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A Fresh Take on the Iconic Cold Cup
You’ve shared ideas for us to offer a promotional cup . We heard you. From May 24-30 at participating stores, you can purchase this limited edition Frappuccino-inspired cold cup and get a free Grande Frappuccino® blended beverage at the same time. (Insider tip: supplies are limited so don’t wait too long to get this one!) In addition to the promotional cup, this summer we’ve created a new twist on the cold cup and its accessories. Our new Chiseled Collection features a stylish, multi-faceted design in cool colors like mint green and hot pink. Fun! We wanted you to be among the first to know about this new cup and this season's collection because of your many ideas about … more »
Buy Starbucks VIA® Iced Coffee, get a free drink!
Coming up this weekend: stop by a participating Starbucks store and buy a pack of Starbucks VIA® Iced Coffee or Iced Caramel Coffee, and you’ll get a free Tall (12 fl oz) iced beverage of your choice, on same visit! This ends May 19, so we hope to see you soon! There are lots of ways to prepare Starbucks VIA® Iced Caramel Coffee. You can shake it up in your water bottle for a quick coffee on the go. You can mix it with ice cold milk for a creamy latte-like refreshing beverage. Or you can try it the way I make it: mix a packet with 16 oz cold water, pour over ice and add a splash of half-and-half. The dairy really brings out the creamy caramel taste and turns an afternoon coffee … more »
My Starbucks Rewards™ in the Grocery Aisle
Hi everyone! MSI member redondokid310 recently posted an idea about earning rewards for grocery purchases – and I’m excited to tell you that’s now a reality. That’s right, My Starbucks Rewards™ members will soon be able to earn Stars for purchasing specially marked packages of coffee where they buy groceries. Starting in early May, we began adding Star codes to our packaged coffees sold in grocery stores. To find these Star codes, look for the My Starbucks Rewards™ logo on a small sticker on the front of the package. After you buy the coffee, earning your Star is easy. Simply peel off the sticker and enter its 9-digit code online . Your Star will be added to … more »
You Asked for More Whole Grain
We see your ideas suggesting more food choices with whole grains. With the four new, delicious sandwiches we’ve introduced, we think we’ve answered this request. And we’ve done so with some ingredients and spreads you might not find in your fridge at home. For example, the spreads on the Turkey & Havarti scallion mayo spread is bright and flavorful or the Ham & NY Cheddar apple mustard spread is a perfect kick of sweet and savory. And our Chicken BLT is bursting with fresh flavor from roasted chicken, scallions, roasted tomatoes and lemon pepper mayo to kick it up a notch. We’re so proud that all of the bread for these sandwiches are made with whole grains, and … more »
New Salad Bowls
We’ve gotten more than a few ideas about salads at Starbucks – like this one and this one . We get it, too – finding nutritious and delicious eating options on the go can be challenging. That’s the inspiration for our new line of Starbucks Salad Bowls. . We’ve got three to offer: Chicken & Greens Caesar Salad , Zesty Chicken & Black Bean Salad and Hearty Veggie & Brown Rice Salad . Each one is made with wholesome ingredients and offers a surprising “wow” when you taste them. Behind the scenes, the packaging was one of the most challenging aspects of this project. We wanted something that showcased the fabulous ingredients. Our final take shows … more »
Digital Rewards Revisited
Hey all – We’ve had a lot of great questions on My Starbucks Idea since the move to digital rewards in our loyalty program last October. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you all of the great things we’ve done to make earning, tracking and redeeming your rewards easier than ever before. Find a store that accepts rewards: Great news! You can now check our store locator to see what Starbucks locations near you accept rewards. Just click on the “Digital Rewards” filter. This feature will soon be coming to our mobile app as well. Keep track of your rewards: Earning rewards only to see them expire is no fun at all. Our latest app keeps your Stars … more »
Launched: Pretzels! For Those Who Love Savory Snacks
I’m a fan of savory foods, especially in the afternoon. I’ve always felt that Starbucks could offer a treat for people like me – and many of you seem to agree, based on this idea , this idea and this idea . So we've launched two Bavarian-style pretzels: Asiago & Cheddar and Stoneground Dijon . Now you have two great savory options! As we developed these recipes, we focused on delivering a traditional, deep golden-brown, Bavarian-style pretzel – one that’s slightly crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle. I think you’ll be pleased to see that this is not your typical ballpark pretzel. Since many of you have to eat on the go, we’ve made these … more »

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