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Cool down with the Iconic Starbucks® Cold Cups Year Round
You asked for our cold cups to be offered year around . We listened. The iconic Starbucks® cold cup is back for good! Featuring our Siren logo, this sturdy, BPA-free plastic version is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite iced or blended beverages. Check it out at For a limited time only in store, you can accessorize your cold cup with a dome lid and straws in a variety of different shades of green. The dome lid is perfect for your favorite frappuccino that is topped with delicious whipped cream. But we didn’t not stop there. The Starbucks® cold cup now comes in brushed stainless steel and features an embossed Siren logo. Check them out at a participating Starbucks … more »
The Starbucks Armed Forces Network: Tapping Into Veteran Talent
You’ve asked us on My Starbucks Idea to share what we do to support our troops. It’s a great question that gives me the opportunity to talk about an effort I’m especially proud of, the Starbucks Armed Forces Network (AFN). Launched and led by veterans in 2009, the purpose is to support Starbucks military partners and their families, transitioning military; and to create a military-friendly workforce. A primary focus is to support people transitioning back to civilian life by equipping them to enter the workforce on equal footing with others. The truth is, this is an exceptionally qualified group. Often these folks have led more people under more stressful conditions with greater … more »
How to Order a Sugar-free Tazo® Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks
Our Tazo® Chai Tea Latte is one of the most popular beverages at Starbucks. It’s hard to resist the combination of rich and flavorful Assam tea blended with exotic spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper and star anise), honey sweetness and creamy milk. But some of you like your chai a little differently. Like most of our beverages, the Tazo® Chai Tea Latte is customizable. You can choose your preferred milk, add additional flavors like vanilla or chocolate, and have it piping hot or chilled over ice. Many of you have told us on My Starbucks Idea that you want to enjoy your Tazo® Chai Tea Latte sugar-free . You can do that, too. Simply order a full-leaf tea latte made … more »
New Starbucks Cards in New Cities
Hi all - You know the Starbucks Cards that feature adorable nods to the cities they represent? Well, I’m excited to announce that our latest round of tourist series cards are here! Our New York , San Francisco and Florida cards all got a style refresh, and new to the line-up, we’re excited to offer the first cards for Texas , San Diego , Washington, D.C and Los Angelas (LA happens to be the team’s favorite design this year). Visiting any of these places? When you do, stop by a Starbucks store and pick up one of these special souvenirs. And stay tuned, because in July we plan to launch more tourist series cards for more places! In the meantime, happy traveling!
Tazo® Iced Tea Filterbags Are Back!
Many of our tea drinkers look forward to the summer months and enjoying iced cold Tazo® Tea. Now it will be easier than ever to brew Tazo iced tea at home because we brought back our pitcher size filterbag teas! Our Tazo® Iced Black , Green and Passion Tea Filterbag packages come with six oversize tea bags for brewing a full pitcher (eight servings) of iced tea – each made with the same artisanal blends you enjoy in our stores. Pick up a package online , at the supermarket or at your neighborhood Starbucks store. Inspired by your ideas: Iced Tea Bags posted by Megannesmom
Share Your Reviews on
Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. We love hearing from you whether it’s an idea, a comment, or even a vote. We also want to hear what you think of our products on . Our latest functionality upgrade allows you to write a review of our coffee, tea, mug or tumbler that we carry. So now you can explore what others think before you make a purchase, and you can tell us what you think after you do.
Starbucks Gives Back to a Place it Calls Home
We grew up in a pretty cool neighborhood. In fact, when Howard visited our first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market for the first time in 1981, he knew right away how special it was. “We walked past the fresh salmon stalls where hawkers were shouting orders and tossing fish across customers’ heads,” he describes in his 1997 memoir Pour Your Heart Into It . Surrounded by flying fish, beautiful produce and the sweet smell of fresh baked bread, he was impressed. “It was a showplace for the artistry of local growers and small independent vendors,” he writes. “I loved the Market at once, and still do.” Celebrating our pride and affection for this lively … more »

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