Your #1 Request Will Soon Be A Reality

Today, we’re proud to announce that the #1 request on My Starbucks Idea is about to come to life. This April, My Starbucks Rewards becomes Starbucks Rewards, a new program with more Stars awarded based on what you buy, no matter how often you visit.  This means more stars for every dollar you spend on everything you love – coffee, mugs, drinks, food and more. 

What’s Changing:

Starting this April, members will earn 2 Stars for every $1 spent. When Gold members earn 125 Stars, they’ll earn a reward which they can redeem for anything on the menu*. We’re also upgrading all Welcome level members to Green level so they can start enjoying more benefits of membership right away.  And in addition to the benefits you enjoy today, we’re also introducing a new benefit for Gold members: monthly Double-Star Days.

But this is just the beginning. We will be sharing updates and ideas on how we plan to make our rewards program even more rewarding for all members in the near future.

Thank you so much for the amazing ideas. We’re extremely excited about the future of Starbucks Rewards and as always, keep those ideas coming.


Warm Regards,

Aimee Johnson


*Some restrictions apply.  At participating stores.  Learn more at


Update 2/24/16

Thank you for your comments and questions! I realize announcing these changes without having the new program available to engage with can create some confusion and make it hard to understand how it will directly affect you. I can assure you that we carefully considered every aspect of how to evolve our loyalty program so that we could bring the most value to customers for how often they visit and what they purchase.  By moving to this model of 2 Stars for every dollar, the vast majority of you will earn rewards just as fast, if not faster. In addition, this change allows us to create many new ways for you to earn stars both inside and outside of Starbucks – including monthly double-star days and partnerships with other companies like Lyft and Spotify. 

It’s also important to highlight that with this transition, everyone’s current status remains the same and as we mentioned on Monday, anyone who transacts with the program when it launches in April will be transitioned to Gold! 

That means you still get all of the benefits you love like free brewed coffee & tea refills, a free food or drink on your birthday, paying with your phone, member events & offers, and the ability to Mobile Order & Pay to order ahead as well new ones coming soon! 

To answer a few of your specific questions, you will still be able to earn Stars on grocery items—larger items will have higher Star Code values. For example, a 5-8 count Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee will be worth 10 Stars, whereas a 26-count Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee will be worth 15 Stars. 

If you spend an uneven amount, you will get credit for it, as you will get partial Stars. You will be able to track your partial Stars through your account History online or in the Starbucks app. 

We have more detail and answers to many other likely questions at 

Thank you again for your feedback and your engagement with Starbucks. Please keep the questions coming and we will try to answer as many of them as we can!

Warm Regards,


2/22/2016 6:14 AM

What will the star rewards be on packaged coffee purchases made in Grocery stores (non-Starbucks store purchases) as these prices may differ?

2/22/2016 6:39 AM

So, let's see.   Since I just stop for a cup of drip in the morning it will now take me 30-odd visits to earn a reward, not 12.   Thanks a lot.  

2/22/2016 6:46 AM

Starbucks . . . you have only made it harder for people to reach the gold level.  If all I purchased was a $2.00 cup of coffee. It would take me 30 visits or $60.00 to reach the gold level.  Now, even though you are giving 2 points for every $1, I will need to spend $150 to reach Gold. Really? I hate it when companies try to make you think you are winning with their new changes, when it is only designed for them to prosper more. I have loved Starbucks for decades but you are turning me off. Plus, people have been begging for Gluten Free options. I'd rather you invest the time in developing that idea than trying to make us pay more for reaching the Gold level. Ugh!!!! Really think about the customer. We are not dumb!!!

2/22/2016 7:18 AM

Guess I'll be spending less at Starbucks, not more.  Increasing the spending requirement for Gold by 5x is outrageous and penalizes those who don't buy fancy drinks (but rather coffee and a pastry a few times a week).  Oh well, Gold was great while it lasted.

2/22/2016 7:23 AM

That's sounds like $62.50 (without unknown bonuses) per free item. Really? These bonus star opportunities better be really good.

2/22/2016 9:07 AM

I haven't been using the Rewards system for long and just went Gold very recently.  Having gone Gold has made me a lot more enthusiastic about Starbucks and the products.  I never visited a Starbucks as much as I have in this last year.  I would think that making your goals a lot harder to achieve could be a down grade.  Making this change may seem at first glance to be a really good thing, getting 2 stars for every $1, but the reality of it is that Starbucks is putting things further out of reach and I bet I'm not the first person to notice this.  I hope you all will reconsider what your Rewards program should offer.  It should be attainable and not at a great expense.   Look at the profit margin and see if giving the consumer a break would actually be a bad thing.

2/22/2016 9:26 AM

I totally agree with the request to get a star for each item purchased, but to increase the stars to 125 for a reward is greedy. I'm a heavy user at Starbucks, but this is having me plan to go else where for my daily coffee.

2/22/2016 9:41 AM

Dear SB Although the new star program that starts in April is a great move in the right direction it is absolutely horrible that it now takes 125 stars is here to get a reward! That has just made me decide to start buying my coffee else where in April

2/22/2016 9:42 AM

No longer a Starbucks customer when April 2016 arrives!

I was a big fan of Starbucks and their rewards program. They had the best rewards program. But as of this April, when you roll out your new rewards program I WILL NO LONGER BE A STARBUCKS customer.

This is a huge disappointment to me regarding the lack of benefits with this new rewards plan. It’s not better, it's now much worse for everyone.

To the customers of Starbucks I suggest you call Starbucks and let them know directly and post your thoughts. If Starbucks doesn’t make any changes before April and you’re not happy with these changes, I suggest you try another coffee place.

Maybe, just maybe, someone in Starbucks will listen to their customers.

2/22/2016 9:42 AM

125 stars for a reward starting in April. Ridiculous!!!

2/22/2016 10:08 AM

Wow.  So now I need to spend more money to receive a reward?  Rather than visiting 12 times, I now need to do so 18 times to receive an award?  How was this honestly customer's #1 request? Time to hit the Dunkin' Donuts each morning down the street rather than the Starbucks on the way to work...

2/22/2016 10:17 AM

So the number one request from customers is to have to spend three times as much money to earn a reward?  Somehow I think not.

2/22/2016 10:19 AM

I'm super disappointed in the new rewards program.  This doesn't feel like a reward any longer.  I typically buy only Americanos so instead of spending $36ish to get a reward it's gonna cost me over $60 for the same reward.  I don't buy food items because I eat low carb and sugar free so there's pretty much nothing on the menu that works for me.  I've been a gold member for many years but will probably be visiting different coffee shops more often in the future.  I used to pass up the Dunkin Donuts and Caribou Coffee shops to get to a Starbucks but not after April.  Heck,  the $1 coffee at McDonald's even sounds good now.  This is a huge downgrade.... not an improvement at all in my book.  

2/22/2016 10:21 AM

So spending $1.95 on a tall brewed coffee only gets me 1 star OR is the spending cumulative, as in $50 spent in a month equal to 100 stars.  Overall, I agree with the posts suggesting this is more about Starbucks profits than responding to customer requests/complaints. Overall, it is not at all a good change for me. I would prefer an overall discount on every purchase for my gold status.

2/22/2016 10:34 AM

Great! Now it will be even MORE DIFFICULT for me to be rewarded! I live in a rural Area where every Starbucks is 1-2 hours away, so this isn't going to help me at all. I purchase STarbucks K cups and can't get any stars for them because Starbucks doesn't put stars in or on their K cup packs.


All SBUX wants is to drive more business to their stores in hopes you'll want two little stars. I think new rewards program April 2016 is an EPIC FAIL for SBUX.

BOYCOTT REWARDS and buy a Keurig.

2/22/2016 10:49 AM

This new program makes it even harder to reach a reward. I have you spend $63 to get a reward with the new system where with the old system I only had to spend $36. This change is not for the benefit of the customer it is for the benefit of Starbucks getting you to spend more money at the store than you did before. Not real happy about this change and may change my opinion and spending habits regarding Starbucks. Please change it back I don't see the real point in the change.

2/22/2016 10:58 AM

Definitely not my '#1 request.'  I now have to spend almost x2 as much to receive the same reward as I did before. Please, let's stop with the corporate babble about 'doing this for the customer.'

Rewards are great, sorry to see it go.  How about a program that rewards you the same type of drink that you regularly order?  12 americanos, 1 free americano or equal dollar value? 12 lattes, 1 free latte or equal dollar value?

Just a thought. Thanks.

2/22/2016 11:25 AM

I think this new idea is incredibly ridiculous! this will not increase my spending but decrease! Most customer's requests have been to get a star per item purchased rather than stars per $ amount. I used to pick Starbucks because they had the best reward system. This is no longer the case and I am very disappointed in the new system! I sense many loyal customers will feel this way!

2/22/2016 11:25 AM

This idea wasn't asked for by the customers as I read through pages of them. This is a selfish move by Starbucks. For myself, I have recently pitched a Kreig machine, fell in love with paying $6 for 6 mocha drinks verses almost $6 for one drink. This last summer I made my own passion tea, paying $3 for six gallons of tea verses $4 for one venti. Without the lines, hassle and enjoyed the convience of having a coffee when I want.

I will say Dunken Donuts is coming full speed head to head with you in LA County Starbucks. They are going in on the corners across the street from you.  Better rethink your ideas! Your loyalty customers will for you.

2/22/2016 11:47 AM

Are you kidding???  Your new ridiculous "reward" system is not at all what was asked for.  NO ONE asked for it to take longer and cost more money to earn an award. Customers asked for more equitable credit for each drink purchased - which makes sense.  Starbucks' new reward system is a total insult specifically with respect to its loyal frequent (daily?) customers.  Glad you're proud of yourselves.  I'm actually pretty disgusted and disappointed and will be showing Starbucks the same "appreciation" that they are showing to me.  

2/22/2016 12:35 PM

I am not mathematically challenged, so this is not an improvement to the program.  Now I have to spend more to get the same rewards I currently do.  Did you really do any market research with your daily customers before you launched this idea?  Not seeing much positive PR from this.  Please rethink it.

2/22/2016 12:40 PM

In no way, shape, or form does the "new" rewards program benefit members, and it does NOT address the "...#1 request we heard from members: more Stars awarded based on what you buy..." Members wanted to receive an amount of stars proportional to number of products purchased - for example, three drinks in one transaction would yield three stars. Starbucks has diluted the value of a "star" and now members will be required to spend nearly twice as much to receive a reward. This is disappointing, and the means used to explain this to the program members is completely deceptive.

2/22/2016 12:45 PM

Hello Starbucks,

I've been enjoying Starbucks for about 15 years, so I'm not planning to defect over a hiccup in your rewards program, but I do have a few questions.

1. Do you plan to award partial stars or will each dollar level trigger another set of stars? For example, if I spend exactly $1, I assume I will get 2 stars. If I spend $1.50, will I get 2 stars, 3 stars or 4 stars?

2. IS the intention of Starbucks to greatly increase the time it takes to get the free beverage? Let's use a regular summertime drink to make my example. I like a venti iced coffee with no sugar/syrup added. Near me, that costs 2.95. Going with the most liberal star distribution described above, I'd get 6 stars for each venti iced coffee. At that rate, I would need to buy 21 Venti Iced Coffees to get a free Venti Iced Coffee.

3. Just looking at the numbers in the chart you've provided, a Starbucks shopped will now need to accrue 11 stars to match the current value of 1 star. 2 stars/$1 means everyone needs to spend roughly $6 per visit to stay on the same reward timeline. I don't know if Starbucks prices are uniform nationwide but that feels like a price plan that will affect some people way more than others. Is THAT your intention? To reward people who live in New York, San Francisco, etc more than people who live where the value of a latte might be marginally lower?

Considering the general malaise this change is already inspiring, titling this post "Your #1 Request Will Soon be a Reality" seems insultingly disingenuous. Was it really the #1 request of Starbucks customers to get fewer rewards? Even if the self-reporting statistics back that up, I would quibble with their being representative of the customer base as a whole.

Thanks for your consideration!

2/22/2016 12:52 PM

Very disappointed in the new rewards program that is launching in April. For a grande bold coffee drinker, it will now take 30 coffees to get a free reward instead of the current 12. Kind of ridiculous. It will require any gold member to spend $62.50 to accumulate a reward.  This isn't looking out for your valued customers at all.

2/22/2016 1:23 PM

Stupidest idea EVER...  At $4.59 a pop for my drink (ice caramel latte).. I'll just go back to Dunkin and stick with ice caramel coffee... Tastes the same anyway and a heck of alot cheaper..

2/22/2016 1:35 PM

You've got to be kidding me! 125 stars? Please tell me I miss reading/ misunderstanding this.

2/22/2016 1:46 PM

You knew that this would not be a popular change. You can't spin this into something good. You should rethink your decision before you launch.

2/22/2016 1:49 PM

I now get a free drip coffee after 12 purchases, your new and improved program I will have to purchase 32 boy dorsn't that sound like an improvement....I spend over $100 a month on coffee why don't you have a reward tier above gold to reward those of us who frequent your store a lot....if you go to your new program you have lost a customer.

2/22/2016 1:51 PM

12 doppio espressos a month (at about $2.00 each) led to a reward in the old program.  Now, that will earn only 48 new-Stars, not even half of a reward.  This new program is not meant to thank loyal customers, but to prioritize Starbucks profits over customers.   Once I use my last reward, it's off to specialty shops for coffee.   It's not just the lack of rewards under the new program, it's the sense of being screwed by Starbucks.  

2/22/2016 2:19 PM

It's been touched upon in other comments, but I think it its worth noting explicitly that the request being touted as the one to "soon be a reality" is _NOT_ the same as the change being executed.

The request is specifically: "Please, please give me a star for each coffee I purchase".  This is vastly different than the execution of setting a mapping between dollar amount and star count.

I think its disingenuous at best --if not outright deceptive-- to equate the two.

2/22/2016 2:31 PM

The #1 request on MyStarbucksIdea is to get one star per item purchased.  That is not what the new rewards program is, so please don't keep saying that you're implementing the #1 idea on MSI, because that's not what the request was for.

If you think this change was for the better, that's fine, but then own it.  Don't try to play it off as what the customers were requesting, and link to the "#1 requested idea on MSI" which clearly says "give me a star for each coffee I purchase," and says nothing about dollars spent.

2/22/2016 3:10 PM

This is a terrible change to the program.  A real punishment to people who are straight coffee drinkers.  At 30 points for Gold, I needed to buy 30 coffees at approximately $2.  Now I need to buy 75 coffees (at $2) since the Gold level has been raised to 300.  Rewards for drinks are now ridiculous. I used to ned 12 drinks for a reward, now I need 32 drinks for a drink reward. What the heck are you guys thinking?  Obviously you care little for the people who are basic coffee drinkers.  It is sad that you have done this.  Whatever consultant told you this is a good idea should be fired and you should get you money back.  I am confident that this is not an issue that has been overlooked.  It is too obvious to see the increased spending required.


happy retreat
2/22/2016 3:16 PM

Nice try Aimee. Listen to your disgruntled customers. This new program is a joke. Shame on you and Starbucks for thinking your loyal customers can't see through this scam. Anyone who can do simple math can see this is only a way for Starbucks to rip off its customers. Please consider reinstating the rewards program as is. Folks you need to boycott Howard Shult's plan.

2/22/2016 3:26 PM

Wow.  The #1 request was 1 star per purchase - to negate the need to make multiple purchases.  Pretending people wanted the change made is a joke.

2/22/2016 3:29 PM

Yeah, just...ditto on all the negative feedback. I really wanted to be behind this, but I can't. I mean who was your statistician? Did you use one? This is unfortunate math. I'm sure that, somehow, someway, strictly statistically, these numbers looked good. Just no. The magnitude of the "no" is exhausting. I'm tired just thinking about it. Better options include, but are not limited to, 1 star for each item purchased within an order, or 3 stars per $1 spent.

2/22/2016 3:43 PM

I am not sure whom you guys listened to, but it definitely was not your customers. Just see all comments above (and the other 99% that agree with them). If this is supposed to be a better deal for customers and make them feel appreciated to be loyal to Starbucks, then you have failed. If this was a way to "pretend to appreciate" your customer loyalty while for Starbucks to make a billion more $$$ then you have succeeded and failed at the same time. As soon as this new programs starts, I will drop Starbucks with a heart beat as a loyal customer of over 20 years and I am sure so will many many more. This is very unexpected and disappointing and hope you will actually listen to your customers and stop this nonsense.

2/22/2016 5:19 PM

Terrible implementation Aimee.  125 stars to a free drink is WAY too many.  The value of the free item should determine how many stars it takes to achieve it.  Drip coffee should remain at a level where it is earned after 12 purchases, with all other drinks using the same ratio.  That would be the most equitable way to change the program to address the ACTUAL customer concerns.  I'm guessing Starbucks is taking this opportunity to try to improve its profit margins.  Based on the feedback, you just might be shooting yourself in the foot.  Good luck, but I've already cancelled the auto reload on my Gold card.  Once this new rewards plan goes into effect, I will buy my coffee elsewhere.

2/22/2016 6:24 PM

I've loved Starbucks for years, but my opinion of Starbucks took a huge downturn today. They've followed the steps of major airlines by catering to the big spenders and leaving out the little guy who flys/stops by often but can't afford to spend as much. The sickening thing is they word it so it seems like we are getting a good thing. Well, this little guy has found a reason to break his Starbucks habit. Thank you.

2/22/2016 6:56 PM

Wow. Bravo Starbucks.

You simultaneously insulted and lost some of your most loyal customers all in one fatal swoop... As if

your loyalty members would be blind and not do the simple math and realize the reward is astronomically minimized.

I will now be a Duncan Donuts customer, even if it is not as conveniently located (though dirty chai is half the cost).

2/22/2016 7:23 PM

So you're telling me I now have to spend over $60 to reach a reward, when I was spending about $24 to get a reward? Stop trying to hide this money making scheme under the idea that it is what the customers have been begging for a long time. The only people this benefits are the people that already spend a lot of money per trip. Not the people that only get a $2 drink. Even if I get my coffee from you everyday, it still does not benefit me or customers alike. Do not pretend you actually care about your customers. Your competitors (such as Biggby for the midwest) provide better rewards programs and make LESS money than you do. Other places offer cheaper options anyway, so I will be taking my business to a company that actually shows appreciation for frequent customers. It's worth the extra time to drive there.

2/22/2016 7:23 PM

Please encourage people to bring their own cups via your rewards program or other means. The new rewards program discourages this behavior, ironically, because currently you get a discount for using your own cup, so under the new rules you would get less credit for stars... less partial stars. That's horrible! Using your own cup not only is better as far as waste, but also reduces Starbucks's cost to provide drinks. Please encourage your customers to be more mindful of waste and the environment in general! Maybe you, Starbucks, overlooked this aspect of the new program?

2/22/2016 7:41 PM

This makes things so much harder. The gold benefits was a main reason I still go to Starbucks. Now I have to spend more to get rewards and there's no extra benefits like flavored or free milks?! Every new "update" Starbucks takes more and more away from their "valued" customers

2/22/2016 7:42 PM

I guess you really don't want to retain your customer base Starbucks. I don't buy your fancy coffee drinks full of sugar and artificial flavors, I buy a grande drip. Like everyone else who's done the math that's double the trips and more than double the $$ spent to "earn" a free drink. Between this and your acquisition and subsequent shutting down of the La Boulanges' you've completely lost me as a customer.

2/22/2016 10:05 PM

Whoever made this their #1 request was not very good at math....or the person at Starbucks that thought this was a great idea didn't think we could do math.  As my screen name implies, I am good for a tall Pike most mornings.  It is part of my daily routine.  The proposed change (and I will say proposed in the hopes that this change can be undone) is horrible for a customer like me.  I guess I am not as valued as the $5 latte customer.  Ps.  I'm a stockholder too.

2/22/2016 11:00 PM

What I think customers meant when they so-called "requested" this reality, was more rewards for what they were spending, not having to spend more to get it. I've been a customer for 10+ years and have actually worked for 3 years at a Starbucks. I was always impressed by the professionalism of its staff, the treatment of the customers and the integrity of its policy. This change affects the last two points. I understand the decision was made bases on financial gain for the company, bu do you think that this will truly be a benefit? If the company is seeing profit due to the economy, you can bet your customers are as well. Giving them less incentive to buy seems backwards. You need a new marketing guy.

2/23/2016 1:57 AM

I'm Gonna enjoy the faster service now that the cheapskates will be out of the line. I usually buy a latte and some pastry so this change won't affect me much. I doubt this is the most requested idea. The old system was prefectly fine if you ask me.

I guess McDonald's will be a little busier in the mornings for there less tasty cheap coffee. Will keep buying your latte creations regardless.

2/23/2016 2:34 AM

This idea sucks.  I love coffee and now instead of having to buy twelve cups to earn the reward, now it will take thirty cups!  This is not right and if the program does change I guess it's back to Tim Horton's for me.

coffee tennis
2/23/2016 4:12 AM

Saw the change - disappointing just wondering why the change and is the current program too costly for Starbucks because it will just be harder to get the rewards - just get used to getting less not more

2/23/2016 4:18 AM

This is a joke. Yes, people request to spend more money to get fewer stars. Bridgehead coffee hear I come. bye bye

2/23/2016 5:38 AM


2/23/2016 6:24 AM

I have been a gold member for 8 years and it is part of the reason I have been so loyal to Starbucks.  This won't continue come April 2016.  I really enjoy Starbucks coffee and drinks and the rewards were an added perk,  but I think it's ridiculous to require 125 stars (up from 12!!!) at a cost of $62.50 before getting a reward.  Also to remain a gold member, it will require 300 stars per year instead of 30 - crazy!!  Not only that, the stars expire after 6 months!!  The only part of the new rewards that I like is that stars are based on $ spent, not times visited.  That wasn't really fair when you could spend $2 and get one star or spend $20 and only get one star.  I was one of the customers who would have multiple drinks rung up separately - because it wasn't fair.  But I think you went too far and became too greedy in increasing the star levels needed to get a reward or remain gold level.  I guess I can find another coffee place.  All good things come to an end :(

2/23/2016 6:37 AM

I agree with some of the post, incredibly ridiculous!  I’ve talked with family and friends, we’re already looking at moving on…


2 Stars for every dollar


125 Stars for a Reward...are they bringing Prime Rib and Lobster in the store?  Stars (e.g. 90 stars) expire in six months, before you can use them.

300 Stars for Gold Status, do expired stars count?  


Should have went with 50 Stars for a Reward with no expiring Stars.

120 Stars for Gold Status with no expiring Stars.

This is not the greatest, but 50/120 is a lot better than 125/300 with expiring stars.

Give back to your bonus, reduce your Reward levels.

If not, my recommendation for the people who own stock in Starbucks....SELL SELL SELL

2/23/2016 6:44 AM

Hate it, Hate it, Hate it.

And to indicate that this idea has been sought by customers is ridiculous.

This idea came from a little executive, who raised his hand at the meeting, and said "I know how we can save allot of money".

The CEO gave the little executive a Gold Star , which will help him climb the corporate latter.

The name of the little executive is George Costanza, and his bright ideas always end in failure.

2/23/2016 7:17 AM

Same complaint as everyone else. My beverage of choice is $3.20 (1 Star) So 30 visits to maintain gold, as I have for the last 10 years.

New program 6 stars for same drink but 50 visits to maintain gold.

I am sure your customers were just dying for this change.

There are 2 Dunkin Donuts closer to my house than Starbucks, I will not travel the extra distance once this changes

Vino V3ritas
2/23/2016 7:23 AM

This new rewards program is clearly slanted to expensive drink patrons.  Your tagline (True North Blend) of "Rethink Your Morning" will certainly come to pass once the new rewards program is brought in.   Not the customer service and care I would have expected from Starbucks. I wasn't asking for this change....I liked your current program.

2/23/2016 7:23 AM

I have been a long-time Gold card member.  I buy two brewed coffees every day, 7 days per week.  The new program penalizes me for my loyalty and frequency of use and raises the bar considerably for my patronage.  I have no idea who supposedly is clamoring for this change but it strikes me as another effort to reduce the program's benefits, for me, the loyal customer.  Very disappointing.

2/23/2016 7:32 AM

This is terrible! I have to admit, I asked for $$ based purchases, but this is not what I meant! It will now take me 24+ visits to Starbucks to earn a reward instead of 12. Thanks for nothing. Starbucks, you have taken a customer request and turned it into a way to make more money. Brilliant capitalism at its best. I'm thinking of burning my Starbucks cards. Anybody want to join me? Unfortunately, mine are all on my iphone. Deleting them will not be as gratifying, but will send them same message: develop a rewards program that benefits ALL users!

2/23/2016 7:35 AM

Wow! a knife in the back of loyal customers. I am a retired veteran, on a fixed income, a gold card member for eons, a daily customer of Starbucks and am suffering cost/value depredation anxiety! The new "rewards" system cuts my value by 1/3rd on a dollar basis. You have raised the price recently, cut the loyalty value, and still want me to be a loyal customer? I will think about the options. Regards, Del Schulzke

2/23/2016 7:39 AM

Absolutely hate the new rewards program.

2/23/2016 7:40 AM

I am very disappointed in this change. There are clearly two different types of Starbucks customers. Those who come in and get one drink or food item that is less than $5 and those who buy food & drinks at the same time over $5. The old system hurt the people who spend more than $5 and the new system is hurting those loyal customers who spend less than $5.

Why not give all transactions in the $2-$4.99 range 10 stars automatically under the new system. Then, you can give 2 additional stars per $1 spent over $5.00. That way my bagel w/ cream cheese or my grande mocha frap is still worth ~1/12 of a free drink and someone who spends say $10 would get 20 stars, serving as an added incentive to spend more at one time. Then both types of customers are happy.  

2/23/2016 7:42 AM

What a Crock! Starbucks is just so cleaver in framing this new rewards program as a response to "rewards users requests".

What this is in reality is ANOTHER example of Starbucks' self serving style and corporate greed.

I've been a loyal morning drip coffee patron for years. This "new and improved" rewards program is a PENALTY.

What Starbucks actually wants is the FREE SPENDING DOPES who'll throw money without question at their over priced drinks, food and merchandise.

Basically, Starbucks, you're saying to me..."take a hike" you don't spend enough!!!

2/23/2016 7:43 AM

Here's why Starbucks is stupid... I understand that some morons were upset that they only got one star for purchasing a $7 frap... but that's their fancy, high-maintenance choice.  No one told them to be stupid with their money!  I went out of my way to get my coffee because it was awesome that you gave a star for every purchase I made.  Almost everyday, without fail, I went out of my way and paid a little extra for my iced coffee or cold brew JUST for the star.  I would get a free drink for every 12 drinks I purchased, correct?  NOW with this new program, I need to spend $125 to get a free drink... that's close to 36 cold brews...  WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I'M GOING TO DO THAT?!?!?!?!  Starbucks JUST lost another customer!  

2/23/2016 7:46 AM

The change to the rewards program is a bad idea. I like the change that you earn stars/$ spent, but the number if stars earned/$ is ridiculously small. I will have to spend much more money to get a free drink. The rewards program was one of the few reasons I chose to get my coffee at starbucks as opposed to a local coffee shop. I will now be getting my coffee at a local shop from now on.

2/23/2016 7:47 AM

This isn't what your customers wanted. People like the current system, they just want a star for every item they purchase. If I get two coffees, give me two stars. Don't penalize people for liking more simple drinks like brewed coffee. I don't want to spend $5.20 every time I go to Starbucks, it makes me want to go less.

The only reason I am so loyal to Starbucks is because I get a fancy drink for every 12 brewed coffees I purchase. Now, I finally have the excuse I need to drop the rewards program at Starbucks and buy local.

2/23/2016 7:48 AM

Star program should continue as is. For those daily visitors that only drink regular coffee this is punitive. I know you want people to spend more but it is discouraging. Maybe the small coffee shops will get more business now.

pat n
2/23/2016 7:48 AM

We're retired.  I already don't get half my rewards because we don't live near ( read 60 miles ) any store.  We used starbucks when we travel (a lot).  Clearly not going to anymore.  This program ensures there is no reason to go out of our way anymore.

2/23/2016 7:49 AM

How stupid do you think your customers are???  You have lost me as a customer.  What do you think of that Aimee Johnson.

2/23/2016 7:49 AM

Will be enjoying my daily ritual of Starbucks in the morning up until April when I will boycott.  So long Starbucks, you will lose me as a customer when the new rewards program kicks in.

2/23/2016 7:49 AM


It rewards people who dash in & out, more than once a day - just to get coffee - and penalizes people, like myself, who come to Starbucks on a regular bases - TO ENJOY THE COFFEE -

I LOVE the Rewards challenges! I get to try new drinks AND I get points!

You say that you are responding to people who have expressed a "need" to change the Rewards requirements & point system - WHO ARE THESE "PEOPLE"?!?! From the responses here on this site & the rest of social media - Starbucks has been listening to their CFO & Board & NOT their customers!!!!! This is REALLY a slap in the face to your loyal customer base!!!

I'm SERIOUSLY going to have to reconsider continuing as a Gold well as continuing to spend my money at Starbucks in the future....(there ARE other coffeehouses in town!!!)

PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/23/2016 7:50 AM

Why not just rename it StarMakeMoreBucks?

This is a pure marketing spin. It's only benefit is to the company, not the customer.

Can't find a single customer that's cheering for this change.

If Starbucks cares less about the customer, then the customers will care less for Starbucks.

2/23/2016 7:50 AM

This is the last straw - I'm done with $tarbuck$...

2/23/2016 7:50 AM

Changing the rewards programs shows Starbucks doesn't care about seniors who are on a fixed income!!  To pay double for a reward is hardly a "reward".   Shame on Starbucks!

2/23/2016 7:52 AM

After reading all the posts, looks like this new program is going to be really popular!!

2/23/2016 7:52 AM

Oh...I read the star program info wrong...but IT STILL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/23/2016 7:53 AM

I'll be getting my coffee at Wawa or 7-11 when this change goes into affect. I've been a gold star member for years and am really upset by this change which no way benefits members.

Bye bye starbucks.

2/23/2016 7:57 AM

Here's the Ah Hah moment that needs to be recognized.

Starbucks doesn't care that they are going to loose the under $3 per day spender.

What they've decided is that revenues would increase when "those" FREE SPENDERS (DOPES who'll throw money without question at their over priced drinks, food and merchandise) are rewarded for the size of their transactions.

That's who've they targeted and that's WHO THEY TRULY VALUE!

They want the financially well off vs the everyday middle and lower middle class schmoes as patrons.

2/23/2016 7:58 AM

We have at least 3 great, local coffee shops just around the corner from our local Starbucks.  We're usually on the fence about whether to go to Starbucks or one of the local places, and sometimes the Star points would be a little incentive.  Now I can feel good about myself supporting those local coffee shops more frequently, without any pull back towards Starbucks.  (After all, some of the local places have punch cards for frequent purchases, and the coffee tastes just as good!)

Thank you, Starbucks, for this "shop local" initiative.  It was just the push we needed.

2/23/2016 8:01 AM

If you need to increase the $ spent to earn freebies, that's fine. But please don't spin it as this new great thing that everyone has been asking for. Just be honest and say that you've been giving away too much free stuff.

The old program where a star was earned per visit no matter how many items were purchased definitely needed to be modified. But this is not the answer.

2/23/2016 8:04 AM

Gold level goes from 30 stars to 300 stars and gold stars expire in 6 months, sounds like a great deal for... Starbucks. Adios Starbucks.

2/23/2016 8:06 AM

So let me get this straight, you are changing this for my benefit?  Now it takes me 12 visits to get a free drink with a total of $51.12 spent.  That is a lot of money.  With this new beneficial change to my benefit it will now take me 20 drinks to get a free one that is $85.20 spent.  HEY STARBUCKS  I think I need a new drink.  Oh and I am sure you will raise prices again so it will now cost me so much for. MY BENEFIT.  Really do you think we are stupid.  You can have your gold card.  you have to be kidding.

happy retreat
2/23/2016 8:08 AM

Think people. STARBUCKS no longer values your business.

2/23/2016 8:09 AM

This is really disappointing. I looked up all the ideas that were supposedly requesting this #1 idea....ALL of them were asking to make getting rewards easier so that they wouldn't be inefficiently paying for a single reward and feeling ripped off. This change to the rewards system is VERY counterproductive and not at all the point of people's complaints. This company knows very well what the customers meant when they asked for stars per purchase. Economically, you're raising the price on this reward, which a LOT of people are in it for when they're trying for Gold membership, which will decrease the sales for you because people aren't going to try so hard to get a reward for $60. This change is making the stars 50% less valuable. I hope this is just an experiment to see if it matters that this change is a disadvantage to customers and that Starbucks has created such a brand of themselves that people will buy the drinks anyways. You probably think it doesn't. I have no reason to go to Starbucks if I know the rewards are out of my reach. I have other well known places that sell coffee with rewards that are cheaper and easier to get rewards from. I mean, I love the atmosphere of my local Starbucks and it's a great study place so I will probably get the occasional drink, but as a company, it's not in your best interest to have people get turned off from the rewards program, especially when that could be a key point in bringing in lots of sales.

2/23/2016 8:13 AM

I am really disappointed in this new REWARDS program. Not only do I drive a "distance" to just go to a place I like to eat at and out of my way, 15 miles r/t, the way to raise the ante has increased and it's no different than trying to use your gold card at a grocery or other kiosk of Starbucks. SUDDENLY, what fun am I having? WHAT am I gaining? NOTHING!!! At the kiosk, they openly "refuse" you some of the things a "gold card" offers at the licensed Starbucks, we are losing money they say, so I never went to any of them anymore other than the licensed restaurant and had family members aware of my choice of restaurants; so what the hey, I have a "Speedway" a mile a way, 2 McDonald's within 4 miles and I make a darn good drink myself at home. I just won't use my gold card anymore, or go there, I will make my friends and family aware of this new rule and my choice not to be bothered with Starbucks anymore; it will be idled here. It's not worth the travel to use or have a nice meal at a nice place, since that's been taken away now, you've suddenly become like a church group, choir group or another entity in my book that ousts the losers or people you don't wish to have as customers you think are losers. WELL, good luck to you with the rest of the group that uses your products. It won't be me after April 1. QUITE a NICE APRIL FOOLS DAY gift Starbucks!!!!  

2/23/2016 8:13 AM

No. This isn't the end of the world. But it's the end of any *real* incentive I had to go to Starbucks. My usual drink is $4 -- which isn't cheap. But I bet the overhead on a tall black eye is pretty good. What's it cost you? About $.30 including the cup? Maybe $.40? But the gold card made the $4 retail a value *because* of the rewards program. You plainly don't value my loyalty if I all of a sudden have to visit 16 times versus 12 to get a freebie.

I hope this costs Starbucks enough business to realize their mistake. I know I've been adequately disincentivized.

2/23/2016 8:17 AM

So Aimee you think this is a good deal?!  Would love to know the customers that you said are excited about this.  Here's a term you may never have heard - "If it is not broken, don't fix it!"

If this is an example how Starbucks takes care of their loyal customers, my response is "Good Bye Starbucks."

Warm regards,

Former Customer

2/23/2016 8:17 AM

I'm very disappointed with Starbucks.  All you are doing is rewarding the big spender.  You don't care about the rest of us who have been loyal over the years.  Now we need 300 big buck stars to retain gold membership.  There is no incentive for me to spend $150 just to enjoy gold membership for another year.   Even McDonald's and Dunkin don't reward based on the $ spend.  It's by the number of cups purchased.  Starbucks is a coffee shop.  Nothing more.  I don't know who they polled to find out this is what the customers what.  Starbucks is just getting too greedy.  I'm going to take my business elsewhere.  So long big bucks.

what sup
2/23/2016 8:19 AM

I would agree, I think this is the end of my "daily" starbuck's visits, for I only do $2 a day, and this is not going to really add up as the amount of money is not that good.  It is a disappointment, though, I think good for other "local" coffee shops that I will now be more encouraged to shop.  

I also think that the card should still give free soy or coconut milk as it used to, for 1/2 and 1/2 is way more expensive, and I feel cheapened by the current trend to have to pay extra for a healthier choice.  Seems that the corporate movement is happening at starbucks too.  Sorry folks.  

I also agree about costing starbucks for their mistake.  Let me know when and if you change back.  

2/23/2016 8:22 AM

The new rewards system is promoted as 'better'. I now have to buy 3 times the number of coffees before I receive a free one. This is the thanks I get for being a loyal customer. Time to find a new coffee shop.

cates mom
2/23/2016 8:25 AM

I have been a very loyal Starbucks customer when, frankly, there are better tasting options for coffee, especially where I live in New Orleans.  But the rewards program has kept me going to Starbucks.

Quoted from a news story:

"Matthew Ryan, Starbucks global chief strategy officer, said the change was not a way to weaken Starbucks' rewards program. The vast majority of Starbucks customers will earns rewards at the same pace they do today and the total percentage of revenue that Starbucks will provide as rewards will remain constant, Ryan said."

Mr. Ryan, you are wrong, wrong, wrong.  Under the current program, I can earn a free drink with 12 transactions of one tall coffee each, an expense of just over $24.  In April, I will have to spend $62.50 for a free drink.  That's $38.50 more to Starbucks and less in my pocket.

Goodbye, Starbucks.

what sup
2/23/2016 8:27 AM

keep smiling, it seems reading the comments of your "new - improved (for corporate income) policy is going to cost you a lot of dedicated customers, including myself.  

2/23/2016 8:28 AM

Not a fan of the new points system.  I'm now much less likely to seek out a Starbucks and will now simply stop at what ever is most convenient.  

2/23/2016 8:29 AM

This sounds horrible! Great, before I would purchase 12 cups of coffee to get a free one. Now I get to buy $60 in coffee for a free Americano?!? What a great way to screw the people who love your coffee... but then again your a... oh wait, you are still a coffee shop right?

2/23/2016 8:29 AM

Is that spent in total or per visit?

Cause per visit a $4.95 drink would only get you 8 stars instead of 10.  The 125 total seems high, 100 would be more inline with the current offering for most except the $2 drip coffee club.

2/23/2016 8:30 AM

Basically, AMEN to all that have the brains to realize that-you-Starbucks are ripping us-your loyal patrons off!!  Really? Do you think we are that stupid that we will keep coming in and buying your items?  You spin it like it will be soooo great getting 4 stars for a cup of coffee instead of only 1.  BUT, 125 stars for a free cup.  That's insane.  But, here we go again. Getting us 'IN' and then SWITCHING it up on us.  Shame on you.  My husband and I go every morning-I'm thinking on us alone-you will lose a lot of money and (most importantly) our loyalty.  Very Sad that the 'bait and switch' has trickled down from politics to coffee. It is NOT TO LATE for you to re-think the amount of stars one needs to earn gold status and a free reward!!!!!!!!!

2/23/2016 8:30 AM

I highly doubt this is what your customers wanted. It is almost insulting to see "#1 request" next to pay more money to get a reward LOL... 1st they took away all the little extra perks we used to get by having a gold card (like the syrups and stuff) and now this? It almost seems like Starbucks wants to see how far they can push their loyal customer. I love my coffee but I reached the point where I will be looking for other option. NOT HAPPY! NOT WANT WE WANTED! NO APPRECIATION!

2/23/2016 8:35 AM

Thanks for nothing, Starbucks! You have now made it more costly to earn that free reward. After being a loyal customer for a few years now, I am ending my time with you. There are other coffee companies that are more loyal than you where I won't have to spend $60 to get a free reward. Good-bye!

2/23/2016 8:36 AM

As far as I can tell, your new reward program just screwed me. With the old plan, 12 tall latte's got me one free drink. Now, I need to buy roughly 20 tall latte's before I get a free drink. That SUX

2/23/2016 8:36 AM

I think this is sad that Starbucks is changing their reward program and not offering a GRANDFATHER reward program for the customers that have been faithful even if they purchase a simple coffee in the morning.  It would appear that Starbucks is simply looking at their bottom line and not the customer that supplies the bottom line.

2/23/2016 8:36 AM

I think this is sad that Starbucks is changing their reward program and not offering a GRANDFATHER reward program for the customers that have been faithful even if they purchase a simple coffee in the morning.  It would appear that Starbucks is simply looking at their bottom line and not the customer that supplies the bottom line.

2/23/2016 8:40 AM

Shame on you, Starbucks!  I have been a Gold member since 2008.  Your Rewards program should be just that - a reward for your loyal customers instead of yet another gimmick.  Instead, you're running your company the same way the cable companies do - penalize the long-time loyal customers.

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