving New York style bagels – with that signature, slightly crisp outside and soft and chewy inside.

Now our bagels are better than ever. Straight out of New York, our new bagels have the authentic texture you want and the delicious taste you crave.  

While many of us agree that New York bagels are the best, the real question is “How do you eat them?” We promise we won’t judge – you can enjoy your bagel any way you want! Here are the most popular ways to enjoy a Starbucks New York style bagel:
• The Purist – These regulars believe bagels must be enjoyed immediately and that spreads are a serious no-no because a great bagel doesn’t need them. 
• The Toaster – This group believes most things taste better warm, including bagels, and the yummy toastiness makes cream cheese infinitely more spreadable.
• The Dipper – Too busy for toasting or spreading, the tear-and-dip method gets them the bagel and cream cheese experience in the fastest time possible.

I enjoy my Everything with Cheese Bagel toasted and topped with cream cheese spread. How do you enjoy your bagel?

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Bagel Bar (For Bagel Lovers <3)
posted by shopxxcoffee

9/11/2011 5:40 PM

Can you tell me if the new bagels are kosher certified?  I'm guessing the everything w/ asiago is not b/c the cheese would make it difficult but how about the plain and multigrain?  Thnx so much!


9/13/2011 12:30 AM

The new bagels are SO bad. Every single morning, Monday through Friday, I would get either a plain or asiago cheese bagel and loved them. So moist and chewy and perfect. The day you switched, my jaw dropped. I've tried the plain and the everything bagels, and both were hard as rocks after they were toasted (I've had them both a few times just in case I got a bad one the first couple days). They're really really not good. So dry. They told us Starbucks brand makes them now instead of outsourcing them to a real bakery. PLEASE change it back. They're disgusting. And the Starbucks brand cream cheese you use now is far inferior to the Philadelphia cream cheese. I understand wanting to take as much in house as possible to keep costs down, but you really should re-think this decision. When I complained to the baristas (since I see them every morning) they said every regular customer has expressed dissatisfaction with the new bagels as well. I really hope Starbucks perks up and goes back to what they were doing right.

9/13/2011 2:19 PM

I signed up just to express my dissapointment in the new Bagels and that "cheese spread". Like the previous comment, I bought a chonga with 2 cream cheeses almost every morning. My kids also loved them and would get them as their choice when we visited Starbucks on the weekend. Well, my 5 year old who eats everything wouldnt finish one of the new bagels because it was so tough. Personally I couldnt stand how dry it was, and also how fake the new "spread" is. Starbucks food in general has taken some real backslides on quality, but this one is the worst. Hope someone at the big offices gets the message that no one likes this new food item.

9/14/2011 2:07 PM

@mochachik - The bagels are not kosher certified.  

Your feedback on the new bagels has been shared with the food team.  

9/14/2011 10:00 PM

OMG, ITA w/strokesoco. Philly cream cheese, all the way. Sbux cream cheese is gawdawful. Cannot even believe they would think ppl would not notice or accept the tradeoff. Nope.  Proper cream cheese is to the bagel what proper jam is to a fresh scone--there is NO substitute.  Cost-cutting measures should not involve sacrificing quality, sbux.  Why do customers always have to be on the receiving end of tightening a company's belt? How about spending less elsewhere, like private jets and bloated salaries.  How much more expensive was Philly Cream cheese?

9/21/2011 3:51 PM

I second the comments that the new bagels are terrible. Just like the others who've commented so far, I found my "everything cheese" bagel was hard as a rock after coming out of the toaster. The whole thing about New York style bagels is that, while there's a crunch on the outside, the inside is soft and fluffy. Good New York style bagels don't need toasting, in fact.

I definitely miss the old asiago bagel and I now struggle to pair my morning iced coffee with "on the go" food that isn't pure sugar (muffins, danishes etc). Very disappointing.

9/23/2011 8:56 AM

I don’t know if I am the only one who does not enjoy the new NY bagel from Starbucks.  The taste and texture is NOT the same and I am so disappointed.  The  older version “o my goodness!” was a delight!  Starbucks, please return to the old version.  

9/23/2011 4:27 PM

I miss my Chonga bagel!  Is there any way you will bring them back in the future?  If not, do you know where I can buy them?

9/30/2011 6:34 AM

Starbucks should buy bagels from Davidovich Bagels.  They are hand rolled, kettle boiled and plank baked.  They are delicious and they Kosher!

10/28/2011 7:04 AM

So, as of today, I have tried all three types of the new "and improved" bagels from Starbucks. Each one worse than the one before. These bagels are AWFUL. Hard, chewy to the point of always tasting stale, and tasteless, these are honestly the worst bagels I have ever eaten. Whoever decided that "Hey, let's take a bagel that everyone liked and was selling well (Chonga) and replace it with tasteless bricks? That sounds like a great idea!!!" Whoever it was, was WRONG. If you can't bring back the Chonga bagels, at least replace them with something comparable. Sadly, the bagels that are now offered at Starbucks are nowhere near good enough. If these are what "New York Bagels" taste like, remind me never to go to New York to get one. What a shame.

grossed out
12/9/2011 11:02 AM

i completely agree. the NEW BAGELS ARE GROSS! they are rock hard, and sliced very unevenly (i can't even get the big half in the toaster sometimes!) they are seriously so sick. i really hope someone is reading all of these messages and changes something fast-- because i'm going to Noah's bagels now for breakfast.


3/30/2012 4:08 PM

We’ve crossed another milestone. Thanks to all the ideas, votes and comments from the My Starbucks

Food Nomad
4/4/2012 7:01 AM

I don't mind the bagels.  However, when I lived in NYC, if you asked for a bagel to have cream cheese on it, they usually spread it for you instead of being handed a container and you have to do the spreading.  Please improve this service.

3/4/2014 2:23 PM

I agree with @strokesoco, bagels are a staple in by everyday breakfast. I'm a huge SBux fan, but when I had their bagels, it taste like it's stale, dry. It's hard to chew and to eat in general. Please change the formula, whatever you're doing isn't just cutting it. Thank you

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