Oak & Rush: Slow Coffee in a Fast City

Your idea: create a store with a slow-paced, coffeehouse feel. Our idea: put it in one of the liveliest intersections in the city.

Located in the famed Gold Coast district of Chicago, Oak and Rush is a bustling intersection that rarely stops (even on the weekends). To slow down the pace while still catering to our grab-and-go customers, we split this flagship store into two sections. Downstairs, our baristas provide a much needed boost to quick-paced customers, while upstairs, a decidedly more quiet and sophisticated coffee bar, equipped with a manual espresso machine and Clover® brewing station, serves a perfect cup to stay.

The sit-around bar upstairs offers a shared surface encouraging customers and baristas to engage in discussion, cuppings, and tastings. And an exploded diagram of a coffee press among the living room style coffee bar offers one of many conversation starters between barista and coffee explorer.

This store is a wonderful example of the unique and thoughtful elements of our store design you have inspired us to create, from the locally sourced box car wood insertions and reclaimed brick, to the artistry of a local hand—and now, a slow coffee bar where baristas and customers equally take part in the ritual of coffee—as a craft, as an experience, as a connection.

As always, thank you for your great suggestions. I hope you enjoy our new store!






5/6/2014 5:31 PM

Awesome idea!!

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