Decaf Pike Place® Roast is Here For Verismo® System

Ok I admit it.  Sometimes life requires decaf (at least mine does).  With many of you asking for decaf brewed coffee on Verismo, we worked with our coffee team to bring these pods to market as soon as possible.  And voilà - decaf brewed Pike Place® Roast pods are now available at  They’ll be available in all participating stores in January.  (That’s more than 7,000 stores, so hopefully each of you will have a nearby location).

For those of you that are ready to purchase now, check out the pods at  They offer free shipping for orders over $75.   Stock up on pods, plus check out exclusive offers and merchandise.

So thanks for your patience on this one!  We’ll be back before the holidays with more cool stuff to share…stay tuned.

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Pike Place Roast Decaf Verismo pods
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