Say Hello to Our New Vanilla Spice Latte

Even though the holidays are over you can still enjoy the warmth and joy of a tasty beverage this winter.  Inspired by your ideas and last year’s success of our international partners in the UK and China, we’re excited to bring the delicious flavor of Vanilla Spice Latte to North America.  It’s our pleasure to introduce a unique blend of espresso, vanilla and sweet cardamom spice to give you just the right amount of indulgence to unwind after the busy holiday season.

If cardamom sounds familiar to you, it may be because it’s used in our Tazo® Chai Tea.  If not, you may be surprised to learn that it’s a very versatile spice which has been used around the world in both food and drink for nearly a thousand years.  It’s also one of the world’s most expensive spices, third only to saffron and vanilla.  Whether you are a vanilla or spice lover, this creative twist on the rich, familiar flavor of vanilla and sweet, yet subtle cardamom spice, will be sure to satisfy you any day!

I hope you enjoy our newest seasonal espresso beverage, available now at participating Starbucks stores for a limited time.

Inspired by your ideas:

Bring the Vanilla Spice Latte to the U.S.
posted by Hayley

1/5/2013 6:42 PM

I love the Vanilla Spice with White Mocha in my Starbucks Doubleshot, with Soy...

1/6/2013 8:42 AM

Is this made with a special vanilla syrup or can sugar-free vanilla be used?

1/6/2013 7:30 PM

@carollk--It's made with its own syrup (appropriately named Vanilla Spice) and topped with a mixture of vanilla bean, cardamon, and sugar. Therefore, it cannot be made sugar-free.  

1/7/2013 3:57 PM

I guess I should have said that you can use sugar-free vanilla syrup, but the sprinkles contain sugar. So if you were looking to make it totally sugar-free, it's not possible.

1/8/2013 7:58 PM

Does anyone know the ingredients in the Vanilla Spice syrup?  I was hoping as it was just the regular Vanilla syrup, which is natural.

1/9/2013 3:25 PM

I tried this the other day, I was pretty excited about it... I have to say: pretty terrible. You can only taste cardamom, it is terribly overpowering and I do not care for it all. Won't be ordering again.

1/11/2013 10:58 AM

It wasn't bad, but I was expecting a little bit stronger of a fragrant Vanilla flavor.

I'd probably opt for an extra pump of syrup to strengthen the flavor (but not likely anymore since it will cost extra). That's just my personal preference though, I like a nice strong flavor and don't mind it a little sweeter.

Thanks so much for a new flavor option!

@MMK83- I wonder if our drinks were made differently (or if the syrup had separated or settled), I had NO overwhelming spice at all....I was actually left pondering what the "spice" in the Vanilla Spice was and had to look it up. And like I said, my Vanilla flavor was also lacking :-(

1/11/2013 2:24 PM

If you want an extra pump of syrup in a drink that already includes it, it doesn't cost extra. Only if you were adding a different syrup to, say, a mocha.

1/11/2013 7:06 PM

I just tried this the one the other day, and was not impressed with the flavor at all.  Sorry Starbucks, but you need to bring the Caramel Brulee Latte back and get rid of this one!!!

1/22/2013 1:15 AM

Love it, love it!! It reminds me of a chai.

Eddie S
1/22/2013 5:19 PM

Hi everyone.  Thanks so much for your engagement and discussion thus far around the new Vanilla Spice Latte.  I appreciate your feedback and conversation!  Please keep sharing your comments.

1/24/2013 12:27 PM

We love the vanilla spice. I tried to buy a bottle of vanilla spice syrup at Starbucks the other day. They wouldn't sell it to me. Where can I get it?

1/31/2013 3:53 PM

Tried it. My husband tried it. The medicine aftertaste from the cardamom is just AWFUL. Ditch this in favor of a Cinnamon (or cassia) Latte or Caramel Brulee Latte. Seriously, who taste-tests this stuff? I live in near Seattle and would be happy to lend my order to get something new and interesting and...drinkable!

2/13/2013 7:26 PM

This is an interesting drink... To be honest, I'd label this drink as too subtle: I can't taste the vanilla and only a hint of cardamom.

But it is a good concept -- try to add more flavour please? :)

3/20/2013 11:46 AM

I agree with Operatica. Love the drink-hope it stays around but I also think that it needs a little more flavour

4/11/2013 7:16 AM

I love the vanilla spice, but the 1st 2 times I ordered it I got the regular vanilla latte. It seems to have taken a while to understand the recipe in-store. I will continue to order it until it goes away.

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