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Afternoon Refreshment is Cooler with Treat Receipt
It’s back! Our popular Treat Receipt offer comes back online on July 15. Here’s how it works - bring in your same day morning receipt after 2 pm and get any Grande (16 oz.) size handcrafted cold beverage for just $2. Treat Receipt is a great opportunity to try something new—like our … more »
Ethiopia Sidamo is Here for a Limited Time
Many of you have told us that you miss Ethiopia Sidamo in our stores. Through the Starbucks Reserve program, this special coffee is back for a limited time. This organic coffee offering is an elegant East African coffee with a distinctive bergamot aroma, lemony flavor and a hint of spice. It is one of … more »
Jamaica Blue Mountain®, Back by Popular Demand
It’s that time of year again when all is blue, the weather is warm and the sun is shining. We’re brewing up yummy cups from our Clover® brewer and stocking the shelves with bags of Jamaica Blue Mountain® for all who are delighted as it makes a return appearance. We discovered this … more »
Java, Coffee Island
Joe. Jet Fuel. Go Juice. JAVA! Probably the best-known and most-used slang term for coffee, Java is also the most populated island in Indonesia and the world. It’s also the island that produces this winter’s unique Starbucks Reserve™ coffee, Organic Blue Java . Named for the blue-tinted … more »
Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee: Exotic, Rare, Exquisite
Everyone claims to have the world's best coffee! Not often are the words exotic, rare and exquisite used to describe coffee. For Starbucks to append all three words to a limited time offering, the coffee must be really special. We've introduced Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee to a limited number … more »
A Special Coffee Gem – Ethiopia Limu
I have to tell you about a hidden gem you will find in participating Starbucks stores this summer. Along with our very popular Gazebo Summer Blend™ coffee, for a limited time we are featuring Ethiopia Limu . This coffee is special for many reasons, but let’s start with the flavor. Ethiopia … more »
From the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to Clover
Coffee in barrels? I thought barrels are for grapes and wine, and coffee comes in burlap bags. But Jamaica Blue Mountain® breaks the mold, and this spring we were delighted to see barrels from Jamaica come into our cupping room. Right from the beginning, you know this coffee is something special … more »

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