Tazo Opens Its First Tea Store

We’re so excited to announce the opening of the first Tazo® Tea store in Seattle’s University Village. It’s a sensory-rich, premium tea place where you can see, touch, smell and taste different teas, browse a curated collection of tea merchandise, and engage with highly trained tea partners.

With 80 loose leaf teas sourced from more than 30 countries , you’ll have the opportunity to explore rare single-estate teas, classic varietals and distinctive blends. The store’s blending stations offer more opportunities for discovery where you can create your own personal tea blend. With help from your tea partner, you start with the tea type and flavor base of choice, then adding a variety of flavorful inclusions like lemon, hibiscus, jasmine, ginger and more.

In addition to the teas and blending stations, the Tazo store features a variety of tea merchandise curated from around the world – everything from tea kettles and cups to unique serving sets and decorative accessories. And, of course, you can also enjoy handcrafted tea beverages in the store – you’ll find your choice of freshly steeped loose leaf teas, hot or iced, lattes and sparkling iced teas. Delicious food pairings like savory madeleines, tea-infused shortbreads, scones and tea-infused chocolate bars offer further temptations.

When we designed the Tazo store, we set out to create an experience that would demystify tea and make it accessible for everyone, from the occasional tea drinker to the experienced tea enthusiast. The partners at the Tazo store can’t wait to share their passion for tea with you. Stop by soon!

 For those of you not in Seattle, you can discover Tazo at Tazo.com. 

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