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More walk-up windows
There’s nothing like soaking up some fresh air on a warm summer day. And with so many ideas centered around building more walk-up windows, it seems you agree. Whether you’re on a walk with your dog or friends, or taking a break from a bike ride, walk-up windows let you enjoy your favorite … more »
Fix Your Flat at Starbucks
Next time you get a flat, look for a Starbucks, we might be able to help! As a cyclist, I was happy to hear all the great My Starbucks Ideas about how Starbucks can help support our large cycling community, like by adding pumps and bike racks at our stores. And with Bike To Work Day, it seemed like a … more »
Have a Store Location Idea?
Since we launched the website, many of you have been sharing store location ideas with us. Since most of these ideas are specific to geographic areas, they have not been relevant to the majority of the MSI community and haven’t gotten much visibility. As you know, the community votes on each other’s … more »
400 Reasons to Celebrate our Stores
We are very excited to announce that we now have 400 LEED® Certified Stores! LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third-party verified rating system for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of sustainable buildings. Since 2008, it has been our goal is to build … more »
Oak & Rush: Slow Coffee in a Fast City
Your idea: create a store with a slow-paced, coffeehouse feel . Our idea: put it in one of the liveliest intersections in the city. Located in the famed Gold Coast district of Chicago, Oak and Rush is a bustling intersection that rarely stops (even on the weekends). To slow down the pace while still … more »
New Starbucks Store in Downtown Disney District
Do you remember when we first shared the news about opening a store at Disney Village in Paris ? Of course you do—it was your idea to have Starbucks at Disney parks. Your ideas unlocked the door to a magical collaboration that has since opened more stores like the store at California Adventures … more »
Creative License
We’ve seen your ideas sharing that you wish licensed stores felt more like company-owned stores. I wanted to give you an update from our store design team about how we listen to your feedback and are applying store design principles across all of our stores. Here’s an example of one of these … more »

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