Afternoon Refreshment is Cooler with Treat Receipt

It’s back!  Our popular Treat Receipt offer comes back online on July 15. Here’s how it works - bring in your same day morning receipt after 2 pm and get any Grande (16 oz.) size handcrafted cold beverage for just $2.

Treat Receipt is a great opportunity to try something new—like our newest Starbucks Refreshers Beverage, Valencia Orange. Or simply get a great deal on your afternoon favorite. Me? I’d go for an Iced Clover-brewed Kati-Kati. It’s amazing. If you don't have a Starbucks Reserve store in your area and like iced coffee, try the new Orange Spice Iced Coffee.  Treat Receipt will be offered through August 18 in participating U.S. stores, and through August 11 at participating stores in Canada.

How will you use your Treat Receipt? Let us know what beverage you choose.  Enjoy!


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Bring Back Treat Receipts
posted by hdwink

7/13/2013 10:20 AM

I love this! Thank you guys so much for bringing it back this muggy, hot summer! :)

7/13/2013 4:18 PM

Thank you so much! I love the carbonated Refreshers especially the Valencia orange when I am not looking for the extra caffeine

7/15/2013 9:15 PM

mostly:  iced grande quad doubleshot.....but will also have to try the Peach, altho..not so sure.  like my espresso shots..

Glad it's back for so long!

7/16/2013 3:57 AM

Grande Passion Iced Tea unsweetened

7/16/2013 8:37 AM

@Betterbefore - Try the Peach Green Tea Lemonade.  It's good!

7/17/2013 6:31 AM

@sbx_bean:  Thanx...don't know if you read my Peach-experience on the other side but I did order the Peach Green Tea, mostly for a friend but at least to taste. I was asking the barista about it...he said it was ...good, but pretty subtle. So, I got it, tasted it:  nothing, zero (to me) no taste.  He suggested adding extra Peach, which he did, 2 or 3X, better but still nothing to me.  So, I thought about adding lemonade!  like you said Cecile...  he handed me a comp card and said they were out of lemonade until late afternoon.  :(   So, yes, I WILL get the lemonade added..maybe can you go wrong with lemonade, or lemon anything?  

7/17/2013 6:05 PM

@Cecile:  I did get the Peach Green Tea Lemonade today and loved it!  I will definitely get that again, soon!  

7/22/2013 11:58 AM

Thanks for the Treat Receipt.  I actually had two and was able to share one with another customer in line. :)  Always feels good to pay it forward!  Love the Spiced Orange Iced Coffee for something a litte different!

7/25/2013 8:12 AM

If you use your mobile app to purchase your pre-2 PM drink,  will it "remember" when you come back in the afternoon? Or should you still ask for a hard copy receipt?

8/5/2013 5:50 PM

@somacoma - at this time, you do need the hard copy receipt.

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