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My Starbucks Idea Highlights from 2011
Happy New Year! 2011 was a record year for We launched 70 ideas from both partners and customers. That’s more than one idea per week! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Your comments and votes help us determine which ideas matter most to you. Some of the big ideas launched this year include: • Mocha Coconut Frappuccino® Blended Beverage • Starbucks® K-Cups® packs • eGifting • More Sugar-free Syrups • Starbucks Petites Ideas Currently Under Review : • Electronic Rewards for My Starbucks Rewards Card Members • Keep StarbucksTribute Blend™ • Birthday Treat • Decaf Starbucks® K-Cups® Packs • … more »
A Subscription of Six Special Coffees
This is practically magic. Into a tiny festive gift box, we’ve crammed six special coffees. How, you ask? Believe it or not, it’s simpler than it sounds. Inside each of these cute little boxes is a specially designed Starbucks Card, redeemable for one Starbucks® Traditions Tour. The lucky recipient uses the card to redeem the gift online. The Starbucks® Traditions Tour is a year-long exploration of six special coffees we bring back each year to celebrate the season. Each of these customer favorites are around for just a short time each year. As they arrive in our stores at the start of their respective season, a 1lb bag of the special beans will arrive on your loved one’s … more »
Starbucks® Coffee Bags Get a New Look
Noticed a change in the appearance of our coffee packaging in Starbucks stores? One of the many things we do in Starbucks Global Creative is create the artwork and designs you see on those packages. We all know how confusing it can be to shop the coffee aisle at the grocery store. Our new coffee packaging makes it easier to find your favorite coffee or discover a new one you might enjoy because our coffees are now categorized by roast – each with its own color mark (yellow, orange and purple). Now you can easily find the roast you like (Blonde, Medium or Dark) and the blend you like within that roast. These new pearlescent white bags are already showing up in our retail stores and will … more »
Your Starbucks Card Ideas Brought to Life for the Holidays
Hi, Marla here from the Starbucks Card team. Thanks to your ideas, we have lots of great new Starbucks Card options this holiday season. Many of you, including our baristas, asked for Starbucks Card Multipacks to reduce the amount of time at the register. We heard your requests, and are now offering a five-card multipack, so you don't have to wait while your barista loads each card individually. You tell us the price (from $5 to $500) and we’ll load that same amount on all five cards at the same time. Knock five holiday gifts off your list all at once! Many of you told us you really liked the Mini Starbucks Card. We brought it back, with a twist. This year it doubles as a gift tag. … more »
Free Month of Brewed Coffee with Featured Tumbler
Today through December 31, purchase this 16 oz. tumbler, and we’ll fill it each day in January with fresh brewed coffee in stores for the entire month! Stash it under the tree for the coffee fans in your life, and your gift will keep on giving well into the New Year!. It’s a $19.95 purchase with an estimated value of more than $70. Quantities are limited, so pick one up today at your neighborhood Starbucks or at . Inspired by your ideas: Free Drink with Purchase of Reusable Cup posted by issaellen
Bring your favorites home for the holidays
This year we’re giving back when you stock up on your favorite Starbucks coffees to enjoy with friends and family over the holidays. Now through December 31 when you purchase three packages of Starbucks® coffee or Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew (or a combination of the two) while shopping at your local grocery store you’ll earn a $5 Starbucks Card that you can use to treat yourself or a friend at your neighborhood Starbucks store. It’s just our way of saying thank you for including us in your holiday celebration. This offer ( click here to learn more) only applies to supermarket purchases, and is only around until December 31, so hurry and pick up some Starbucks® coffee … more »
Ode to Christmas Blend
The holiday season is undeniably here, and that means our cups are full of spicy, sweet and cedary Christmas Blend. If you haven’t had any this year, don’t worry. There’s still time and plenty of options. Sip quick and convenient Starbucks VIA ® Christmas Blend with you as you whisk around town shopping and enjoying holiday festivities. Pick up a bag of 30 oz Starbucks® Christmas Blend Whole Bean to treat family and friends after a holiday meal. Try our Starbucks® Christmas Blend Espresso Roast for a darker and sweeter taste of the season, perfect for your next homemade coffee drink. Need a gift idea? You’re sure to please with a package of Starbucks® Holiday … more »

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