400 Reasons to Celebrate our Stores

We are very excited to announce that we now have 400 LEED® Certified Stores! LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third-party verified rating system for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of sustainable buildings. Since 2008, it has been our goal is to build all new, company-operated stores to achieve LEED certification.

We have seen a multitude of LEED centric ideas on MSI—from using locally sourced materials to LED lighting, using air dryers, even dual flush toilets—your passionate ideas and conversations about sustainability have encouraged us to deliver LEED certified stores in 18 countries across four continents, proving that together we can change the world, one store at a time.

The 400th LEED Certified store is MetrOasis in Gateshead, UK. Part of a new addition to Metrocentre, one of Europe’s largest shopping centers. This drive thru store is abundant in natural daylight, close to public transportation and accessible via bicycle. The interior space boasts efficient lighting, low flow water fixtures, locally manufactured casework and low emitting finishes.

Here’s to more ideas and an even deeper commitment to the wellbeing of our communities—and the next 400 hundred stores to come.

Inspired by your ideas:

LEED Certified Buildings & Sustainability
posted by 2dwell

4/26/2014 11:37 AM

CONGRATS on saving the environment

HOWEVER, I feel that the air hand driers in the restrooms are gross. Someone should do a study on how many germs there are on them. The percentage of people that don't wash their hands very well and then air dry them is probably alarming. One cannot help from touching the sides of that thing. AND there is no automatic door opener...or no old school paper towels to open the door. SO NOW your supposedly clean hands touch the door handle and then go eat your food or touch the baby.

4/28/2014 7:08 PM

What a beautiful store!  I will have to make note of it so I can make a visit when I return to the UK.

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