Celebrating the Return of Salted Caramel Mocha

Hello everyone! This is Kelly from the espresso team, and I have an exciting announcement:  Salted Caramel Mocha is back!  This beverage is a wonderful combination of fall flavors: chocolate and caramel with a salty twist – perfect for those cooler days on the way.

Still enjoying the last days of summer? Indulge in the same delicious flavors, only chilled, Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverage.

Or if you’d rather a snack, have a Salted Caramel Cake Pop. Inspired by your love for this special flavor, this new treat is a decadent combination of chocolate cake, buttercream and caramel icing, finished with milk chocolate, caramel drizzle and sea salt. So good, we can hardly stand it – and you’re gonna love it.

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Keep the Salted Caramel Mocha
posted by cleo24


9/19/2012 11:25 AM

Love it! Can never have it again, though, because of the truly stupid changes to the My Starbucks Rewards program that only forces customers who purchase more expensive drinks to pay 25 percent MORE for their drinks. I cannot support Starbucks in any way now.

9/19/2012 5:07 PM

I'd buy it but Soy Milk is no longer free for gold card members.

9/19/2012 8:14 PM

AW! Too bad I will not step food into another Starbucks again. My wallet thanks you for getting rid of free soy for loyal customers.

9/20/2012 5:45 PM

My store does not have it in sugar free, I am on weight watchers and need the sugar free syrup.  I am so disappointed.  Love those skinny options.

9/20/2012 7:00 PM

I had a fairly lengthy chat with a barista at of my favorite Starbucks store today. We discussed the changes to the My Starbucks Rewards program and how they affect me. I have always purchased multiple drinks and food items in a single transactions as to not hold up the line, which has reduced the amount of stars that I receive. She thanked me for being courteous of the baristas' time, but then we went through some of my past transactions and discovered that under the new program I'll receive the rewards much more quickly if I purchase each one separately -- and she's happy for me to do that. And since my office buddies actually give me money for their drinks, it will help offset some of the additional charges.

Then I started talking to some of the other baristas (it was a quiet time!) and they were extremely sympathetic about my dislike of the new system. They said they've spoken to some extremely angry customers about it. They got me thinking about my initial decision to stop going to Starbucks -- it is my short daily escape from work. Everyone there does know my name and the baristas really do feel like my "break buddies." I don't really want to lose that. The friendliness of the baristas  and the service I get is impecable.

The initial shock of the changes was really bad -- it seemed like too much at once -- but your baristas helped soften that blow.

So, I'm going to make some changes to what I normally order (no syups and a smaller size) and splurge like crazy on that free drink (bring on the banana and lots of extra shots!).

Starbucks, you have some absolutely incredibly baristas -- and they are the reason why I am going to keep coming back. They are your greatest ambassadors, and a group of them saved me as a customer today.

Now I regret already sending my card back, but luckily I never used it anyway :) I've still got my other cards!

I expect lots of down votes on this, but I figured since I was so publically vocal against the changes, I owed it to Starbucks to publically call the truce.

BTW -- I tried the salted carmel pop today and it was beyond awesome! I'm hooked already!

9/20/2012 9:05 PM

So happy to get my salted caramel mocha with whip today.  Bought a new cake pop, too.  So yummy all around!  

What a splendid way to usher in fall.

9/21/2012 9:18 AM

Amandor.. Glad you are able to scale down your purchase and be ok with the changes. Those of us with dairy allergies(my problem), lactose intolerance or vegan diets aren't so lucky!  Please reconsider returning free soy!

9/21/2012 2:48 PM

Sounds lovely.  I'll try to enjoy one before the October 16th  day of "hey loyal customers... remember when we valued your business on a daily basis?  Yeah, now we only value your business every 13th visit.  Sorry about that".  

9/21/2012 8:37 PM

Glad I was able to get my free soy with my Salted Mocha..before it goes away.  I will pay extra for soy at ANOTHER coffee shop. By doing this, Starbucks has shown that it doesn't care about the loyal customers at all.  The Baristas are always nice, but that doesn't make the soy milk issue any better.  

10/19/2012 6:20 PM

This is one of my favourite drinks. I also get it with soy. I don't understand why people are upset with having to pay more for soy. It is more expensive in the store, so why would it be free anywhere else?

11/2/2012 7:03 AM

I absolutely enjoy this drink but since diagnosed with insulin problems I cant drink it. I wish there was a skinny version....

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