Save at Starbucks. Save on Ink.

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter most—we’ve recently launched this small (but important!) idea to improve our My Starbucks Rewards member exclusive offers printing experience. Full transparency here, I work on the My Starbucks Rewards program, and it never occurred to me the printing experience would be an issue—we simply wanted the coupon to be helpful, so we used full-color product images to clearly communicate what the offer was for. But seriously, what were we thinking with all that ink!

If you have a smart phone, the simplest way to redeem a member exclusive offer is to show your email to the barista on your phone. But now, if you select to print the offer, it will print a reduced-ink black and white version—a simple way to save you time, money and ink.


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Less 'Black Ink' Use Please
posted by ArenasLE

3/6/2014 12:58 PM

It will be wonderful that the barista will be able to lookup the available rewards at the register. Praise The Siren!

3/6/2014 7:21 PM

What would be fantastic is if I still got these emails from Starbucks! I don't mean for that to come off rudely. But I've been consistently gold since 2009 or longer maybe. I know offers are random but I used to at least get the rewards emails consistently along with codes in my app. Then everything vanished even though my preferences are all checked. :(

3/7/2014 10:58 PM

My Starbucks doesn't even honor printed offers.

3/8/2014 2:31 PM

My boss who just recently downloaded the app, at my insistence, receives at least 2 rewards a week. Within the past week, he became Gold level status. Yet, I who have been Gold since 2007 never receive rewards...with exception of b-day and 12 drink. He is Iphone, I am Android. Why is that???? NOT cool!

3/9/2014 9:49 AM

Less ink is great but there are a few of us oldies who don't have iPhones,etc. Are we just left out?

3/9/2014 9:54 AM

You don't need an iPhone to print the e-mail offers with less ink.  I don't haven an iPhone either and I print them from my computer.

3/12/2014 7:42 PM

I'm with Haley. No notice and all the email offers stopped. I think all offers should be loaded onto your Starbucks card and a text or email sent to let you know.

3/13/2014 9:38 PM

Is it possible to link the reward to the card/account? this way gold card members don't have to worry about printing or codes. If the member has the card they get the reward. I am new to this so if this is already the case please disregard.

3/16/2014 4:33 AM

I too am with Hailey!  It seems that all the notices and specials have come to a grinding halt.  I love the BOGO's or 50% off emails I was getting for a while, now, nothing!

3/16/2014 12:03 PM

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3/17/2014 3:50 AM

I'm still getting e-mail offers, so it's inconsistent.

3/18/2014 3:17 AM

Any offers should be honored at ALL Starbucks locations. I get my Starbucks fix at locations inside Target & Kroger because I regularly shop there or at nearby stores and it's convenient. I can't get my free drink from stars earned or any other offer that is emailed to at these locations! I have to drive to a stand alone that far out of my way to use the emails, get my bday drink or earned free drink and that is very inconvenient. If it says Starbucks above the counter it should HONOR ALL STARBUCKS OFFERS, end of story.

Just Joy
3/20/2014 2:17 PM

Small idea, but I'm never without Starbucks coffee. In the hours that the store isn't open I drink the bottled coffees. There should be a way to earn a star for the four-pack bottles. I own a taxi company. All 27 of my drivers laugh at me because you can open the fridge in my office or at home and I always have Starbucks. Still the best coffee in the world!

3/26/2014 7:04 PM

Rewards should be linked to a card. And reminders on the app that say you have a reward.

3/27/2014 12:03 PM

For us to send you email communications and special offers please ensure you are signed up to receive promotional emails from Starbucks.  Without this box being checked in your Starbucks account we unfortunately can not send special offers and newsletters to you.  We hope you’ll sign up so you can start getting them soon!

3/28/2014 10:23 AM

@sbx_evan--I experienced the same issue as the previous posters regarding not receiving emails and special offers. I checked many times to make sure that all my information was correct in my profile, even called Starbucks customer service to confirm info and opt-in for offers. After about a year, I figured out that I was not receiving certain emails Starbucks as well as other large companies even though I had opted-in to receive them and it was an issue with my Yahoo account. Once I switched my email to my gmail acct, I started receiving messages again. I reported this issue to Yahoo more than once and finally they acknowledged this was a known issue (still not resolved as far as I can tell). I also took the time to call Starbucks customer service and inform them of this issue. The person I spoke to didn't seem very concerned about an issue that potentially affects a significant number of your customers. I even said they could have a tech person call me if they wanted more info. As a marketing/product manager myself, I would think Starbucks would be concerned about this issue and help reach out to Yahoo to push for resolution to ensure its messages were being delivered.

3/30/2014 8:57 PM

I closets starbucks to us is in a target and they won't even honor the rewards. I would have to cross town with two toddlers.

3/30/2014 8:57 PM

I closets starbucks to us is in a target and they won't even honor the rewards. I would have to cross town with two toddlers.

3/30/2014 8:57 PM

I closets starbucks to us is in a target and they won't even honor the rewards. I would have to cross town with two toddlers.

3/30/2014 8:57 PM

I closets starbucks to us is in a target and they won't even honor the rewards. I would have to cross town with two toddlers.

6/17/2014 8:18 AM

I have been a gold member since the program started, and before that I purchased the black card. I've been a very faithful customer to Starbucks for more than a decade, however I've lately been seduced by other shop's rewards programs because of their consistency. I understand that Starbucks is one of the largest beverage chains in the US and is invading the market globally, but that is no excuse to let the cornered market slide. If there is any way to lose loyal customers it is through inconsistency. I've not received any rewards or bonuses via email in years that I didn't earn or that wasn't automatically loaded to my phones app. When rewards were still coming by post, I only received a fourth of the rewards I'd earned. This is supposed to be an incentive program for your customers to maintain loyalty (there's that word again). Starbucks chose to employ a tiered system with a welcome level, green level, and gold level. However, once you've reached gold there is no upward mobility which ultimately stunts the incentive. Add that to the fact that it seems as though "new" customers (to the program) seem to be getting all the good rewards and bonuses via email, etc and you've gotten yourself into a situation with irate customers (such as myself) that start looking for something better. I KNOW this is not the first time you've heads this, Starbucks. When will you start listening?

1/2/2015 5:30 AM

How do I get in touch with the web developers or anybody who handles the reward e-mailing system of Starbucks? I have possibly pinpointed the problem but need to be able to talk to someone who will understand the technicality of what I am talking about.

People who read this, re-update your preferences to receive or opt-in to Starbucks e-mails, press verify and then check your e-mail. Hover (do not click) your mouse pointer over the "unsubscribe" link and you will see something like:***************************/unsub%C2%AEt=**************************&email=**EMAILADDRESS**

Notice that the Starbucks e-mail system always has "**EMAILADDRESS**" instead of our own actual e-mail address. I believe this is why we don't receive member-exclusive gold reward e-mails. I have tried changing e-mails, requesting for my username and they all reflect the same thing.

Please voice out if you are getting the same erroneous thing in your e-mails.

There is no point blabbering to customer service about this since they won't understand, so I am trying to get an actual real life response here. Hopefully, sbx_evan can help.

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