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We’re always looking to My Starbucks Idea to stay connected, find inspiration, and ensure we’re delivering the great ideas Starbucks fans are looking for to brighten their day. The other week we noticed an idea that really has gained momentum. Out of more than 200,000 ideas—this idea rocketed to the top receiving over 38,000 likes. 

The idea is simple. When you buy a mug or tumbler, get your favorite drink for free. Well it’s the Holiday Season, and there’s no better way to share joy than with your favorite Starbucks beverage. So we’re super happy to announce that from 12/7–12/8/13 when you buy any mug or tumbler for $9.95 ($10.95 in Canada) or more you’ll receive a beverage of your choice—on us. (Participating stores in the U.S. and Canada). 

So treat yourself to a new holiday tumbler and fill it up with your favorite drink. Have a great holiday and keep the great ideas coming. Cheers!

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Free drink when you purchase a mug or tumbler
posted by csallred

12/6/2013 2:36 PM

Offering this for a single day only is pathetic and a complete insult to the Starbucks customer that originally proposed the idea of a free coffee with the purchase of a $10 mug.  

If Starbucks were to make this the policy for more than just a day, then I would support it.  But to offer it for a single day only shows how arrogant the company is and how little they value the customer.  Are you so afraid that someone would purchase a $10 mug to skip out on paying for a $5 coffee?  That is foolish.  You should look at it the other way around, they purchased a $5 coffee and you up-sold them to $10.

12/6/2013 2:49 PM

Wow!!  I just bought your $75 mug so I could "spoil" myself for January.  For I tend to focus on my kids for Christmas, so this was the only I got for myself.  So I am afraid I will NOT be going to buy another $10 mug for a free coffee.  

Thanks for looking at my comment, but maybe we can keep working on it to improve it.  We all spend ALOT of money at our local Starbucks and many ignore their local coffee shops.

So thanks for starting something, now let's start looking at the second part of my comment!  Let's do a tumber of the month for drip coffee even!!!  

Let me test it out for you....................I can for sure spread your word!  I travel in a 5 state radius!!!

Thanks and Merry Christmas


12/6/2013 7:00 PM

That's great, Cecile.  I'll definitely do so this weekend.  (It says beverage of choice, but doesn't say if it'd be the size that corresponds to the mug/tumbler, which would make sense).  

I am also looking forward to getting the 'brewed coffee in January' tumbler next week.

Happy holidays!

12/7/2013 3:33 AM

Great idea but it should not be for a limited timeonly, it should be all the time!  Have a great Holiday everyone!  <3

12/7/2013 4:35 AM

hey, sounds like a winner for me!!

12/7/2013 9:26 AM

Just went out of my way since I wanted a cup and they said they never heard about it and said it's never a real promo from Starbucks unless their is a promo code.

12/7/2013 10:12 AM

Starbucks we are dedicated us...u wont lose ANY business if u create specials that last longer than A DAY.  You'll, in fact, probably see an increase in sales. We are addicts!

12/7/2013 2:14 PM

I've been a Starbucks customer for many years & this was an automatic promotion always for a number of years. I thought it wasn't a good thing to take it away with so much competition out there these days. Had I not seen the company's growth first hand from the beginning starting out with one store at the Pike Place Market I might not still be such a fan. I want some of the old traditions, habits and promotions back, that made you a special place to us "long time customers". I get it when you don't give us the freebie when the travel mug's been marked down or if it's under a certain profit margin but please offer it when a customer purchases one in specially designated products sold - it just makes that purchase experience that much more satisfying!!!

12/8/2013 10:11 AM

I love this idea. I buy tumblers for Christmas gifts for my family and friends, so this idea is perfect. I get a free drink while doing my shopping.

12/8/2013 10:47 AM

Please make sure all employee's know about it. I was questioned (quite rudely I might add) about it even when a sign was sitting right there at the check out.

12/8/2013 1:04 PM

Great idea, Starbucks, but you might want to tell your employees about it. I was excited to see this offer last night & went to the Burlington, MA Starbucks this morning. 2 employees never heard of the offer. I had to show the employees the offer on my cell. They finally scanned the tumbler and the offer came up on the cash register. One of the employees poured me a tall cup of regular coffee. Not what I wanted. The offer states any drink you want including a frappuccino. I showed the offer again to her and told her that's not the coffee I want. She mumbled an excuse why she couldn't give me what I wanted. I couldn't understand her. She could barely speak English.

Well, you got me in the store, Starbucks, and I bought something. At least you got what you wanted. I don't think I'll be falling for any more of these "offers".

12/8/2013 1:46 PM

Also, BTW there were not 38,000 likes of this idea.  There were 3,800.  Each like gives 10 points.  So a 'score' of 38,000 is really only 3,800 people clicking like.

12/9/2013 8:22 AM

Not only do the staff at Starbucks not hear about these promotions, I do not receive an email or text (I never receive Starbucks texts, even though I joined the text group) to inform me either.  When I am notified, I put it on my calendar so that I know to take advantage of the offer.  I'm disappointed when I miss out because Starbucks didn't let me know about it!

By the way, I agree that the caliber of staff has decreased of late.  Used to be that you could always count on great customer service at Starbucks. Now they barely smile half the time.  The other night I went in with my 12 yr old. When our drinks were ready, the barista never said a us, that is. She was so busy having a conversation with a co-worker that I had to approach the counter and ask if those were our drinks. She said "uh, yeah" without looking at me and went right on with her conversation. Sorry I interrupted her! Maybe you could hire my 12 yr old; I'm positive she would do a better job!

12/9/2013 12:53 PM

Saw the promo yesterday but store did not have color tumbler I wanted. Thought I could try today but the promo is already over?  Wow!  I was a big fan of the standard free drink offer with tumbler purchase from years back.  Made a nice gift.  Better incentive.

12/9/2013 9:47 PM

I bought a tumbler unknowing about the promotion until a kind lady behind me told me as i was in line. I got rather excited until both of our hopes were crushed when they said it was not real and could not do it for us. She even showed the tweet off of the official twitter page for starbucks and the baristas and manager said no way.

I felt worse for the lady since she drove 25 miles to get a specific tumbler for her granddaughters birthday and this was literally the last one in stock.

12/9/2013 10:45 PM

After reading all these comments & thinking about my visit to a Starbucks inside target on the 7 th....I' d have to say this promotion was an epic FAIL.  

I hope you read the comments presented. Commenters that were denied their drink of choice when visiting on correct day, they deserve at least two free drinks!  

While I was in target enjoying my beverage, i heard the trainer tell the other two employees about the promotion.  I kind of giggled when I overheard her tell them about the promotion for the day & she said she hadn't seen any signage but it was in the fine print on this print out of things to share with new trainees.  

It should be a free drink with the purchase of a tumbler any time of the year. Now maybe it should be clarified & be a drink in the newly purchased tumbler. Perhaps if it's a gift then a gift receipt could be given to customer to put inside tumbler & when recipient brings in tumbler & receipt, they get the drink by handing over the reciept which is then destroyed.  Or if you meant for it to only be brewed coffee, then state that.  Just handle this better please.

12/10/2013 6:28 AM

Interesting, I never got an email or text about this offer. The fact that it was a 1-2 day offer, stinks. I originally logged in this morning to check my balance, saw the offer and immediately thought of my shopping list for Christmas gifts...this would be perfect! Oops, nevermind, the offer already ended. Too bad I didn't know about it and too bad it wasn't for more than a day or two. Off to Bed, Bath & Beyond, I go for Tervis gifts instead...

12/10/2013 11:33 AM

I got so excited when I saw this, then realized that it was only for one day and ended two days ago. I get Starbucks emails, would have been nice to have been notified about this. How about you do this through ALL of December?

12/10/2013 8:21 PM

I've been wanting to purchase a tumbler for a couple weeks now, and was excited to see this deal when I checked my email. I went to Starbucks on the correct day, December 7, to purchase the tumbler and redeem my free drink of choice. The baristas had no clue what I was talking about. I showed it to them on my phone but they were hesitant to honor it because they were not aware of the promotion. It was a waste of my time. I ended up purchasing a tumbler elsewhere, and not at Starbucks. Starbucks- please train your staff properly about all the promotions you run. I love Starbucks but this experience was very disappointing.

12/13/2013 6:28 AM

Last year I bought my daughter free coffee for January.  Later I learned she did not use it, because she drinks frappuccinos.  100% profit for Starbucks.  This year I got smart and came to the website and find,

"So we’re super happy to announce that from 12/7–12/8/13 when you buy any mug or tumbler for $9.95 ($10.95 in Canada) or more you’ll receive a beverage of your choice—on us."

It is poor merchandising indeed to advertise a "deal" for the next day ONLY… and then to CONTINUE to advertise it.

I missed a deal forever and Starbucks lost a customer forever.

But I admire that you post some of the negative comments.

12/13/2013 6:42 AM

I don't think it is sanitary to refill the publics mugs and cups.  You don't know if they washed it or just rinsed it or if they have something Contagious.  The employees touch it and the machine handle. If refills are free, it should be on the exterior of the work area.

12/15/2013 9:47 PM

I was rather disappointed that I missed out on this. I didn't receive a regular email about this. And, since I am not in the habit of checking my Starbucks card for messages every day, I didn't know about this until it was over with. I agree with all the comments about a "one day only" deal being a rather sad merchandizing idea.

12/16/2013 9:21 AM

I visited a local Starbucks in the morning and was told about the promotion.  I had shopping to do so I did not purchase the cup at the time.  I visited a different Starbucks and the barista knew nothing about the promotion.  I went back to the same Starbucks I visited that morning.  None of the baristas even the manager knew nothing about the promotion.  The manager said he would honor it. He told me that I could only get a coffee, quite rudely I might add.  The next morning I told my favorite barista and she said everyone should be aware of the promotions, especially the manager. Please make sure all employees are aware of the promotions.

12/18/2013 6:35 AM

This actually not new.  Back in the day whenever a new tumbler was purchased you automatically received a free drink if your choice in the new tumbler and ifv it was purchased as a gift you were given a coupon for the free beverage w/ tumbler.  Don't know when they stopped doing this, but the should seriously think about reinstating this particular practice.

12/18/2013 10:06 PM

I get Starbucks emails,  but never received one about this promo. I thought all promos were shared with Gold card members... bummer I probably would have come into my local store and checked out the selection of mugs. I worked at Starbucks in the late 90's  and this was something we offered with all mug/tumbler purchases back then,  not sure why they ever took it away. It was a great buying incentive then and would be today still.

12/19/2013 3:46 PM

I never heard about this promo at all either, and I am in some Sbux every day.  As others have said, it's too bad this is not the same policy that Sbux used to have:  for yrs, whenever you purchased any tumbler or cup, you received a free drink of your choice.  There was only some question back and forth about whether it was for a coffee or any drink.  Either way, this was back when Sbux really did pretty much practice the "just say yes" policy.  

I think it should only be common courtesy to fill a cup once it's purchased.  (I would, for example, never return a jar or bowl that someone had given me something in, empty.  Just the way I was raised I guess.

2/15/2014 1:37 PM

Free Drink with Purchase of Reusable Cup Launched

Share     Posted on 7/19/2011 3:24 PM

Marked as LAUNCHED

So, for offering something for two days, this allows you to take credit for launching an idea, that was really nothing more than a poor attempt (read other's commments above) at a half-hearted approach to something Starbucks had already done for many years.

A "Free Drink with Purchase of Reusable Cup"- should mean just that.  Without restrictions of being limited to TWO single days!

2/20/2014 12:17 PM

We only learned about the $75 January cup because we were asked about it by our Barista on thanksgiving day.  She was adding people to a waiting list for the next day (Black Friday) sale at $65.  We signed up for it, then drove out to get it at 4:30 am the next morning.

2/20/2014 12:21 PM

We only earned 1 star for buying the $75 January cup even though it resulted in 31 mocha's on the 31 days of January.

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