Impossible Until Now - The Verismo™ System by Starbucks

Today we are thrilled to launch the new Verismo™ System, a single-cup machine that makes perfectly crafted Starbucks® lattes, espresso and brewed coffee – all at your fingertips! Now my husband can enjoy his favorite cup of brewed Pike Place® Roast, while I savor a delicious Starbucks® Caffè Latte.   

Lattes from a machine? Indeed, one of the extraordinary features of the Verismo™ system are the milk pods that create creamy, natural, perfectly steamed milk.

Our launch kicks off today at, with a dazzling array of Verismo™ machine colors (love that burgundy!). The machine starts at $199, includes shipping and a free pack of latte pods with purchase. The website also carries a robust assortment of pods, including espresso, Caffè latte packs (espresso + milk pods for a Starbucks-quality Caffe Latte) and brewed coffee favorites:  Pike Place® Roast, Caffé Verona® and Starbucks Veranda Blend™. 

We’ll continue our launch later this month with these specialty retail partners:  Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bon-Ton and Home Outfitters

And then (drum roll please)…on October 16, the Verismo™ System will launch in more than 5,000 Starbucks retail stores in the United States and Canada. Keep watching this space for announcements; we’ll share more exciting details about our launch at Starbucks retail stores around the globe, including demonstrations and tasting events.


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An espresso machine for home.  And Starbucks pods for it.
posted by mommomsdrink

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9/20/2012 10:59 AM

I am excited to try it. But it's a little expensive w/o trying it first. Hope to see a demo of it.

9/20/2012 12:44 PM

Hi Hayley,

There will be demo opportunities in Starbucks stores once they begin carrying them in October.

9/20/2012 3:50 PM

So, I just got an email saying that the folks at MSI want to send me a Verisimo machine.  Is that really legit?  I know MSI has given away coffee and such before, but a $200 machine?  It's from a email address, but this just seems a little too good to be true.

Can one of the mods please tell me if this is for real?

9/20/2012 6:47 PM

Wow that is very cool LadyKathryn! Congratulations to you!

9/20/2012 8:58 PM

I would really like to try the espresso from this machine.  Hope a Starbucks near me will demo it.

9/20/2012 9:49 PM

@LadyKathryn-I called customer service and they said these emails were not from them.  Check the return address.  The email also requires you to give your home address...don't do it.

9/20/2012 11:39 PM

@1suzeeq - Isn't an email address from one of the mods?  I thought so.

9/21/2012 12:42 AM

@LadyKathryn-I have that on who it's from and it isn't a Starbucks Address.  It has "sbux" on the address....which is not a Starbucks address...that's what I was told Starbucks customer service.  Look on the actual email itself,  it does not have your name on it.  It's a phishing email.  

9/21/2012 1:16 AM

@LadyKathyrn- Wait for an answer from @sbx_bean....not sure now.

9/21/2012 1:24 AM

I got a second email after I posted here, from  That's what I was talking about, before.  I thought that was an email address one (or more?) of the mods here uses.  That's what I was asking 1suzeeq.  =)

Obviously, this is pretty odd.  Would a mod mind commenting *here*, and clearing this up once and for all?  The email I got was signed 'Cecile', so if you're around, please chime in!

9/21/2012 5:01 AM

LadyKathryn - is definitely an official MSI email address! I have emailed to it before and gotten an email or two from Cecile with it.  Since Customer Service is a contract service in New Mexico, it is possible that they don't know everything that is going on. Congrats to you!!

9/21/2012 9:29 AM

@LadyKathryn and @Melody- I'm confused...why are they asking for my address?  Don't they have that? I won't respond until I know for sure...but I don't know what to do.

9/21/2012 11:35 AM

@Anonymous - I didn't get the email - I was not included in the group for the Verismo giveaway, so I don't know what your email looked like.  I will say, it sounds like they just want an address to verify shipping.  I would definitely reply to it.  I trust the email address.  Maybe LadyKathryn will have more insight since she is one of the lucky ones who got the email.

9/21/2012 2:16 PM

The first email I got looked like ones I've gotten before, offering a free sample of something.  MSI does that every now and then, agreed?  (I never replied to those, because it was never anything I wanted.)

I was suspicious because of how expensive the machine is.  I thought maybe it was a typo, and they were offering a box of pods for the machine, instead.  (Or that it was straight up fake.)

So, I posted here and asked for a mod's input.  Not long after that, I got an email from saying that she had seen my comment and yes, it was legit.  She had a few machines to give away, and if I'd give her my address, she'd send me one.  The message was signed 'Cecile'.

So basically, I wasn't sure about the first email, but the second one really seemed legit.  I'd still like a mod to comment *here*, though, saying one way or the other.

9/24/2012 7:35 PM

@LadyKathryn-Did you get your answer?  I emailed Starbucks, but no one has responded.  @Cecile...if you are reading this post, is there an email address I can direct my questions...before September 28?  Thank you.

10/9/2012 3:41 PM

This would cost more per oz. to make than just going to Starbucks and that ignores the initial investment of the Verismo. What is the appeal to doing it yourself for more? I can't see this catching on unless you don't have a Starbucks near you.

10/16/2012 4:36 PM

I just used the machine and I don't understand something; it doesn't say Starbucks anywhere on the machine and the handle says K-Fee.  So is it the K-Fee system that Starbucks carries or a Starbucks system that K-Fee makes; who's K-Fee?

1/5/2013 6:38 AM

i love my Verismo!!    i make Christmas Blend in the morning and decaf expresso in the evening... IN MY OWN HOME!!   yippee!!    and i notice that i STILL stop by S'bucks when i'm out...

3/6/2013 2:03 PM

Will tea ever be made for the machine?

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