Starbucks On A Train

Yes … we’re actually on a train. We partnered with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) to deliver a brand new store on rails that serves the same tasty beverages as our neighborhood stores.

And just like our stationary stores this design is inspired by its surrounding location. From the watch-face inspired details on the tables (which also double as your table number) to the mini pastry case this store showcases our more than two-year collaboration with local designers and engineers from SBB. Two levels of comfortable seating and even a lounge have been thoughtfully placed in the store as well as a community table. My favorite part is the sleek espresso bar--its one of the smallest we’ve ever designed yet feels as if Starbucks was always intended for the train.

Our European markets are just getting started so stay tuned for what’s next. If they can manage a Starbucks on a train, I’m sure we are all in for one wildly inspired ride!

What other interesting places would you like to see us?

Check out photos of this new store here.

12/25/2013 1:45 PM

I'd love to see Starbucks aboard Amtrak Trains, both the long-distance and cross-country trains' snack/lounge cars and their shorter "commuter" type trains which have snack bars.

Sort of a captive audience for YOU, and a great amenity to add to Amtrak's services.

1/8/2014 1:27 PM

Starbucks experience!!! wow

2/17/2014 5:10 PM

This is the most insane, backwards approach I've ever seen. As a civil engineer, I can say with facts backing me, North America- specifically the US - has much higher safety standards than other countries. Amtrak may not follow it's own safety rules and run a lot of equipment that was last inspected in 2003, but you should have partnered with your own country's national rail system first and foremost.

It would be wonderful if you could partner with the great transit authority the Philadelphia metro region has. It's Railroad is Far more efficient than Amtrak and very well run.

I hope you open a Starbucks in Suburban Station in Philadelphia soon.

2/24/2014 9:15 AM

Great idea, but agree that it would have been even greater to start with Amtrak trains

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