From the Birthplace of Coffee Comes a Fan Favorite

Since opening our doors in 1971 we have loved the unique coffees from Ethiopia. And from customer requests it’s clear you enjoy it just as much. This is why we’re so excited to reintroduce Ethiopia coffee, with its velvety-soft texture and hints of citrus and dark cocoa.

This coffee combines beans from different growing regions allowing us to not only bring you the amazing coffee you’ve been requesting, but to also celebrate and pay tribute to the country known as the birthplace of coffee. (The first coffee trees are traced back to Africa’s Great Rift Valley, grown as early as 800 AD*.)

Ethiopians revere their coffee. It’s a daily ritual shared among family and friends, following distinct steps and often lasting several hours. To honor this timeless tradition we invite you to join us at any Starbucks for National Coffee Day, Sunday, September 29 and enjoy a sample. As they say in Ethiopia “Buna-Buna Tetu”—come get coffee.

To past devotees and new fans alike … come get Ethopia coffee and tell us what you think!

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*Source: Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World by Mark Pendergrast

9/29/2013 10:42 AM

VERY disappointed in this ad campaign. While the blog post above says "any Starbucks", the email says "any participating Starbucks", but I couldn't find ANYWHERE that said WHO was participating. (Pike Market only? One/city? Only where there's a Clover system?)

I went to my local store (Westgate Plaza, Rochester, NY) and they had NOTHING related to National Coffee Day and couldn't even TELL me what store(s) in the area were "participating".

If I weren't already a loyal Starbucks customer this would have turned me off for good!

9/30/2013 9:28 AM

While I was well aware of all this, and knew my local store (and all the many stores around me) were 'participating', apparently not all the info. got across to all the partners (big turn-over lately, lots of inexperience everywhere I go).  When I went into my regular place yesterday morning, even tho all the little cards around about this, and the signage over the basket of Ethiopia coffee that had been out all week, no one knew where the tasting cups were (I knew from the sm they'd received 8), or that it was National Coffee Day or almost anything related to this.  ???  Who is accountable for this?  I give them LOTS of information, and in fact, am often told they hear much of their info. from me.  For a huge company like Sbux....that's not right.  Maybe, since they have a gazillion stores NOT in Seattle, maybe they could focus a little more on the rest of the country?  

So, while it all worked out for ME yesterday, it was due to my own perseverance.    and, kind of on this note:  am still waiting for my Anniversary Blend tasting cup that I ordered long ago.  The coffee arrived almost immediately, but the cup? still waiting.

10/3/2013 11:47 AM

I missed the tasting but I'm happy that it is now available as a featured brew, which means that I can access it at my leisure. I agree that the tasting period was quite limited and it probably didn't work out for a lot of people. Making it a feature brew makes much more sense because we can always ask for a sample anyway. Now, the store I go to is brewing that instead of the bold roast. That will not be good for bold lovers as Ethiopia coffee is closer to a blonde.

10/3/2013 12:07 PM

TurtleG has it right, you can always ask for a sample of the brewed coffee.  The flavor of Ethiopia is more like a bold coffee than a Blonde - it's roasted darker and has some delicious citrus and chocolate notes.  

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